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  1. Well I just got extremely fucked by Bet365. £100 in, up to £267 at one point then lost it all. £100 down. I am raging. Dealer got ridiculous amounts of Blackjack and 20's all the time. Has really pissed me off now as I was playing basic strategy and never deviating from it so to drop over £250 so quickly just sucks. Plus their website is shit, can't even view your own wagered amount, have to ask someone on the Live help to check for you and how it took like 5 days for them to reset my deposit limits and eventually kick the shit outta me after waiting so long is just wrong. As you can tell I'm in a bad mood so will be staying away from Blackjack for a while now.
  2. Just done a wee spreadsheet to keep track of this bonus bagging! Up £195 after doing 4 casinos so far since the 15th July. Not too shabby eh! I might give the Casino War a go then, as I didn't fancy playing through to £10,000 on Blackjack. Thats like 5 hours work for £100, how shocking. Emailed Littlewoods and they can't do the signup and monthly bonus at once. No big deal though, the next month is only a week away so I'll be kept busy with sign ups until then. Also, how do you check your stats/bet history in Bet365. Can't find it anywhere!
  3. What a fucking ridiculous site. I had £170 in my account and got the message saying my bonus is now withdrawable so went to do that but only let me take out £72. So I done that and tried to check how much I had wagered but the stats were all wrong and nowhere told me, so I just kept betting which I shouldn't have done and lost it all. If I waited it would have maybe worked later as if there was a problem now or something but it's still a farce of a site, so confusing. So only left with £22 profit for 2 hours work.
  4. Okay I'm confused. Betfair! Doing the £50 bonus on there but it's really strange system, why can't they just let you have one account for money for the whole site instead of transferring it all around between acounts. I put in £50, they matched it, and I now have £150. Want to take out £50 or the full £100 and play with only the £50 bonus now but it won't let me withdraw the money, I can't seem to find out how to do it! I think you're supposed to transfer it out of the Casino account into the main one, then withdraw, but it says I have nothing available to transfer from casino, even though there is £150 sitting there!
  5. Ladbrokes requires you to play through to £10,000 just for £100. That's ridiculous. 4 times as much as other sites! Bet365 still haven't updated my deposit limit so need to wait til tomorrow again for that but just came out £40 up from Littlewoods. And now the Coral site isn't working. Also, can you do the Sign Up and monthly bonuses in the same month?
  6. Nice one dream, I'll check those same ones out and see if I can make an extra few hundred every month. If I can pull out £200 a month I'll be happy as it's 50% of what I currently get for my part time work every work. Nice wee side earner. Gonna hammer the bet365 one tonight I think for £100 sign up.
  7. Yeah I found it eventually. Only managed to withdraw £60 including bonus after putting £25 in to begin with but can't complain at making £35 for a few hours while watching golf/f1 on TV! So whats this about a monthly £100 bonus though? You can basically do the whole £2500 wager to earn £100 bonus EVERY month? Easy money! Do alot of them do that? I might quite my part time job if I can find a handful of sites that do it, see me through the next few years in uni!
  8. Rossco

    The Golf Thread

    Come on Norman! Put a fiver on him after day 1 at 25-1! You can do it!`
  9. I've just started the Gala one but can't find out where the stats are to tell you how much you've wagered?
  10. Just got my VC money and put it in my bank so that's safe. And gonna put £100 into Bet 365 now and play Blackjack, had a look at the rules and Roulette is out along with other variations of Blackjack but the standard Blackjack game is fine. Only bad thing is that you need to put £100 deposit in unlike VC where you could deposit as little as you want and still get the £100! I'm hoping Bet 365 has similar statistics pages as VC to track how many hands you've played, wagered etc! Woops, just set the desposit limit to £25 by mistake, need to wait 24 hours now to change it and then deposit my £100!
  11. Rossco

    Rock Band!

    No more free points left btw! I just tried.
  12. Solskjaer? Too soon for him?
  13. Well a few years back I was on roulette making money, usually I would wait for 7 or 8 occurrances (how the hell do you spell that word, I cant get it right! ) of the same colour then bet on the opposite. But once I had 14 blacks in a row and I almost lost my whole bankroll betting on reds constantly which never came! What about doing roulette for this anyway? Can't you put £1 on every number and make your money back? And you'll meet the wagering requirement in no time?
  14. Asura that is beautiful, I don't know what it is, but it's ace! Your light setup is ace too there, looks very lifelike in that sense.
  15. Finished all £2500 in one day! Easiest £100 ever, think I finished £25 up as had a long period of bad cards and had to buyin again but got it back. Plus the £100 bonus so £125. Quite good aye!? Oh and how long did it take for your bonus to be put into your account? Whats the next best site to do for this? Ohhh quadruple post, nice! Does no-one else care or do this anymore?
  16. Triple post! I've now wagered £730 and I'm up £75! This is getting exciting, I could make an more money from playing that the bonus at this stage. Not getting carried away though. Just takin it easy.
  17. Well after about an hour, I'm £4 up and I've wagered £268 so far. Coming along nicely. If this works for me first time I could get used to it, can see me starting going round all the online casinos doing this now!
  18. I've been reading up on this a bit today and last night trying to find out some details on best places to do it and best games to bet on. Was also looking at matched betting which is confusing as hell right now for me, can't get my head around it, so just gonna join up to VC first and go for some BJ. It's £2500 you need to wager, so I take it the site tells you along the way how much you've wagered so you know how much longer you've got to play to make the £100? Any tips before I start?
  19. Rossco

    Bad Beats

    Thats why I've stopped playing online now, it's a farce sometimes the plays some people make.
  20. Rossco

    Bad Beats

    The second hand is fair enough I reckon. Can't really complain, he hit the flop better than you. But first hand is ridiculous and what I really hate about poker when people catch cards like that against you when they have no right to!
  21. Not really a good win as such but a very lucky escape. First hand of tourney last night, I got dealt JJ. So make a bet 6 times the BB and get called twice, flop comes x J x so I make another bet of about 6 times the BB and they both fold and I take it down but there was a guy who hadn't turned up yet and we checked his cards, AA! We then dealt the turn and river of A A as he arrives at the table to see his Quad aces on the first hand but obviously too late to use them! It was hilarious, he was so gutted! I knocked him out later on too with my JJ again!
  22. Rossco

    Bad Beats

    Just read those hands Billy from above, that guy you were playing with was ridiculous!
  23. Just in from this evenings game. 80 people, £20 buy-in, rebuys for 90 minutes. First 90 minutes I play two hands, pocket Jacks and pocket 8's. Win them both. Top up after the 90 minutes for some extra chips too as everyone else was too. This leaves £6,000 in the prize fund. After about 4 hours, it's down to about 20 people and I was sitting nicely above the average chip stack by then and pretty much stayed the same until the end. Was never low stacked or way behind and towards the end when it was down to two tables, I was playing well and getting some good cards too. Eventually got down to final table with 9 people after 6 hours and everyone decides on a deal. Top 3 got £1,000, 4th and 5th got £700 and 6-9th for £400. I was 6th by this point so walked away with £400. Over the moon with it though, played really well, was only in danger once when I caught a card on the river to win it when I was all in with a low stack near the start. And didn't lose one showdown the whole game, which I think is pretty impressive. Made some amazing folds. So not too shabby for my first casino visit in about 4 years!
  24. Hey, just thought I'd start a thread on this, maybe for everyone to add their experiences of casinos around Glasgow in general. As I'm thinking of starting to hit the casinos again, would be good to hear other people's experiences. First trip is to the Alea tomorrow in Springfield Quay, never been before, £20 buy in on Sundays, no idea how busy it'll be or anything though. Should be interesting.
  25. This has gone way too far, it's not even interesting anymore. I wish we would just sell the little shit and go on to bigger and better things. Including knocking Real Madrid out the Champs League next season too just to rub in it to Ronaldo!
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