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  1. Superman saved the entire human and animal species of planet Earth from extinction from a Kryptonian terraforming machine that would have exterminated practically everything. I think it's safe to say he's no slouch in the saving things stakes.

    I mean, come the fuck on, son! I didn't even care for MoS but making up dumb statements like yours just makes you look like an axe-grinding muppet, the film has more than enough things to legitimately complain about without making shit up.

    Wow you took that comment pretty seriously.

    I just really like Toby from The West Wing and I thought what he did at the end which did actually stop the machine was pretty heroic seeing as he was just a squishy human.

    I also wasn't being entirely serious, but if personal attacks are the way it is in this thread I think I'll bow out of it.

  2. Just finished the last episode. Bloody fantastic. Slight variations to the book for dramatic effect but all handled brilliantly.

    It's a pretty incredible lesson on how to write believable and gripping character drama too, with genuine shocks being delivered through deft storytelling rather than, say, dumping "edgy" content all over it, which I have to be honest makes something like Game of Thrones seem even more ridiculous.

    Best thing I've watched all year apart from the new Mad Max and Whiplash.

  3. Here you go Cov:


    A lot has changed in 8 years...

    And the votes thread if anyone missed it:


    A little sad to see Phantasy Star Online so low down the rankings

    What I've been finding with this list in general is that a lot of great games are still represented, but so many incredible games have come out in the last 8 years a gradual decline of some favourites is inevitable. The fact that it has still made the list is pretty impressive considering some of its competition...

  4. I think we might be witnessing the birth of a new feud between forum cliques: people who worked on the films we discuss here, versus people who worked with people who worked on the films we discuss here.

    Yeah but there's a difference between working with Scarlett's belly most of the time and Scarlett's belly the whole time.

    No one cares about the almost belly.

    Casus belly.

  5. I like the sound of FF12, might have to look into it (I've never really given the FF series the time of day due to the length and random battles). Has there been a HD re-release?

    Alas, not, so far. I really wish they had released that on Steam instead of XIII, and I would make a comment about Square Enix not giving fans what they want here, if it wasn't for the recent E3 remake megaton...

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