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  1. Look at it this way: HAMILTON Races 29 Championships 0 Wins 8 Podium finishes 19 Pole positions 10 Career points 179 Fastest laps 2 MASSA Races 100 (99 starts) Championships 0 Wins 9 Podium finishes 24 Pole positions 13 Career points 265 Fastest laps 9 Now who looks the better driver? Last season Hamilton finished over 20 points ahead of him in his rookie year. Then this season, 12 races, 4 wins a piece, 4 poles a piece. But Hamilton 6 points ahead. Obviously Massa is not "crap". And neither is Hamilton, but Hamilton has performed better in his first two Formula 1 seasons than Massa.
  2. What a joke, that fine for Massa means nothing. Docked points for Massa or Ferrari would have made much more sense!
  3. Yup thats first thing I checked today when the footy started. Here's hoping. When does the market close?
  4. How funny would that be though. You would just have to laugh and salute the boy!
  5. Oh, good point. Hmmmm. I still think we'll get him. Didn't Sir Alex say the other day he wanted 4 good strikers like when we trebled it in 99.
  6. Berb says this morning that it's his dream to join United. Looking more like a deal might happen now I think.
  7. What a goon. I hope Man U get worse so we can win again. Nice winning mentality there ya dooshbag!
  8. Watching the champs league final again at the moment. Love it. This is my 4th time watching it. It's good to be able to watch it again and not feel the pure suspense and anxiety I did watching it live back in May.
  9. Rossco

    Bad Beats

    See that's just wrong, why would anyone call 7BB's with 85os, it's ridiculous!
  10. Rossco

    The Golf Thread

    Raging. For some reason I've never been a fan of Harrington so I'm gutted that Sergio blew it with 2 bogeys in the last 3.
  11. Rossco

    The Golf Thread

    Anyone been watching the USPGA? It's looking a tasty end now. Garcia now leads and Harrington is hanging on in there and getting closer too. Sky Sports 1 so get watching!
  12. Never realised he was so young! Think he's amazing though, would rather Berbatov this year though for some of the reasons Gabzy says, but hope we get him at one poitn!
  13. How kind of you to stop by!
  14. Good point, I was on 35k, and 5th place was 55k, with 1st being up at 125k. It is quite a big jump I think looking back so maybe could have wangled more considering the people below me had quite smaller stacks compared to myself yet they got the same money.
  15. Rossco


    I ARE WINNER!!!! Great stuff Andy!
  16. Rossco

    Bad Beats

    Friday night, £40 double chance tourney at casino. I'm dealt AA, raise it to 6x BB before flop and get one call. Flop comes 10 6 2 and he checks. I bet the pot and get called. Turn comes 4. I still think I'm way ahead in this, and put the guy on high pocket pair so raise him all in, he quickly calls and turns over 8 9! Everyone kinda looks at him in "what the fuck was that" way as he's usually a good player and I've seen him play before. River comes 7 and he makes the straight and doubles up, taking a huge chunk of my stack. I was FURIOUS. 5 hands later, I get AA again, flopped a set and go all in, called again by someone with a lower stack who has KK. Turn/River comes KK and he wins it. And for my last hand, JJ, hit it on the flop, go all in, get called by KK again by the same person, who hit it on the river to beat me again and knock me out. It was the worst night of poker I've ever had. Nothing at all went my way, it was horrible.
  17. Rossco


    Been an interesting one so far, and just as you thought Murray was gonna step up and win, Djokovic eventually turned up and started to play!
  18. Well it was bed365 that fucked me over in the posts above so maybe there is something fishy going on there as I was following the rules and was getting totally bent over by the luck of the dealers cards!
  19. Well I am furious. Just went to the Alea again for the £20 Sunday tourney. BUT I arrive to find out it's an end of month £200 freezeout. Nowhere does it say that on their website and I even phoned up to register earlier in the day and the guy didn't mention it to me. Set my whole day up for it, cancelled plans, turned down offers and was pure rushing about to go to it. I considered for a few minutes whether I should enter anyway but bottled it, might do it next month if I get another win on the board though.
  20. Rossco

    Rock Band!

    Having just put this on for the first time in about over a week (It's not the most popular game in the house being so bloody noisy) I've got right back into drums nicely! Just played Maps, I do love it as a song, and it's good on guitar but the drums for it are a bit boring and repetitive! But I still don't mind it as it's a good song.
  21. Framerate? No problems with that, and I dont know of other people that did too. Thought it was silky smooth personally.
  22. Yeh I done the same a few times and lost some, should just leave when you hit the bonus straight away!
  23. Yeah mate I was expecting it one time and that was the fifth offer I done too so you were right on the money! But I'm over it now anyway, I was pure raging for about an hour after it today then realised I was still £100 up for the week so can't complain.
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