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  1. I'm possibly the only person thinking this, but I hope to fuck Rey isn't a child or anything to do with anyone that's been in the previous films. There's a whole galaxy full of people to work with. Just let her be someone who has the force. The whole family line thing is already getting out of hand in the films.

    The twist is that she's Luke and Leia's daughter. Shyamalan.jpg

    But in all seriousness she could be anyone's daughter and the memory wipe thing after previous training would still work. Or it could just be PTSD. Anyway the point is I don't care that she got her powers quick because the whole film felt like it was sped up even if it was over 2 hours long but it still felt like 15 minutes and I didn't care. Though to be fair I hope the next film is slower paced to help the characters breathe.

  2. Are we still doing spoiler tags?

    Anyway, regarding Rey's quickly maturing force powers, this would make sense if she was Luke's daughter and powerful already, but I think it might have more to do with the fact that she was already trained by her dad when she was a kid, and either doesn't remember or likely had her memory erased by her parents before being abandoned. This would mean her discovering her powers is more of an "awakening" (ha) of memory and abilities than discovering them for the first time

  3. My thoughts exactly re:graphics. What are you running it on?

    i5 2500k 3.2gz

    2gb ATI 270X (very overclocked)

    and 8gb ram

    Apart from a few hitches it seems similar to the PS4 version just with better textures.

    As for the game - The Bloody Baron questline and its conclusion might be one of the best I've ever come across in an RPG.

  4. That's what happened with the bottom row in our game too - every time I play Splendor it grows on me.

    I highly recommend Jaipur for a 2 player card game now as well, tried it for the first time with my girlfriend the other day and I think I have to say it's one of the best 2 player games I've played. Though my gf did thrash me.

  5. Funny you should mention those games - earlier today I warmed up with a 4 player game of Spendor which was interesting as compared to previous games of it I've played everyone was playing very tactically and reserving cards but it screwed everyone over in various interesting ways I'd not seen much before.

    Then after that played a 3 player game of Caverna (which I was told was very much like Agricola) and afterwards I can safely say it's one of my favourite games I've ever played! I was a very close third place. but didn't mind as I'd artificially screwed myself over once or twice in the game because I was determined to make a band of vegetarian, pacifist dwarves with a petting zoo, which was actually far more successful than anyone had expected to be, as I was told afterwards! It was very close on the last turn though as I was worried they would have been forced to sacrifice their house pig to feed everyone after the last harvest, which would have been a wonderful, bittersweet end to the veggie dwarf story, but happily they found some spare rubies just lying around, the spongers ;)

    Great game.

  6. So, I was going to just try and avoid this sale because of all my recent purchases, and was like, I CAN RESIST.

    But then a madness took me about half an hour ago and I just added Agricola, two copies of X-wing and a Lamda shuttle expansion, and then Bang the Dice Game thrown in as well for the hell of it all... I was looking at my basket thinking, I will definitely play all these games surely and they are so shiny... But then at the last minute I bottled it and deleted everything.

    But wait! I then realised I just had to get X-wing at some point on account of being a huge fan of the X-wing/Tie-fighter games and tactical turn based combat which they seem to be tailor made for me and thought what the hell, and thanks to the lighting deal I managed to get two copies in my cart for a sweet £27 and instantly clicked to buy now.

    Though now I'm considering Agricola because I'll probably never see it at that price ever again, even though I'm not massively bothered it's just rated so highly...

    I think I may have a problem.

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