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  1. Ignore all those other games and get Yokohama. Trust me.


    On Terraforming Mars: when I first played it I was initially unimpressed, and came away unsure of why it has proved so popular, but having played several games now, including the drafting variant, I actually really like the game and find it more enjoyable than at first. I think it does really need to be played with drafting though, and the components and general art is not particularly high quality. I have to say also that the price is far too high for what it contains and their quality. Compare to Scythe which is about £10 less and has incredible art, huge thick board, large cards, reasonable plastic miniatures, and a ton of resource components.

  2. Founders is quite unlike any other game I've played before but has many elements it shares with other games. The first thing to realise is that is has absolutely nothing in common with Gloomhaven apart from the theme and artwork, though the object of the game is about the founding of the city of Gloomhaven itself.


    The object of the game is to place tiles on a city map and make unique buildings for victory points. On each player's turn they have a number of action cards they can use to either place tiles or buy other cards, using in game currency, a lot like Concordia. Then each other player can choose to follow that action themselves with a similar action, or a set of basic actions, before the next player's turn. You can choose to perform a basic action yourself instead of a main action on a card and then other players cannot follow it. This carries on with players putting their faction's type of resource on the board and building buildings that require those resources by linking them with roads, until one player chooses to call a vote. They use any unused cards to exchange for either more roads, money, or influence, which is a separate resource used for bidding. All players then bid on a number of special buildings using a tile corresponding to the building auction space, and their influence. The player who bids the most wins their chosen building, and they get to place it on the board. They will also get to use a unique action on that building that they can use with their workers, which are on their player board and can be used once they have houses on the map. Each player has a unique race which also has a special action that these workers can be placed on as a basic action.


    Each building upgrade requires unique resources that will not always be available to your faction and you can spend money to borrow other player's resources, but the player who controls the resource for a building will get VP when it is built, if not the VP for the building itself, so the key to victory in the game is placing buildings near enough to other players to get the use of their resources, without giving them too many options for linking them up to what they want to build, and to use follow actions at the right time and place to keep tempo going.


    I liked it a lot, though I know two people who will be backing it already, so will get a few opportunities to give it a few goes before deciding whether to get it. The Kickstarter is pretty good value though considering today's prices.


    Also, Yokohama: don't get put off by the size of the board and the number of icons - it's actually very simple to understand and play in practice, but has a ton of options and strategies. Really elegant design.

  3. 12 hours ago, Punished Smitty said:

    The one bad thing i've identified from watching footage and playing a little is that the gun sounds lack punch. I think they should feel like cannons going off. 


    Considering how good the music and other audio effects are, it's a bit weird. 


    For a primer on some of the punchiest gun sound effects ever put in a game, see The Terminator: Future Shock.

  4. 59 minutes ago, Hexx said:


    How many made it through?



    Chris, Sam and the detestable Emily. I also made the same stupid mistake with Ashley and the trapdoor like many people. Was so close with Mike at the end but I bottled it right at the end with Sam after hiding several times, as I thought I should make a break for it at some point. I think it actually made for a cooler ending. Emily surviving I actually like as it feels more poetic to save the one you hate. Ashley was gutting as it was so stupid, but in some ways made sense her curiosity got her killed in the end. Emily was Matt's ultimate downfall in the end which just makes me hate her more. As for Jess, I think I could have saved her, but was ultimately just a wrong choice made leading to a grim and unhappy death which didn't really add to it after I thought she'd bought it already. Mike grew on me, started out hating him but he won me over after hacking off his own fingers.


  5. I started this last night at essentially the same time period the game takes place in and finished at 6 in the morning. So literally played until dawn. Atmosphere was great.

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