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  1. 26 minutes ago, clumpyjamie said:

    How are you supposed to beat those crocodiles? When I fight them I can't even see what's going on. Wherever I turn the camera it's just hair and teeth.



    Are you on the PC version? Going to be going down there embered soon?



  2. 3 hours ago, clumpyjamie said:

    Those 2 hairy crocodile things. Yeah, them. Fuck them!


    I invaded someone yesterday just as they were running up to the building they are in. I hid for a bit, waited until they had gone down the ladder, and climbed down halfway to watch them fight one. They killed it, and I thought, oh fair play, those pricks took me ages! Then I slid down the ladder and helped the second one murder them.

  3. 8 minutes ago, SuperNashwan said:

    I was surprised to find my glasses fit in the Vive pretty comfortably other than being worried about scratching lenses. You might need to adjust the eye relief a bit which will give you a narrower field of view but it's fine, I'm just glad I don't need to pop contacts in every time I want to put the headset on. There's a company on kickstarter who are going to be manufacturing prescription lenses to drop into the headset itself too.


    That's good to know. I was sure Oculus mentioned something about being able to set the final Rift device within software settings to allow for different sight levels - presumably that didn't really pan out with either device though.

  4. Well I've recently been flying some Biggs and 2x Heavy Laser B-wings action, which has been quite successful and a lot of fun, even though I don't usually endorse rebel scum.

  5. This might be an odd question, but does anyone with the PC version fancy doing some PVP outside the PS room? I'll have my summon sign down for jolly uncooperation.

  6. 52 minutes ago, Fury.HD said:

    Star Wars has alway strived to be more than an excuse to see a familiar character work their way through a string of action scenes.


    If you think Star Wars is some sort of thinking man's alternative to comic book movies I think you may need to go back and watch The Phantom Menace again.

  7. Had some lovely pvp/trolling at the fight club area after the PS room - I rock thorn armour and a big spear and greatshield, with an invincibility boosting ring. Most people can't get past a simple roll and poke with a shield that absorbs nearly everything else. Fights go on for ages as I tank them with death by a thousand cuts. I've had people drop to their knees losing the will to live, jumping off the platform, and in one case inviting me to a steam group called "YOU SUCK VERY MUCH". I would feel bad if the game didn't encourage it. Like that ring that lets you snipe while being invisible.

  8. Just beat NK on my own, unembered.







    Oh and check out the hat I beat him in, because of course I did (DO NOT CLICK IF YOU HAVE NOT BEATEN NK):





  9. 2 hours ago, Space Renegade Ulala said:

    you don't feel bad about seeing a psychotic vigilante throw a defenseless woman repeatedly into toughed glass till it finally breaks and she falls hundreds of feet to the streets below.


    If it's good enough for Dredd...

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