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  1. 4 hours ago, englishbob said:

    I didn't visit. My browser can't appear to keep up with the amount of shitty animated gifs they fucking post, for everything. 

    As soon as someone posts something, another twat is away and trying to find a witty animated gif or image in which to reply with. Tiresome

    Agreed. Our rapid Star Wars pun replies are much classier.

  2. I've really not played very many games last year it has to be said, what with boardgaming taking over my life instead. But there is at least one game that would sweep my list regardless...


    Disclaimer: if I had played Bloodborne I'm sure this would be different.


    Game of the Year
    01. The Witcher 3

    Most Anticipated 2016
    A01. Dark Souls 3


    Shame of the Year
    SH01. Warner Brothers


    Best Visual Design
    V01. The Witcher 3

    Best Soundtrack
    S01. Hotline Miami 2

    Strongest Narrative Design
    N01. The Witcher 3

    Best Game World
    W01. The Witcher 3


  3. And maybe Kylo was trying to do Luke's job for him by killing her when she was a child, and ended up turning to the dark side while attempting to do what in his eyes was protecting the galaxy. Hence he needs to find Luke to find out where he hid the doom child, even killing his own family to "save" everyone.

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