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  1. 9 minutes ago, Hanzo the Razor said:

    I saw it straight after TFA at the 00:01 screening last night.  I've been chewing it over all day going between bits I liked and the stuff that really bothered me.


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    Laura Dern's character saying "God speed" or whatever to the Rebels.  Since when was there a God in SW?





    She obviously meant "godspeed", which is faster than hyperspeed. She was hoping they would have it.


  2. I think it will be a combination of a staggering achievement and very much worth playing while at the same time not being the definitive version. What I'd really like to see is to have the original available to switch to al la Monkey Island or Halo remakes.

  3. Breath of the Colossus.


    I have to be honest, when something as fundamental as the colour palette changes, that's no longer really a faithful remake. So much of the feel of the original environments are locked into those hues, I'm not sure the PS3 remaster might not remain the definitive release.

  4. 7 hours ago, geldra said:


    Out of every pad I’ve ever used, I find the joy cons the easiest to use for fighting games (got Garou/KOF98/USF2). Having said that, I’m def getting the Brook adaptor so I can use my old Arcade sticks. 


    I don't understand... How can you make the tiny cross pad work?



    Yes I know it's a plus button... I'm being silly.


  5. You can be a proper bellend sometimes, Broker.


    Of course I'm interested in PUBG, otherwise I wouldn't be in the thread. With the buzz around it I had assumed it was actually getting fully released now, but I was mistaken, so I offered an opinion on its current state, which the marketing had drawn me to the thread to investigate.


    So get off your towering horse for once and don't act like such a prick to people.

  6. I thought it had highs and lows, but the highs lifted it above the Force Awakens, even if it wasn't as consistent a film throughout.





    I have to grudgingly agree about the characters left now - you can see what they are trying to do: these are the characters we are to follow now as they are the new heroes and villains, but I did come away from the end of the film, especially the kid with the broom epilogue, thinking, "and here's the end of this saga and the start of a new one, all of the story of my favourite characters has now been told." But in some ways that's the point, it's setting up as a continuing saga for a whole new generation of viewers.


  7. On 10/26/2017 at 19:21, Benny said:

    They got the Ueda games upside-down, but other than that I'm pleased Dark Souls is second only to the best game of all time that I've not played yet.



    In my new top 20, Dark Souls now really is second only to the best game of all time that I have actually played now.

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