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  1. Yeah, I'm not too worried about texturing yet anyway, I will really get into the modelling side first of all probably until I'm quite good at that then hit the textures. Even after texturing though, there's alot to setting up the scene with lights etc before rendering to make it look decent so I guess that will all take time too.
  2. Ray LaMontagne - Can I Stay Relaxing end to the night before bed.
  3. Cheers guys. I do love this now. I feel I've taught myself more in the last day or two of using this than I did when we done it in 1st year uni. We barely skimmed over it so I was crap back then but really getting into it now and just looking at loads of tutorials on the internet now. Are there any good 3D magazines that people buy with good tutorials/examples or am I best sticking with the internet? Here's a pig I done, from a tutorial so not my own model as such, but I still done it from scratch. And I had to add the shiny surface myself for added effect!!
  4. Check my mad skills!! Spent a while this afternoon looking through some tutorials then done this. It looks astonishingly real doesn't it!
  5. Although it's animation I do at uni, I've always wanted to get into 3D modelling and that's the career I will most likely pursue when I finish uni. But I'll have a look at XSI anyway, cheers.
  6. Rossco


    Yas, Nadal through!
  7. Hey guys, some really nice pieces here. I think it was you Utero, who made the seaside landscape from a picture you've shown. Can you upload the video again as it won't work and would love to see more of the final product. Alot of the links and images in this thread are now dead too, would like to see all the work. I'm a Computer Animation student, just starting 3rd year in a few months and getting into proper meaty 3D stuff which we'd only touched on before so fancy learning it a bit again before semester starts. I think we're using both Lightwave and 3ds Max but I've downloaded the 3ds max trial and gonna give that a shot as haven't touched it before ever. So does anyone know of the best tutorials to use to get used to it? Any advice would be most helpful, thanks!
  8. Rossco


    I really don't like Federer (or his stupid fuckin cardigans). Being Scottish I feel obliged to support Murray even if he is a little boring and lacks character when interviewed etc but I like watching him play. But I also love Nadal and would love to see Nadal win it this year to get one over on Fed. And I heard if Nadal wins and Federer doesn't make the Semi's or something, he'll go #1!
  9. Played again tonight for the first time in a good few months! It was really quite enjoyable, get some munchies ready, some good music on and be prepared to sit there for a few hours of patience. Sat at a 5p/10p table with a fiver and finished with £16 after two hours or something, which was good for my first game in a while. Gonna keep playing low limits for a while to get my game back then move up again. Made alot of money last summer playing every day since I was off uni so hope to do the same again now and build a healthy bank roll up by the time uni starts again. Probably try and devote at least two hours a day to this now. Hows everyone else's game going?
  10. Hardly ever play my Wii but I'm very reluctant to get rid of it. Have barely touched Metroid Prime 3 on it which was the last game I bought for it I think. Can't even remember the last time it was turned on, a good 2 months possibly and that was only to play bowling with a friend.
  11. Yeah totally! Meant to mention that earlier. Quite good.
  12. Rossco

    The Golf Thread

    Unbelievable, one of the most exciting tournaments I've watched for years, tension never dropped once over the 91 holes! Just shows how remarkable Tiger is to win this having not played a full round of golf for 2 months and in the pain that he was. I honestly thought he was going to pull out at one point. Well done Tiger! You're my hero!
  13. Every video I've seen on this makes the controls look dodgy as the character walking about on screen just doesn't look proper. Same with the shooting mechanics, just looks wrong.
  14. Rossco

    The Golf Thread

    Yeah totally agree, no atmosphere at all, no filler to show you inbetween shots as players are walking to their balls and nothing else to talk about, like you say if it was matchplay would be a bit more exciting but thats not the answer, just make is a sudden death playoff like normal.
  15. It's probably because you'd need to install the new section of game data for each respective act to watch the cut scenes since they're done real time.
  16. Rossco

    The Golf Thread

    Well that was nervewracking!! Tiger made pretty much his only putt all day, on the 18th to force the playoff with Mediate. I was so nervous watching him play that 18th hole, god knows how he felt! Bring on the 18 hole playoff tomorrow.
  17. Rossco

    The Golf Thread

    No-one else watching this!? Another mighty fine day of golf so far, ups and downs for everyone and Tiger is back on top too. Keep it comin big man!
  18. 2 days from 365Games, although some people have had trouble with payment with them through paypal the last few days but give it a try if you really want it now!
  19. Talking about batteries, I found an extra one on the plane with the Mk.II, makes such a different to your Solid Eye!
  20. Heh, I do both. Sometimes when I'm just relaxing I will sit but if I've had a few drinks and friends are round then we'll be standing up prancing about, I imagine even more so with Rock Band if I ever play it!
  21. are a pain to avoid getting alerts. I only found 2 chaff grenades in the entire game - there must be more of these somewhere, right? DREBIN!! You don't need to find any! But yeh thats gonna be hard as nails to not get alerts, especially on Big Boss Hard. Just finished act 2. I stupidly died getting killed be the Gekko's at the end so gonna go back and do the last section again that I lucky saved before!
  22. Yeh it's really hard in the Act 2 boss battle as it start off with Not sure if it'll work though...
  23. It's possibly them being alerted by someone else! As long as Alert status doesn't come up on your screen I think you're safe! Just reached the Act 2 boss, this could be tricky without killing her.
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