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  1. 52 minutes ago, Fury.HD said:

    Star Wars has alway strived to be more than an excuse to see a familiar character work their way through a string of action scenes.


    If you think Star Wars is some sort of thinking man's alternative to comic book movies I think you may need to go back and watch The Phantom Menace again.

  2. Had some lovely pvp/trolling at the fight club area after the PS room - I rock thorn armour and a big spear and greatshield, with an invincibility boosting ring. Most people can't get past a simple roll and poke with a shield that absorbs nearly everything else. Fights go on for ages as I tank them with death by a thousand cuts. I've had people drop to their knees losing the will to live, jumping off the platform, and in one case inviting me to a steam group called "YOU SUCK VERY MUCH". I would feel bad if the game didn't encourage it. Like that ring that lets you snipe while being invisible.

  3. Just beat NK on my own, unembered.







    Oh and check out the hat I beat him in, because of course I did (DO NOT CLICK IF YOU HAVE NOT BEATEN NK):





  4. 2 hours ago, Space Renegade Ulala said:

    you don't feel bad about seeing a psychotic vigilante throw a defenseless woman repeatedly into toughed glass till it finally breaks and she falls hundreds of feet to the streets below.


    If it's good enough for Dredd...

  5. No one better mess with The Benny (location spoilers in screen):






    Edit: both Steam and the forum compressing the image is very bad for maximum Fashionsouls.

  6. 18 minutes ago, RubberJohnny said:

    The genre is science fiction though - naming every generations sci-fi a "punk" subgenre is daft to begin with, and of course they age and go out of fashion - most of the time sci-fi is about reflection of the present anyway, a way of examining contemporary issues, and three-decades-ago issues aren't today's issues.


    Who cares what the genre is anyway? Or indeed whether the concepts are "relevant" to contemporary issues. Using a particularly framing device to tell a story is possible no matter what era or fictional backdrop you wish to set it in, and it can be judged on its own merits.

  7. I think that threats, SWAT raids and job losses are a lot more important than just "spectacle" really, considering they are actual real things happening to people. As opposed to just the content of the art being criticised, which is actually leading to the critics to receive these threats when they are pointed out. How are people supposed to focus on the content of these games and make critisism when they fear for their lives for trying? I think that issue of people being unable to do that without being harassed is more important to tackle right here and right now. But, you know, maybe that's just taking "sides".

  8. This game has taken over my life. I popped in this thread a few days ago but people were openly discussing spoilers without tags so I'll just reply on the end here...


    So far if I was to use the Edge rating system, I think I could comfortably rate the Souls games thus:


    Demons' Souls: 9

    Dark Souls: 10

    Dark Souls 2: 8

    Dark Souls 3: 9.5 (yes I'm cheating.)


    I've not played Bloodborne yet but I'm pretty confident that's going to be in the 10 camp.

  9. The clever visual reveal in the first scene playing on your expectations was actually the best thing in the episode I think.


    Mike stuff was ball clenching again. Overall actually not as good as last week's but if only because it felt like it was an episode or two away from a satisfying season finale.

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