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  1. Spoilers for Fort Joy Arena:



    Been playing through this happily with a friend in co-op, with one other character for each of us. Went into the area together to try it out, and made short work of the bad guys in there. Then it was like, you must fight EACH OTHER. We went whaaaaa?! I naturally chose to fight. I then decimated my friend's party to win the fight. Now there are people calling me The One, and he's getting people commiserating him and saying "oh maybe better luck next time" as he keeps moaning to me over voice chat :lol:


  2. 2 hours ago, grindmouse said:

    GTA3 made the top 100 when one of the stipulations was "games that stand up today"... that's a clanger, rllmuk.


    It seems many people still think it does. Or valued nostalgia more. Or work for Rockstar. Either way it's dropped significantly.

  3. This game is fucking great. Been playing it with a friend and there have been so many great moments. One was giving a ring to a woman who wanted proof I'd seen someone, but I really wanted the ring back, so my friend pickpocketed her as I had her distracted, but then I wanted to follow her, so she accused me of thievery and I let her search my bags. She found nothing but accused me of being dodgy anyway and got me thrown in a dungeon (I didn't want to fight her before finding out where she went). This then resulted in a massive fight while trying to break out of prison, where I met some weird people... All because of a fucking ring.

  4. 2 hours ago, Jolly said:

    Shame about Bayonetta. Pretty surprising too. Mind you, it would probably be in the region of my 21st favourite game so perhaps that explains it.


    When you know the reason for its positioning, you will be ashamed of your words and deeds.

  5. 3 hours ago, Charles said:

    Lovely stuff Benny. Can you tell us which voting/scoring method is bring used? 


    After some deliberation and after getting a slight majority preference for it anyway, I'm using the same scoring method as the 2015 list. So this list can be directly compared to the 2015 one in all respects except that it has about half as many total votes again over the previous list.


    What is interesting though is that even if I weighted it more towards number of votes than positioning, the highest rated ones on the list would be essentially the same but with slight rank variations. I also realised that if I had weighted more towards number of votes rather than positioning it would unfairly penalize games that are well loved but that potentially less people have actually played, so therefore by being weighted more to positioning, it means the games that are played by few but rated by them highly get the chance to be included, rather than just the popular picks.

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