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  1. 14 minutes ago, kensei said:


    So make them cool and enigmatic again, but on the up on a way that makes he OT feel like a successful fight.


    The Jedi of the prequels were not even close to he worst thing about them. But they suffered from the too many ninjas thing. One ninja can take out an army, but an army of ninjas become fodder. 


    I was always liked the original animated Clone Wars. The Jedi in that were overpowered, but awesome.


    Less is more. Also, the Jedi in Clone Wars were essentially superheroes, which is so far removed from the slightly janky reality and mystery of their power that was shown even by Yoda in the original trilogy that it's like a completely different fanboy friendly "what if" universe in comparison.

  2. 7 hours ago, englishbob said:

    What would I have done better in this? More Vader screen time, replace the CGI Tarkin with him in all of those scenes.


    That's a truly terrible idea. Giving Vader more screen time would have lessened his impact in the film and robbed his few appearances of their gravitas. (Mincing in that one scene notwithstanding.)

  3. Endless processions of Jedi and lightsabers were the worst thing about the extended Star Wars universe and prequels. It took something cool and enigmatic and just a little bit awesome and slowly removed all mystery as it flogged it to death.

  4. Gloomhaven is one of the greatest board games I have ever played. But it will eat your life.


    I've been very fortunate to be involved in the campaign with a friend with his copy and two other people. But it's a major investment in more ways than one. However it is absolutely glorious. Also, play it on normal mode. Failing some quests from time to time adds drama and feels like learning and getting better was the way it was meant to be played. A bit Dark Souls like in some ways...

  5. 2 hours ago, Chindie said:

    And they clearly fucked up with everything to do with the fights, theres a couple of decent ones but the others are clearly rushed and mostly badly done. Which isn't really good enough for a show about the greatest martial artist you can imagine fighting ninjas.


    Exactly. I'm not saying I expect the series to have fights like this, but it should have fights like this:





  6. I'd say go Lucio for a healer to start with. You're less likely to get hunted down than a Mercy, and have some survivability on your own with his toolset. His passive buffs aren't too hard to use and your teamates will love you for picking him, especially because of the speed boost to get into the fight quicker. Ana is difficult to play well, and is very accuracy dependent. Zenyatta meanwhile, is not really a very effective healer on his own without very careful micromanagement, and is more about harming the enemy team with the right debuff picks, so takes some getting used to as well.

  7. There is actually a ridiculous amount of depth to this game, which is why I'm still playing it and couldn't be bothered sticking with Titanfall 2 after playing the first game to death. That sort of game is a lot of fun, but the gameplay feels very rinse and repeat. With Overwatch, the sheer number of characters and abilities and how they can all interact makes for some wonderful variety. There will always be idiots who just want to get kills instead of pushing the cart though.

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