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  1. Will this run okay on a Radeon 270X on medium settings on Windows 10? (I know Vulkan is out so dunno if that makes a difference. I also have an i5 2500)


    EDIT: Ha, should have read the last page! Sold


    On 7/28/2016 at 18:49, mash said:

    Still haven't started this yet. Bought the Xbox version on launch, just haven't had the time. 


    Only bought the console version because I thought my PC couldn't handle it, and I was initially right. Had to turn down the settings in the demo and run in 720p to get it to  run at 60fps in the demo. Now the demo has been upgraded to vulkan I've given it another go. Holy shit, its a game changer. On my current settings I'm getting 100fps plus. Upped the resolution to 1600 x 900 (the highest my monitor can handle), plonked it on high and I'm getting 60fps to 70fps ,  without vsync. 


    Astonished such a cutting edge game runs so well on my ancient Pc.

    AMD 960T phenom 2

    8gb ddr2!

    R9 270 graphics card


    Here's hoping Battlefield 1 has vulkan support.



  2. 5 hours ago, SimonC said:

    As a counterpoint to Revlob's love for Scythe, I've played it twice recently and thought it was fairly average. Both the games I played had a runaway leader problem where someone was able to finish the game, by placing their 6th star, whilst everyone else was still working on placing their 2nd or 3rd. For a game in which a key part is building and optimizing your "engine" it felt very unsatisfying to have someone reach their endgame so far ahead of everyone else. Not everyone playing shared my opinion though despite the one sided nature of both games. I really like Viticulture (the designers previous game) and as I also like "dudes on a map" games I expected to like this too but it just didn't click with me.


    I've played it a few times and noticed this too, but I think this is part of these sorts of games really, as it's about strategic placement and conflict as well as engine building. If there is a runaway player I think in some ways this is more the fault of the other players for ignoring them for too long without attacking their territory, as as soon as that happens it shifts the balance of power. In each game I've played the runaway player has usually been the one that avoided being contested early on. Need to play it more to work out the intricacies though. So far a lot of people are calling the faction that lets you take repeat actions on the same space on the player board as having an advantage near the start, which would lead into this.

  3. Oh lord I just checked and realised all of Star Trek has been added to UK Netflix so I think I will too. I'm going to follow a guide to see the best of the episodes of the first 2 seasons of TNG and then watch all of the rest of it. :ph34r:

  4. I saw The Grandmothers last year in my little city. I actually thought it sounded like the name for a cover band, but imagine how much I lost my shit when in the little pub I went to it turned out to be the surviving members of The Mothers.

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