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  1. I have discovered a regular weekly group play it in a local game shop so I am likely to buy a core set imminently to join in the fun. I'm a bit scared though as I literally have only played it twice and the sheer quantity of cards and expansions is a bit daunting now.

  2. Played my first games of X-Wing Miniatures yesterday - went pretty well and was great fun, though the other player was also quite new to the game so it ended with a massive pile up.

    Now I just have to stop myself justifying buying every bloody TIE there is in the game.

  3. There's practically lava coming out of his guitar. Which looks the complete opposite of shit. That is to say, it's stupendous.

    EDIT: and also I really have to say, taking issue with something that is in fact actually real and really happening during filming and not CG is baffling.

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