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  1. Actually now that you mention it I can't remember any of the music that wasn't the original stuff or from TFA. Mind you, most of what I heard was the original themes, so I don't think the new stuff was very frequent. Also:



    When the space battle music from ROTJ kicked in in the final battle as the Falcon drew the TIEs away I did a little squee.


  2. 19 minutes ago, Captain LeChuck said:

    One thing that was rubbish is the score, or more specifically, the score when it wasn't using the themes from previous films. It was crap. Entirely forgettable.


    Rey's theme is great and if you are including that we'll have to have words.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Alexlotl said:


    The Switch knows what colours the joycons are and will display them on screen for player order, etc. Rabbids is rather ace, mind.



    What is this sorcery?!

  4. 1 hour ago, Soulstar said:


    Are you basing that off the thumbnail though because that isn't an accurate representation at all? I remember someone else moaning about the way they altered the thumbnail in the comments of the video when I saw this vid a couple of days ago. 




    No I mean in the video. The colour balance and shading is a bit off.

  5. I just noticed it has a dynamic resolution scale option that you basically never get on PC releases because they assume you are made of money, yet this means I don't have to fiddle all day with graphics settings to hit 60fps.

  6. 2 minutes ago, kensei said:


    Exactly that.


    You know what? Jedi is really good. The slightest of flab on the middle, but it nails the landing of a whole fucking trilogy in a way few series have ever managed. The Emperor is so good as an evil manipulative bastard too, that it's actually hurt the rest of the films because need to copy him.


    The new films even more than the prequels make me really appreciate ROTJ


    The "noooo!" bit? That was a Blu Ray addition.

  7. 2 minutes ago, kensei said:

    TFA set up a bunch of mystery boxes:


    Who is Snoke?

    Why did Kylo Ren turn bad?

    Who are Rey's parents?

    Why did Luke go to find the first Jedi temple?

    How did Maz get the lightsaber?

    What's Rey's connection to it?

    Is Finn also a Force user?

    How does the Rebellion and Republic interact?



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    This throws away most of them, and basically minimises the others. It's really odd.


    From the very first Luke scene the director wants you he's going to fuck with your expectations.  Why is okay, but I think  he got so focused on doing  that it went  too far.


    It probably would have been better to let JJ do the lot in retrospect.




    Who is Snoke? - who cares?

    Why did Kylo Ren turn bad? - born bad and thinks master tried to kill him, pretty clear cut.

    Who are Rey's parents? - shitty people who sold her, nice and low key and also, who cares? Why does everything have to "rhyme"?

    Why did Luke go to find the first Jedi temple? - so he can look cool and hipster about owning special books

    How did Maz get the lightsaber? - Luke probably sold it for some power converters

    What's Rey's connection to it? - she likes practising kendo

    Is Finn also a Force user? - who cares?

    How does the Rebellion and Republic interact? - confidence and supply. Like with the DUP.



  8. I mean, I liked it but I will say this: it's nowhere near as good as, say, Thor: Ragnarok. I wanted to have that film's babies. But then parts of this had me welling up a bit, which I suppose you could put down to where they managed to hit me in the nostalgia, or the classic Williams score, but Thor: Rags to Riches edition didn't do that to me.


    It's going to be a bit of a curate's egg I think. Need to rewatch it.

  9. 9 minutes ago, Hanzo the Razor said:

    I saw it straight after TFA at the 00:01 screening last night.  I've been chewing it over all day going between bits I liked and the stuff that really bothered me.


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    Laura Dern's character saying "God speed" or whatever to the Rebels.  Since when was there a God in SW?





    She obviously meant "godspeed", which is faster than hyperspeed. She was hoping they would have it.


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