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  1. If anyone is on the fence about this due to the price and length: ignore that, it's the best gaming experience of the year. The review scores are stupid because they mark it down for its brevity. A film critic wouldn't do that for a 15 minute short, and nor should any self respecting reviewer do it with this.

  2. Well I played Rez for 3 hours straight last night with no ill effects.


    Fuck me it's an experience and a half. I know people seem to love Area X but personally the highlight for me was the boss in Area 4, which has always been my favourite level. In VR it's like a little slice of heaven.

  3. Even though I got mine a few days ago, I had a pretty massive headache and was super tired on the day so took an executive decision to wait until I was feeling fresh. Had a night out the day after so that was also off the cards as didn't want to play drunk.


    However, today, after the arduous setup and working out how to get it on for the first time around my glasses and getting everything focused...


    It's GREAT!


    I say this coming from an original Oculus DK1, so the initial mind blowing nature of it was perhaps dampened, but the combination of higher res screen, essentially not really noticeable screen door when focusing on objects, and the ability to lean in and look closer or move around is just a revelation. I'm having a break now because I don't want to overdo it, but here are thoughts on the experiences I've had so far of the demos:


    Alumette: the first thing I tried - I felt like the little people were actually there in front of me and looking closer at them it was like interacting with a dolls house. I wanted to reach out and touch everything. Compared to say, the AR on the 3DS, this was just something else entirely.


    Battlezone: I was wary of going straight to an action game but thought, fuck it. I was not prepared for how awesome it felt to be in the cockpit. Perhaps a bit intense for a first play, but when I was aiming my turret up and down and noticed the fucking MASSIVE gun moving on the right I let out a little delighted chortle.


    Ocean Descent: I think the resolution of the screen is not really good enough for something like this to be as wondrous as it could be, but the sense of scale is unbelievable.


    Superhypercube:  Great concept, awesomely psychedelic visuals. But I think this fried my brain and that's why I'm now having a break.


    So, to sum up: most gaming journos are joyless idiots.

  4. You know, on that note, 1999 was a bumper year for memorable titles, I mean:


    Fight Club

    The Matrix

    American Beauty

    The Sixth Sense

    The Blair Witch Project

    Eye Wide Shut

    Toy Story 2

    The Green Mile

    Girl, Interrupted

    Being John Malkovich

    The Mummy

    Notting Hill


    The Talented Mr. Ripley

    Galaxy Quest

    Mystery Men


    The Iron Giant (:sniff:)

    The 13th Warrior

    South Park


    Idle Hands


    Although it also brought us Wild Wild West, so I guess it balanced out.


    Also something else which we won't speak of.



    something about menacing some phantoms.


  5. Right, here we go...




    1. Kagemusha - another masterpiece from Akira Kurosawa. So many beautiful scenes, layers of black humour, and an enthralling story all the way through.

    2. The Empire Strikes Back - the first Star Wars film captured our imaginations, this one electrified them.

    3, The Shining - every shot is a painstaking work of art.


    1. Raiders of the lost Ark - simply one of the finest action adventure movies ever made.

    2. Time Bandits - I love Terry Gilliam, and this might not be his finest work, but it's inventive, fun, and has one of my favourite versions of the Devil in film.

    3. Mad Max 2 - A very different film to the original, but in many ways containing the same amoral near future horror, this is also one of the finest action films ever made.



    1. Blade Runner - unquestionably my number one of this year, as it's one of my top 10 films. A truly gorgeous and haunting vision of the future, like a neon-coated dream.

    2. The Dark Crystal - Jim Henson's creations have never been more wild, more inventive, and more emotionally affecting than this. A truly magical and remarkable journey.

    3. Conan the Barbarian - a great year for science fiction and fantasy fans this. Conan is dated in some ways, but the soundtrack elevates this to a perfect fantasy romp.



    1. Return of the Jedi - yes, it has the Ewoks. Yes it's not as good as Empire. But you know what, the space battle at the end is one of the single most exciting scenes of all time.

    2. Scarface - not a film that I'm sure I actually like, but find fascinating. The descent at the end is extremely memorable.

    3. Monty Python's The Meaning of Life - not the Python's best by any stretch, but I have a soft spot for it purely for Eric Idle's Galaxy Song.



    1. The Terminator - a truly tight, brilliantly scored slice of sci-fi horror. Better than its sequel, the effects may be more dated, but the escalating tension is just perfect throughout.

    2. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind - an early effort from Studio Ghibli and already showing Miyazaki's genius. A truly wonderful film.

    3. This is Spinal Tap - still just as funny and surprisingly heartwarming as it ever was.



    1. Back to the Future - just endlessly watchable over and over again, as much as it ever was. The time travel was handled just right to suspend disbelief after all these years

    2. Brazil - quite possibly Terry Gilliam's best film. A truly warped and terrifying vision of a retro bureaucratic future, directed with the demented energy only Gilliam can provide.

    3. Commando - it's brash, it's dumb, it's stupid, it's a classic Arnie film. So many guns, so many muscles, so many viewers invited to let off some steam with the utter mayhem.



    1. Aliens - one of the single greatest sci-fi and action movies ever made. Ignoring the slightly ponderous opening sequence added to the special edition, the pace is relentless.

    2. Laputa: Castle in the Sky - quite possibly my favourite Ghibli film. Boundless imagination, delightful characters, and genuine pathos. Ghibli create worlds like no others.

    3. The Hitcher - never has one actor been more terrifying than Rutger Hauer. Unsettling, brutal, and unforgettable.



    1. Evil Dead II - I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of the original Evil Dead, though I understand its importance. Evil Dead II however, is scary, hilarious and riotous fun.

    2. Predator - from the typically ultraviolent opening scenes, this could have been just another arnie action movie. But once the hunt starts it's anything but.

    3. Withnail & I - a marvelously mad slice of whimsy and wit.

    4. RoboCop - because fuck complying, it's RoboCop.



    1. Grave of the Fireflies - one of the single most affecting war films I have ever seen. Utterly devastating.

    2. Who Framed Roger Rabbit - truly impressive technically and a love letter to animation itself. Saw this when I was a kid instead of The Jungle Book and it blew my mind.

    3. Akira - truly a great year for animation, Akira is a juggernaut of complex science fiction themes, incredible visuals, and an unforgettable score.

    4. Die Hard - I mean, I so wanted to rate this higher, I just love the other films more, but I still have to mention it because God it's fucking Die Hard, you melon farmers.



    1. Batman - the original and in my opinion still the best batman film, and the template for the outstanding animated series after. Jack Nicholson is just mercurially watchable.

    2. Henry V -  an excellent Branagh adaptation with some truly horrible battle scenes, that feel exhausting and realistic in a way that makes Braveheart seem a bit trite.

    3. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - dialing everything up to 11, but in a way that doesn't jump the shark, this is a barnstorming send off for Indy with so many great scenes.


    Phew, that was a lot harder than I expected!

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