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  1. The Doom Eternal one is 100% within the game, and demonstrates some incredible combat and movement skill. They have to collect everything as well, so 100% completion with every item and upgrade, so it's the most "natural" speedrun of the entire game you can get.

  2. 17 minutes ago, Pob said:

    Why exactly is Jimmy so paranoid in the Omaha timeframe? Is it purely because of the events of BB? It’s been a while since I watched it so I can’t remember why Jimmy/Saul would be so fearful. It’s the police he’s frightened of, right? Not the cartel?


    Yeah Jimmy's on the lam. He's a wanted man.

  3. Spoiler

    The entire episode is almost certainly setting up the end of the story though, it intentionally was taking a step back to show where Jimmy is now, resolve the all problems he thinks he has, and to seemingly finally "hang up" the Saul persona for good. It wanted to show us what a Jimmy scam looks like in the cold light of black and white. Notice how all of the people he scams are really nice. Even the criminals, the taxi driver and his mate, seem harmless enough really.


    What with the foreboding music at the end of the episode, if feels like it really wanted to take its time to set the tone for the rest.


    That's the trouble with commentary on something so near the end: it's impossible to judge how successful it is until you have the whole text, as it's not just an episodic show - so much rides on prior knowledge or the ebb and flow of the narrative throughout the series.


  4. 21 minutes ago, Professor Puzzles said:

    The shadow of WW was all over that episode:


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    Not just him being mentioned by Gene, but the whole 'we're done' speech near the end could have come right out of Heisenberg's mouth, plus the obvious visual similarities between Gene & Walt with the moustache and glasses (though Gene has a bit more hair than Walt ended up with.) Even the final shot of the clothes rail briefly showed a flannel check shirt very reminiscent of Walt just before Gene put the Saul Goodman shirt back.




    I think a lot of that is down to Jimmy's chameleon like ability to morph himself into what people need to hear and he will often draw on things other people have said to him or how he's seen them act. Remember him trying to reassure Kim after their trauma with literally the words Mike told him after the desert episode.


  5. Something else:



    The typical BCS intro "tape" abruptly stops. As if to say: you've been watching old home movies up to now. But this is reality.


    You just bet they are going to make the "present" morph into colour at some point, and it'll be incredible.


  6. I really want a fucking cinnamon bun covered in icing now.



    But as for the episode: overly long and self indulgent? I'm sorry but do you even Better Call Saul :lol:


    This is the show showing off and having fun, after so much riveting character drama. It feels like a balm to soothe you before what might be coming next, because the end credits music was anything but uplifting. I feel like we could be in for a rough ride, I don't know...


    Also, holy fucking shit that was tense. It's been playing with these flash forwards before, but now that we have an entire episode set in the present, literally anything can happen: we no longer have our "Breaking Bad" events lifeline to fall back on, and so suddenly a simple Jimmy scam seems a whole lot more dangerous. And it genuinely paints his previous scams in quite a different light in the harsh lense of the present. Everything just feels different now, and they waited until the exact right moment to make that contrast obvious.


  7. Something interesting about runs of modern games, is they're talking about how certain little strategies no longer work in the most recent patches of the game. It makes sense for games to be polished and little things to get "fixed" after release for quality of life reasons, but you do wonder if for the sake of small things if it isn't just more fun to leave those things in the game. Especially when it will only be speed runners that will really be using them, and they make for some of the most fun unique aspects of so many games when they aren't game breaking in normal circumstances.

  8. One of the coolest things about the run, is that despite obviously being insanely good at the game, there are sections where because they are using so many speedrun glitches, if they die once they will cause a soft lock, trashing the run. So from the speedrunner's perspective it's just as white knuckle, brown trousers time playing it as the game is for us mere mortals :lol:

  9. I'm watching the SGDQ 2022 Doom Eternal 100% Nightmare Restricted run and it's fucking insane. Doom Eternal was made for this shit.

  10. Just played the demo of ZeroRanger - I realised the first boss is basically teaching you how to deal with bullet hell. Something about the patters just feels really intuitive. It also controls extremely nicely with a stick, and I was bobbing and weaving in it really well. Great little game.

  11. Just to comment on a criticism mentioned above:



    but his rationale - he's waiting until he can take revenge in accordance with what he believes is his fate - didn't really work in the context of the realistic setting.


    Is not a particularly valid take in my opinion. It actually makes perfect sense in the context of a realistic historical setting, given the superstitions and religious practices of the time absolutely would have had people respecting the Fates and acting in accordance with those beliefs. You don't have to have literal magic happen in a movie for characters to believe in greater powers than themselves.

  12. Basically I don't have the requisite screwdriver because I fail at DIY :lol:


    EDIT I do have some of that WD40 for electronics that I've seen recommended for servicing the Switch Joycon sticks - dunno if that would help as a lubricant?

  13. Turns out hours of holding down the bottom left (A) button on my 8bitdo arcade stick when playing shmups has caused it to start sticking. Any advice on what I can do about it short of taking it apart?

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