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  1. Some spoilery thoughts:



    I think this might be the first game with an AI companion where, when the companion does something you don't want them to do, you still partly go, "oh shit why did you go down there you idiot!", but in this case rather than seeming like poor AI coding it actually feels like an animal making its own decisions. When I realised subtle encouragement and petting got me further to where I wanted to go than pestering my mind was blown. Either it was clearly intended that way and developed as such, or they hit some arcane magic with the animation that makes you believe that to be the case, which has the same overall result. They've seriously caught some lightning in a bottle with this one (funny considering the ability in the game.)


  2. I finished this tonight after playing it for two nights non-stop. I have so many things I want to talk about regarding the story and lore but that will have to wait until everyone's played it I think. For those wondering if they should take the plunge on the standard pauper PS4: put technical concerns out of your mind and just get it. Yes, it does have issues, but if I was going to review this right now I would not mark the game down for them in any way as the whole experience is incredible. It gave me a similar feeling to what I get when I watch my favourite Studio Ghibli films - just magic.

  3. 5 hours ago, Ork1927 said:


    Doh - now fixed.


    Apologies in general for any spelling and grammar mistakes and also skipping past some films without a lot of comment. As much as I've enjoyed writing it all up - its a potentially never ending time sink.


    It puts my efforts in the 2015 top 100 Rllmuk games thread to shame, as you've included so much detail of the films released each year. After spending months doing that thread I can attest to how time consuming it is!

  4. I walked past them filming some of that. It was a sunny day and they had to clear all the people off the busy seafront as otherwise it would have looked too normal, touristy and populated a town for the show. Then they just added grey filters to make it look desolate and loathsomely grim. Which to be fair it does on a stormy day, it's just they filmed it in blazing sunshine.

  5. On your third point: there is a moment where he acknowledges a pin up poster, which seems like just a kind of throwaway character moment at first, but later on in the film he ends up in the same location, and he places his hand on the poster as if to reassure himself, as it's a permanent thing in his constantly changing environment. This also has the effect of reminding the audience that they are in a familiar place, and that John is still "safe" as a character and hasn't entirely lost his marbles. It's a perfect framing device. I may have to watch this again now....


    It's on Netflix for any of you mentalists that have never seen it.

  6. 4 minutes ago, footle said:

    Doom, at least the demo, felt much more just a return to what made the previous games rather than the inventiveness of a bulletstorm. Perhaps it improves?


    The demo is kind of like a little playroom in comparison to later levels. They make Bulletstorm's seem pedestrian.

  7. Doom is so so good. It starts off kind of like a demon punched you in the guts and screamed liquid joy all over your face, then when it ramps up it's like having your head torn off by hellspawn that then shat all down your neck with little chocolate cacodemon babies.


    Something like that.

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