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  1. And the sniper tranq is unable to be silenced at all! I've just reached the mansion in Act 2 and still no alerts, its sooo tense though crawling through that warzone, and the fact that I have all the army guys against me now, I'm not on the same side as any which makes it so much more difficult! And I'm doing it on Big Boss Hard mode, I shall save Big Boss Extreme for when I have the stealth!
  2. yeh well I'm going for no kills anyway so will have to tranq both! But gutted, just finished Act 1 with 1 kill apparently. Must have been the tank near the start that has a missile close to it for you to shoot at. I thought it was empty as it was an auto gun turret on top but must have been a dude in there! Ah well, still continuing on for the stealth! I bought the tranq sniper but it doesn't have a suppressor which is annoying!
  3. Yeh I noticed that happened, really strange to end it on pause, rather than quit or loop it again at least!
  4. sounds awesome... Coool,
  5. Cheers mate! That makes sense. Have you for both then already? What does it do? Just for coolness purposes or can you actually use it?
  6. See when your going through again for extras, for example the , you've not to kill anyone, which is fair enough, bosses you can still shoot and then finish off with the tranq gun when they are in human form but what about Gekko and the like? I guess you can kill them as they aren't people? Or can you not? Any help would be nice as I'm going for a run through now I think!
  7. I was Panther! Hard boiled soldiers who rarely died but killed untold numbers of enemies and were spotted frequently!
  8. Rossco

    The Golf Thread

    Yeh I watched the whole thing, was knackered, as I was up equally late on Friday night watching his back 9 magic too! The eagle putts and chip in were just amazing, I was lying in bed, really tired, almost falling asleep and then suddenly I'm jumping about my room cheering after the putt on the 18th! What a legend, as you say, to do this in so much pain having not played since the Masters shows just how dedicated and stunning he is. I could see him over the next few years play less and less tournaments, and just focus on the Majors. He already plays hardly any compared to the rest of the top ten in the world anyway.
  9. As Herbs says, just stay low, and take it slowly, use your Solid Eye to see where they are and take them out one by one, hiding the bodies if you need to! Also, you can use the Mk.III for reconnisance (sp?), send it out and have a look about, or even zap people with it now that I think about it, forgot you could do that!
  10. I stealthed that too, tried it a few times various ways as I thought it was nearing the end and wanted some good sneaky action in before it finished! Much more satisfying when you get past the lot of them without being seen, took them all out with the tranq gun too.
  11. Yeh, when you play through at first it's not that stealthy at times but play through for the extras a second time trying not to kill people or not to get any alerts and it will work alot better when you're trying to be more stealthy like you would in the older MGS games. Thats what I'm really looking forward to on the next few playthroughs anyway!
  12. Rossco

    The Golf Thread

    TIGER!!! Double's the first, gutted.
  13. Rossco

    The Golf Thread

    True, it was simply stunning to watch. Tiger will be leading by 2 or 3 when today is over!
  14. I've still not got my triggers that I ordered from HMV on MONDAY! And they've taken my money too!
  15. I actually didn’t buy another game for 6 months after the first one was released on the Playstation, because I played it all the way through, 3 times. 3 times!!! Holy crap! That's impressive, thats an average of 2 months per playthrough, how did you find the time for that.
  16. Same here, fired it into my phone just incase you had to remember it, didn't think they'd have the balls to make you remember it. So what happens if you dont, can you actually not continue the game? I was gonna get it wrong too to see but didn't wanna ruin the flow, so will try next play through!
  17. Rossco

    The Golf Thread

    Haha thats a cool article! Been enjoyable so far anyway. Lots of ups and downs, reckon winning score will be even par or worse at this rate! Tigers still not out of it anyway after that crazy birdie after going inches away from a tree from the tee.
  18. Doorbell goes, I run downstairs like a madman, it's only my DS3! But still, DS3 is ready and waiting for some vibratey snake action!
  19. Aye same here, thats the weird thing, I have a Bluray, a game, those triggers and DS3 all due today and no postman yet! Plus tons of letters which we usually get anyway! Bet the postmans having a great time playing my MGS4!
  20. Same here mate, still hasn't arrived, with or without MGS4!
  21. Does no-one listen to me? This site has all colour DS3's in stock, I ordered one yesterday and has been despatched already! http://www.365games.co.uk/index.php?productID=2531
  22. Got my GT Driving Force wheel working. Awesome as usual. Is this some kind of competition going on you lot are talking about? Can someone link me up?
  23. http://www.365games.co.uk/index.php?productID=2532 365 Games. I ordered one yesterday!
  24. This is taking absolutely AGES to install and now download the update. Been about 10 minutes and I'd say the bar is 15% along so at least an hour at this rate! Thats just not on. I have a 20Mb internet connection which can download about 10Gb per hour and I can't imagine the update being that big!
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