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  1. I was going to go tomorrow but I woke up today with horrible flu and I doubt I will be in a fit state for anything. This is bullshit.


    I suppose it's still likely to be good on Sunday?

  2. I think there is an art to reviewing or discussing films without actually giving anything away, as then you have to actually do some work to not just regurgitate the plot or a press release. But I suspect that's a bit much to expect when half the air time is Lauren Laverne cooing over the latest blockbuster appropriately while saying virtually nothing of interest about it.

  3. To be honest it was probably just since he did a bit on High Rise, which I knew nothing about as I hadn't read the book, but he described pretty much the main events that happen in the story. The joy of a lot of science fiction films is in the discovery of how some of these strange events develop. If someone had done that with Ex Machina for example it may not have surprised me so much. And the other day he opened on a bit about the follow up to The Kingsman (which I've not seen yet) by explaining what happens with a character in the previous film. I wouldn't normally care, but I can't always turn off the work radio.

  4. Well, this might be a philosophical question but, does a double barreled shotgun really need a secondary fire? Or is it itself, in elegance and function, already such a perfect article in God's creation that any other ability would dilute its purity of form?

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