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  1. Played my first games of X-Wing Miniatures yesterday - went pretty well and was great fun, though the other player was also quite new to the game so it ended with a massive pile up.

    Now I just have to stop myself justifying buying every bloody TIE there is in the game.

  2. There's practically lava coming out of his guitar. Which looks the complete opposite of shit. That is to say, it's stupendous.

    EDIT: and also I really have to say, taking issue with something that is in fact actually real and really happening during filming and not CG is baffling.

  3. Nah, Citizen Kane was cinema's Dark Souls.

    EDIT: but seriously though, the reason games like Dark Souls are so unique is becuase they eschew the traditional narrative structure that is so often employed to ape film, and then play to the strength of games having the luxury of being able to have explorative narrative information with personal discovery. You literally tell your own story with them and are free to delve as deeply as you wish into the background of the world, in the same way that you might study a painting and discover hidden depths to its texture. Games have the potential to encapsulate the strengths of nearly every other medium in any way that they see fit, which is both their blessing and curse.

    The fact that some troglodites are up in arms that their precious limited gaming forms are under threat by people that are actually thinking thoughtfully about them for once is utterly tragic and can only hold back the limitless potential of the medium from crafting experiences that could be both familiar and also truly alien at the same time.

  4. I think saying games have not had a "Citizen Kane" moment yet does the medium a disservice. Games like Minecraft have pushed the medium forward, and done far more to show the potential in the form than so many narratively driven experiences, and it is widely enjoyed by people of all ages, backgrounds and interests, and is as unique an auteur creation as that found in any other media.

    And it manages it with spectacularly crap technology to boot.

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