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  1. 22 hours ago, Darwock said:

    It was also noticeable that they couldn’t use their bubbles at the very top of the screen to get back on at the bottom - this was possible on the Atari ST version that I grew up with, but which way is correct?


    I've spent far too much time comparing Tiny Bobble to the original arcade version now, I've just found it really compelling for some reason. Anyway, the main conclusion I can draw is in Tiny Bobble the jumping speed is slightly too fast, so that could maybe hinder the ability to get higher up a bit. But ultimately it's really absurdly close to the original considering it was apparently made completely from the ground up. Apart from the music and the player 2 attract animation, you have to really look for differences.


    I might actually stop playing Bubble Bobble now :lol:

  2. I know you could also wrap from the top to the bottom by jumping on bubbles in the otherwise ropey original Amstrad CPC version, so no idea on that one. As far as a completely ground-up homebrew creation goes though, it's damn impressive. It's very fun to actually play, like all the best versions.

  3. 24 minutes ago, Darwock said:

    i watched the long play video of that and something seemed off with collision detection - the player finished the whole game without losing a life but there were a few occasions where I think they definitely should have.


    It seemed pretty solid to me, although it may still be a work in progress so I'm not sure. It was almost certainly better than the original Amiga version, and got me addicted for a while.

  4. 22 hours ago, Benny said:


    Wow. That version does look and sound really good. Maybe just a tad too fast though?


    Played some of this Tiny Bobble Amiga remake earlier. It's exceptionally good. I think I even like it more than the Master System version. The remix of the music is also I think the most easy on the ears I've heard.

  5. 2 hours ago, ckny said:

    The Better Call Saul thread was unbearable while he was doing a full rewatch, while the rest of us were watching the newest season week to week. Just post all of your thoughts in one go after you've finished watching.


    Really? The whole thread? I made just a few posts (and fairly extended ones) sprinkled over page 69 and 70, for the entire 5 seasons, when there were only 2 new existing episodes out. Apparently that's "unbearable". I'm not sure you posted more than once in that time, so I was hardly stepping on your toes there, seeing as you're such a prolific contributor.


    You're going on ignore as well.

  6. 15 minutes ago, DeciderVT said:

    It should be fairly obvious that a post that either gets left at the end of a page or caught up among a stream of others that people end up flicking past can be easily missed. Can you imagine if everybody posting in these threads was picking apart minutiae per-post as they were watching as well? Nobody's giving you a "telling off", you're just being asked to be more considerate and understand why some people might find it annoying.

    I'm sorry about your hand but you've been doing this a lot longer than the last few weeks. And saying that I'm "goading" you into writing a long reply and having a flounce about never posting in this thread again is being needlessly dramatic.


    I made 4 posts per episode. I just happened to watch it all at once, after everyone else had already watched them and the thread was quiet. It's being made to sound like I'm some sort of disruptive forum influence for doing something in my own way.


    If you are worried about people flicking past your posts then you're already making an assumption that people aren't going to read them all, or that people have no interest in reading most people's posts sequentially. If that's the case then it won't make a difference how many are posted. They will still see yours if they're reading them.


    Oh great, I'm "flouncing" now for being annoyed at this petty nonsense.


    Yeah I'm out.

  7. 37 minutes ago, DeciderVT said:

    This isn't intended as a personal attack but I've previously found your "live tweeting" approach overbearing and inconsiderate in threads where I've wanted to discuss programmes we've both been watching. In the past I've had to wait until you've finished until I can post about something because your stream of posts will sometimes push through into a new page and posts preceding yours will be ousted from the conversation. (Granted, there's not much conversation as there are commiserations about programmes like Picard.)


    I'm struggling to understand how those posts would be "ousted" from the conversation, as assuming people are reading new posts in order, they will still be visible and read yours, unless people are just going to skip your posts to read mine for some reason.


    I'm not deleting your posts. People can still read them.


    It makes it sound like I'm silencing everyone by having some passion about something.


    I actually reduced how many I posted at once at one point because I got discouraged by the comments about it and didn't post in some threads because I thought it meant my contribution wasn't wanted anyway. I've always had people in my life take the piss how I write passionately about things with a stream of consciousness sometimes, so to have more people come on here and just give me a "telling off" for trying to take part in the conversation in the best way I can is really disheartening.


    I've had my hand in a cast for weeks, so I can literally barely type properly without constant correction as I have to make use of only one hand to make posts, so several short posts on my phone are easier than writing a long one at the moment (this one is a PITA so thanks for goading me into it I guess). If that's "inconsiderate" just contributing that way then I'm not going to post in this thread ever again. Enjoy the last episode everyone, who cares what I think eh.


  8. 5 hours ago, footle said:

    it’s been mentioned loads of times in previews for season three. If we’re getting to the point where we’re not allowed to discuss the information publicised by the creators of the tv show, about the tv show, then it’s getting ridiculous.

    particularly since broad brush character strokes aside (and not plot) the comics and tv are different beasts.


    meanwhile - an interview with the creators that doesn’t mention it, but which does contain very mild spoilers up to the current episode.



    (but only spoilers in the url if you’re one of those Reddit muppets who thinks Homelander is just misunderstood)


    I tend to avoid information publicised by showrunners as they always do a good job of spoiling their own shows and surprises by revealing too much information that actually watching it will be more enjoyable for those not already saturated with all the "content" coming up.


    But by all means everyone make up some flimsy justification for not making just a tiny bit of extra effort to use spoiler tags to preserve surprises and increase everyone's enjoyment.


    The hoops people will jump through on here to be contrarian about stuff like this when they could just not be dicks about it is still frankly staggering to me.

  9. Episode 5:



    I actually really enjoyed this episode! Jolly exciting stuff.


    It's so weirdly limited by the whole 360 set thing though. It's got the elements there that if it was set designed and location shot like a movie it could be genuinely quite special.


    So goofiness of some scenes aside, like the Obi-Wan entering stage left only to fuck off again so they could transition Vader into the shots going after him, there was a lot of good stuff:


    The sheer vicious power of Vader tearing that ship apart for Obi-Wan was a standout. And the whole thing felt really Star Warsy this time. And the cutting back to dueling Anakin was a nice touch, and was fortunately more reminiscent of the Clone Wars cartoon rather than the Prequels.


    Also, I think the reason this was the best episode in the series so far was for one simple reason: all of the people being trapped in the cave gave the story some genuine stakes which it hasn't really had up to now. And not only that, but introduced stakes even for the villain as well. All of which could have benefited the show enormously from maybe kicking into gear a bit earlier.


    So overall, still a bit dodgy in parts, but extremely pleased with how they've handled things like Vader and making him actually properly menacing.


    Much more so than that bit in Rogue One that people seem to love for some reason: in that he was just cutting people down, which wasn't really menacing, it was just vicious and felt like a writer going "omg we're gonna show Vader is a bad-ass cutting down so many Rebel Scum."


    In this case it's handled so much better when he's a threat to people you care about and has much more personality in terms of what he's actually doing with his powers: not just cutting dozens down, but literally tearing something apart with his hands to get at Obi-Wan as people are trying to escape.


    It IS a different take on menacing, and it's much better.


  10. On 18/06/2022 at 16:50, Gregory Wolfe said:

    I imagine if you can't do arcade directly then FPGA emulation is the nearest thing to it. When the game came out on home systems I had already move over to the Amiga and whilst I'm not going to argue that it was a better conversion than the C64, as I never played the latter, it looked good and played well.


    Staying on topic and going for something from the leftfield, the homebrew Tiny Bobble, on Amiga, looks and sounds mighty good and appears to play faithfully.




    Wow. That version does look and sound really good. Maybe just a tad too fast though?

  11. 1. Breath of the Wild 2

    A no-brainer. Maybe the only game after Elden Ring that can possibly raise the pulse above normal now


    2. Resident Evil 4 Remake

    This would in any other circumstance be miles from my radar as the most pointless remake of all time, but it looks like they are going in a different direction with it and I'm curious how it will turn out as the other recent remakes have been excellent.


    3. Street Fighter 6

    I was already in as it looks great but seeing a young upstart character taunt Ryu with an expertly animated and enormously disrespectful "hah-doo-ken" has made it imperative that I demolish the little cunt.


    4. DNF Duel

    I do love my Arcsys fighting games, and I had more fun with the beta of this than I think I did with Guilty Gear Strive, and I bought the fuck out of that so...


    5. A Plague Tale: Requiem

    The first game was a pleasant surprise, so I'm looking forward to seeing where a more experience team takes these characters. You can keep your Clickers, give me bad rats.


    6. System Shock Remake

    The demo for this was fantastic and they had nailed the atmosphere. The final game just looks brilliant


    7. Marvel's Midnight Suns

    Can take or leave the Marvel license, but anything from the XCOM team is relevant to my interests


    8. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle R

    Oh my God. Holy Shit. Etc.


    9. Scorn

    I'm not sure I'll even play this or expect it to be any good, I just want to see exactly how blatantly they have plagiarised Giger.


    10. God of War Ragnarok

    Really enjoyed the first game, so hopefully this will be just as good. Even if I have to settle for the pauper version.

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