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  1. @Ste Pickford - the main title on the game's individual page is the one to use so that is correct.
  2. I wished I'd thought about it earlier, because I already managed to catch a few errors and correct them during collation, but issues have cropped up since then, now that I'm leaving it to voters to sort themselves out, so the booby prize list will be kind of appropriately incomplete anyway.
  3. Also, the side effect is I'll probably end up mentioning more games, when it gets to awarding those games their prize and showing what they could have won.
  4. Yes, simply because if I reveal what they are, people will then know certain games that are likely to be in the top 100 now. If anyone is concerned, simply check your entry for errors, and update it, linking to your post, without saying what you changed. Or preferably PM me instead to preserve the mystery, saying what you updated. Also, there are enough errors that finding them all and listing them would be quite a bit of effort on my part, which I'm not in the mood for with only having the use of one hand. And because the errors are because people didn't copy from Wikipedia as instructed, it was their responsibility to check. I gave endless repeated warnings, and people took the piss, so I feel like having a booby prize category now anyway.
  5. Fuuuuuu 🕹 High Score Day #50 - https://highscoreday.com
  6. Paste the exact game titles from the Wikipedia entries for every game is quite complex instructions to be fair.
  7. The games that didn't make it thanks to their fans' failures to follow basic instructions will of course be named and shamed.
  8. By the way, if anyone is worried they voted for some obscure crap that only they voted for and think it was a wasted vote, don't worry, I have plans for some of you.
  9. Some of them will also be robbed valuable positions. My heart bleeds for them.
  10. Interesting note for fans of a certain game: if they hadn't fucked up their entries it would be hitting the top 100. But because those votes didn't follow the guidelines it will miss the list. Whoops! You've been naughty!
  11. That episode genuinely went fucking nowhere. The O'Brien/Bashir bit had absolutely no payoff either. Surprisingly shit episode to be honest!
  12. Like that bit in Predators when the Samurai bloke goes mano a mano with one. At least that made sense.
  13. Early DS9 can be kind of weird and lame at times. It was definitely finding its feet in the first two seasons.
  14. DS9 S2E11 "Rivals" I don't remember this episode. Bashir's spandex is fucking ridiculous
  15. The scoring method is already decided. It will be the second. They are quite different, it means two last place votes are worth a first place vote. In the first method a first place is worth 20 times a last place. It favours vote quantity.
  16. As there have not been any new votes or updates in a few days, I am bringing the deadline forward to 20th of May Also partly because I'm recovering from a hand injury so if it's quiet anyway I'd like to wrap up the collation early.
  17. There was a whole team of writers that worked together to produce such nonsense. He might have had a lot of input, but ultimately someone has to green light it then make it into a script. It feels more like a show that was written by one of those AI algorithms that generate news stories.
  18. The Guardian love Fleabag so I'm ideologically opposed to it.
  19. Of course, Twin Peaks: The Return operates on a complete other level to all of these shows.
  20. 🕹 High Score Day #49 - https://highscoreday.com
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