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  1. 1 hour ago, Smitty said:


    Yeah, it's a collaborative process where they make the movie and then I watch it and say that its shit. You'll notice there's no role for you there.


    It's a shame you don't have that university education you always say you wished you had, then you might have had the ability to have an academic argument without sniping at people for no real reason or purpose other than to get their backs up. You're staggeringly ignorant on the subject of academic film criticism so I'm going to back away from this discussion now.

  2. 1 minute ago, Smitty said:


    Did you switch your brain off before you wrote this? You're only meant to do it with shitty movies, not constantly. 


    I offered an opinion on something in a thread on a specific topic, and you popped up to try and shout it down without giving a counter argument. What was the purpose of your contribution and quoting me other that to rile me? Have I done that to you in some way that has given you an axe to grind?

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