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  1. 9 minutes ago, Azrael said:

    Expected Dark Souls to be higher, I didn't persist with it after continuously dying after reaching the first main place after doing the opening area but have always been meaning to go back and try giving it another shot because I love the look and feel of it all - just not the difficulty. 


    Usually with most areas in Dark Souls it's not so much it's hard, but just requires a very patient approach to combat, as it really punishes mistakes. It's worth sticking with it.


    Blight Town can get to fuck though.

  2. Ignoring how influential they were and just basing the ranking on how good they are taken in isolation, and if you only played one Soulsborne game with no prior knowledge of the others, I would rank the series thus:


    1. Bloodborne

    2. Dark Souls

    3. Dark Souls 3

    4. Demon's Souls

    50. Dark Souls 2

  3. It's so far beyond Team Fortress in terms of mechanics it's not even in the same league. The character abilities have a true rock paper scissors element which sometimes make it feel like a highly balanced fighting game over just an FPS.


    You'll notice it's not made the list yet...

  4. 2 minutes ago, mdn2 said:

    It's not a waste if you genuinely preferred it to 4. Surely it would be worse if you have voted tactically rather than with your preferences?


    Yeah if everyone voted tactically it would have made the list not a genuine reflection of the forum's favourite games.

  5. 5 minutes ago, DC LEMON said:

    It's good to see that Overwatch didn't make the cut. The Harvey Weinstein of gaming, no matter how successful it is, we all have tales of how it abused us and it's time it was held to account. We were brainwashed into thinking its behaviour was acceptable. No more.




    Fuck off with that shit. It's not clever or funny using that tag for a joke post.

  6. 3 hours ago, Twinbee said:

    Very looking forward to this. Never the biggest Mario fan – bought 64 with a second hand N64 in about 2002, loved what I played of Galaxy, but the controls were exhausting for me, and I'm pretty dreadful at the 2D games. But I think having it on Switch will be transformative in how I'll be able to play it.


    Going to buy the download code, but put this by to play at Xmas. Still deep in Zelda, and having to swap cartridges seems… contrary to what the Switch is about. Have never bought a digital full-price release before. 


    Honestly, it seems like 2017 is some kind of golden age for Nerds of a Certain Age:


    New Zelda and Mario *in the same year*

    New Blade Runner

    New Phillip Pullman book

    SNES Mini

    Stranger Things S2

    …and a new proper Star Wars film to round things off.


    It's quite nice to have reached the age of being a pandered-to demographic :-)


    And a new Baldur's Gate 2.



    Divinity: Original Sin 2


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