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  1. I loved the film and everything about it. Worked really well in that the whole thing was set up by meeting the characters through the video camera at the party and then continued to follow them the whole way through the story. The Bluray does look amazing too, and the extras on it amaze me even more when you see how much of the film is actually post production. The huge majority of the sets were all done green screen with CGI everything in the background. Looks flawless.
  2. Heh yeh the silence really added well to the tension. A risky move for such a programme but it worked really well. Half way through this season I was getting bored but it's kicked off well again now and I'm loving it! I can't remember what the cliffhanger was again this week, someone tell me again please!?
  3. I think this will be my next purchase but not until Christmas, maybe get it from Santa. The demo was fantastic I thought, as Sabreman was saying, the physical presence and animation of the character was done so well. The way she swings and grabs on to ledges so fluidly was great. Can't wait to play the final game so keep the impressions coming as it's all I'll be able to have until I get this!
  4. Shit. I was in Rivet City and some guy was being a cheeky bastard to me so I punched him in the face as you do. Within seconds I have like 10 people chasing and shooting me to smithereens!!! I managed to run outside and they don't follow but any time I go back in they start shooting again. I thought you could put away you gun by pressing X and they stop shooting but didn't happen.
  5. That's some pretty cool spy shit you done there finding that!!
  6. Wow wow wow this show is actually getting better and better somehow! I just freaking love it! Miguel was brilliant throughout that whole episode as someone already said. And when Dex asked him My version didn't have the preview either!
  7. Interesting stuff mate, I was reading through the site yesterday for a while, seen the link in your sig! Great to follow the whole process from start to finish so I will be watching all the time.
  8. I love coming on to read discussions like this. Its great hearing peoples opinions and ideas! Asura when you referred to triangles and that everyone when stating polygons would mean triangles, do you mean that with my 25,000 poly'd helicopter, I should be saying it has 50,000 triangles since that's how many it would be if I turned the quads to triangles? But regarding the piping Ste mentioned, it's definitely a weak point but I think that is my fault due the the weird shape of the door opening anyway! I didn't really bother to look at it much or change it, when I made the opening I just went with the first shape that appeared when selecting polygons I think. If it was more square like with straight edges I could get rid of the majority of the rings all the way along the flat sections and just keep alot at the corners. So that's something to focus on it future, just lazy modelling I guess. Thinking about it, the pipe is probably 24 sided too which is way more than is needed for such a small detail. But I did always plan on doing the up close shot with the camera right next to the piping reflecting the world around it so wouldn't have worked so well with less polygons as the reflection wouldn't look so smooth. I partly agree with the idea of not putting lots of fancy effects on when rendering. I still think you have to show the model off, especially just now since this is just for uni and we haven't been given any limits so I will produce the full animation to the highest quality I can. Remember it is Computer Animation I'm doing and not just modelling so need to work on everything for the time being. I didn't bother with ridiculously high amounts of AA though or Radiosity either as that wouldn't be used like you say in the real world for video games. Anyway, I have that class again tomorrow and I'm hoping the lecturer has marked them but I think that's wishful thinking considering he has about 40 of them to go through. I just hope he lists the marks highest first and have my name there, it's a great feeling when that happens! I've started a model for a Microwave, hardly done anything but somehow I fucked something up and some polygons have been deleted next to the opening as you can see in the second picture and I don't know how to get them back! The Make Polygon button just makes an arse of it when I try! Can't upload them to Imageshack today for some reason so had to use the attatchments here instead.
  9. I don't think I mentioned but I realised a few hours after I handed this in on Friday that I put the wrong file on the DVD, it was one encoded at 12fps and not 30! Assignment isn't due until tomorrow though so I can still hand in the correct one which is lucky! The links I put above are the wrong version so I've uploaded it again now! It's still low quality though even though the file I uploaded looks way better normally. Confusing! If you click the link and look at the similar videos it lists you might see some others from my class if it says they've been uploaded in the last few days and it will be around a similar environment shape, so you can see the difference in quality. Not saying mine is amazing but much better than the majority out there so I'm happy! Would be unfair to link to them specifically though I think although I did laugh at a few.
  10. Yeh good point, I think I said before but the lecturers haven't mentioned once to watch the poly count but it definitely makes sense to pay attention to it now as ideally I want to get into games down the road so it's obviously a big deal with that. So funny though, rendering this on my PC at home is ridiculously faster than the uni PC's which is quite shocking really. It is about 5-6 times faster on my machine at least for most scenes! Now you mentioned triangles but I thought you were to stay away from triangles so why do you ask that? I done a wee check and it says total faces is 25,021, 96 of them are 3 vertices and the rest are 4 with a handful more than 4.
  11. See that's the kind of criticism I'm looking for so thanks for that guys but yeh you're completely right about the door area, I don't really know why I kept it that shape as it obviously juts right out and looks daft! Especially from the front as you said. What do you mean about the trim on the inside, like something along the edges of where the wall meets the floor instead of being curved? I do quite fancy keeping this model going to see if I can improve it anymore or maybe I should start a completely different one and try and model an actual real life one. Asura, you said it's subdivided too much, is that a bad thing then I take it? What techniques should I use to avoid this?
  12. You're just a bit of a twat aren't you. I've already said it wasn't supposed to be realistic. We were told NOT to copy a real life object, make a design up ourselves and make it look 'cartoony' if we can. Which admittedly mine does not. I was going to cel shade it for the cartoon look but was enjoying going for realism instead so thought I'd just finish the model that way. Considering I've now been learning Lightwave for 8 weeks on and off amongst other modules I think I'm doing pretty well. Lecturers have said so and compared to the vast majority of people in my class, my work is considerably better. Only people who have came from 3D background are producing better work which is expected. You may think you're being helpful saying what you said but you're not. If it was a little constructive criticism I'd take it onboard, but you are just blindly criticising a complete amateur who has barely started learning 3D which is quite demoralising so maybe think before you speak next time because you're not being helpful at all.
  13. Cheers mate, no-one mentioned that before but obviously it does make sense to be able to model well in as low poly as possible if it's for games especially. This is the final animation here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHfDrolO4XM http://www.vimeo.com/2244189 Vimeo is a bit better quality for some reason the high quality isn't appearing on the Youtube video. Animation isn't really my forte, and not what I'm intending to focus on so it's by no means perfect but compared to alot of other people in the class it's bloody great! It's the modelling I'm really interested in so most of the time was spent on that so along with the video, we had to hand in 5 still images, and this is the ones I used: And the wireframe too: Obviously there are loads of polys used for the piping around the window, door opening and the legs as well so I'll need to play about with that in future to see if I can drop some polys without losing too much detail! But now that's done, next assignment isn't due until January for that class where we have to model a microwave, a human, a jacket and some sort of glass piece.
  14. Shape was supposed to be cartoony initially as that's what the assignment was for but I've since got carried away and your comment on texturing hit a nerve so this is what I've came up with so far!
  15. I noticed he was left handed a few episodes ago, didn't realise that was a serial killer thing? Are alot of them left handed or something? Quite strange. Loving this series still, it's just amazing. Best thing on TV!
  16. Keeping the thread alive on my own here! No-one else seems interested. A quick video of the choppa in action just testing it out before I start the animation properly tomorrow. Still gotta add decent texture to the environment.
  17. Update: Decided to add more stuff to the heli as it was still quite plain. No-one else had done this so I thought I'd add the space in the middle with the seats as it will be quite cool to see through from one side to the other as it flies by the camera and it means I can stick a camera inside it too which should look sweet. Also added a wee mini cockpit but not alot of detail or anything, but means I actually have a use for making the window transparent now. Now to animate it!!!
  18. Yeah so UV mapping is bloody annoying as hell, couldn't get anything line up and half the time the map was too confusing to even attempt drawing on. So just ended up colouring it normally. It'll do for now I think anyway. I'll add more detail as I go along.
  19. It is absolutely awesome, can't wait to get the Blurays!
  20. Well after messing about with other classes for uni and being quite lazy in general I've got down to some work the last few hours and started to model a helicopter for assignment due in on Friday that we've had for weeks! I really need to get a grip! Anyway, this is the model so far, I think I'm finished modelling, and gonna move onto texturing now. Might go back and clean some things up as I go along but nothing major. Then we have to animate it flying round a course that has been given to us as a scene file for Lightwave already. Obviously it's not amazing but not bad considering I done it all today and made it up as I went along, didn't follow tutorials or anything.
  21. How have things went then Asura, any luck?
  22. Woops didn't see that cheers! Need to write that down or something so I remember. I'm pure loving this game, it's just fantastic. Only started playing today about 2pm and played for 6 hours straight pretty much, not done that for years with a game I think. Fable 2 even got a bit boring quite quickly. This is how you do an open ended good/evil game Peter!!!
  23. When it's done. It's done. So finish up all the side quests before you go back to Citadel. Is it obvious when the last quest appears so you know to save it before starting or do I need to look out for the name of it or something?
  24. You called your dog, Dogmeat? Or is it like that in the game the whole time?
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