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  1. Thanks very much, his material work is astounding.
  2. Got back to tinkering about some more today with Max. Done some texturing tutorials to get used to the material editor and then this modelling/mapping one to create some building fronts from images then adding depth to window ledges, doorways, etc. Getting a bit more confident with it now but I'm still overwhelmed by it all. So many options to sift through. Mapping seems very good though, used a Sketch Vertices tool to draw out the map for the inside of the archway in the picture. Quite cool. Gotta find some more tutorials on enviroment modelling/texturing though if anyone knows any good ones for new users?
  3. Never press Tab-X in Max by mistake without realising. It took me hours to work out what I done wrong.
  4. Never actually taken a high poly model before to use it's normal map on a low poly version. Just done it there in max though and it is shit hot! The fact you can see normals in real time in the viewport is awesome too. I sorely wanted that when using Lightwave for the last few years!
  5. Nice. Is it easy to do or is there alot of fiddling about? I remember when I looked into Unreal a year or so ago it was a minefield to get anything useful out of it! Is it as easy as opening up the scene from max and shazam!?
  6. Cool I will have a look into it in a few weeks then thanks. Will check out the vid tomorrow mate, too tired now. Had a quick glance at it though and certainly looks interesting to say the least!!!! hehe
  7. Nice one capone, cheers for the link, I'll have a look there for any issues I will no doubt be having! I reckon I should be learning Zbrush or something similar too. Is that what you have used to create the normal maps for the detail in your tower? The Nintendo animation sounds interesting, don't forget to keep us posted with that. Noses look good to me mate, just as you'd expect a nose to be, they don't stand out as being shit or anything so jobs a goodun! I'm so not into character design at all though. I did not enjoy it at all at uni.
  8. Hey guys hows everyone getting on? Updates on jobs and any work everyones doing? Once again I've been held back from furthering my skills but the last few days have eventually been spent learning 3ds Max. Theres a 1800+ page tutorial PDF on the autodesk website for Max 2011 which I downloaded and it seems a great help for a noob to Autodesk software. I've got the bug again thats for sure so can't wait to get my skills back up and hopefully get a job soon! From a few days of messing around with Max it seems an amazing piece of software compared to Lightwave. There appears to be alot of automation and help from the software in creating things which has it's ups and downs. It's good because you can do things faster than normal but it seems very messy. There are so many options everywhere. Whereas when I used Lightwave, it felt such a manual program and I could just sit down and do what I wanted without distraction. We'll see how I fare with it in the long run though, I'm definitely excited about getting back into 3D as I have sorely missed it since I graduated. Edit: Those shots look nice utero! Are they created in Max or whatever then imported into UE and screenshots taken when its running realtime then?
  9. So I actually decided to go for Max, got one book to help me but are there any books in particular anyone would recommend for learning Max and doing environment work in it? Anyone used the website Aniboom? Stuck my CV etc on it last week, seems an interesting idea.
  10. Looks awesome Capwn. Have you sent away your application then now? I'm in limbo right now. Applied to most places in Scotland with no luck so probably gonna have to move elsewhere to get a job. I planned to learn Maya or Max over the summer but had a few setbacks so only managing to start properly now. What would anyone recommend as the one I should learn?
  11. Wow this thread is dead. Just an update to say I got my First Class Honours!
  12. So uni has been done a few weeks now, I've seen some preliminary marks and based on them my average is still just on track for a first class honours but one module hasnt been included and I don't expect to keep the first class when they are added. Anyway, that's hardly gonna make a difference to me getting a job as 50% of my Computer Animation degree is written work and I always get great scores for the practical stuff. Gonna be a big post here with links to all the videos and pictures of my final work from 4th year. First of all was the Special Effects class, ignore the animation of the character, not being marked on it and didn't have any spare time to tidy it up more. Really happy with the results here considering how long it took me and it was basically all self taught. Then I have Italia, my environment project which I put most of my time into. This is the one I don't think I'll get the A for to keep my average above the required as there was so much written work required for it and I lost about a month in time of work on this due to trying to get into Dare to be Digital. I am happy with the results but it could have been so much better. Started applying for jobs now. Was at a recruitment fair in Dundee last week, most of the companies I knew of were there apart from Ruffian and Rockstar. Gave them all showreels, cvs, etc and have emailed them since so just waiting for responses now.
  13. Haha that's the guy. Shit, I forgot you worked for Ruffian. Or did I even know that at all. Wanna get me a job? I finish uni next week and I'm on the look out.
  14. I've totally steered away from buying special editions. Last one I bought was the Halo 3 helmet which is still sitting here next to my TV staring at me for the last few years. Never once used any of the discs other than the normal game one, and even that was a bit pants. So yeh, normal edition for me, can't wait though looking great. I agree about the physics, I was really interested in the game back then when it was all hardcore rig needed to play etc but still looks awesome anyway.
  15. Just listened to this, it was so funny. There's one guy in it who has been in some of the dev diary videos and he's so funny. As you say, some classic quotes there.
  16. We didn't get into Dare. Absolutely gutted. Dunno what to do now apart from spending a whole summer working on portfolio stuff then applying everywhere. Really gutted.
  17. Yeah it's a pity as 4 years out of your life is a long time to waste without getting the necessary skills. Doesn't help that only 2 of those years taught 3D work in and amongst other subjects that I'm not interested in. So had I focussed entirely on 3D for 4 years, god knows where I'd be now. Anyway, 9 days until my final hand in date and there is still so so much to do! One module is done and getting handed in tomorrow so that's out the way at least but two more to finish up after that including a couple of 2000 word reports. Still haven't heard back about Dare, getting really nervous now, every day we are all checking emails constantly, jumping every time the phone goes, etc. Another work in progress shot from last week of my Italia project:
  18. Just back from our Dare to be Digital interview. Feel like it went really well. Each of the judges said we presented it really well and had very little to say against our game. So I'm quite confident that we will get through now. 30 teams out of the over 100 got interviewed and 15 of them get through. Just desperate to get in, would be amazing so really hoping we're good enough.
  19. If I had the option again, I wouldn't have went to uni as I don't feel it's been a worthwhile 4 years. I could have taught myself everything and be in amuch more advanced stage by now if I sat in my room for 4 years doing it. But that's just my course. I'm sure there are good courses that actually help you.
  20. If you haven't heard from Dare by now I would imagine you've not made it since we heard on Friday. You would have thought they'd at least let you know either way though.
  21. Cool looks good, certainly better than the stuff we were doing in 2nd year! Looks like you're getting taught some decent stuff. Although I would say, it looks like your bumpmap for the bricks is inverted as the bricks seem to curve in rather than out. I might be wrong, but it looks cool though. Got accepted for an interview for Dare to be Digital next week now. So excited and relieved! Will be AMAZING if we get in.
  22. A month without any discussion in here, whats going on guys!? Hows everyone doing, any exciting projects to share? Have so many different projects on the go right now its sickening. 4 and half weeks to go though until uni is done forever and still so much to do. Pretty much finished the modelling on my Italia project. Started texturing the other day and here are the first WIP results for one side of the piazza. Basically gotta finish texturing it, light it, animate a camera doing a 2 minute flythrough then render it. It's gonna be a time factor whether I get to add foilage, plants, bushes, etc and a fountain in the centre now. All this amongst many other projects, reports, etc. Great fun. And also some images of a camera we done as a group project for a 20 second advert. Someone else modelled it but I textured it myself. The final 20 second piece isn't finished but I could upload that once it's done. Oh also, while I am am here, I've got an essay I'm doing on HDRI environment mapping/lighting and I'm struggling to find good reference material. If anyone knows a good website/book/etc that would help I would be extremely grateful. And another thing to mention! Got our entry in for Dare to be Digital, just waiting to hear if we got an interview now, nervous times! Okay thats all for now.
  23. No Lightwave doesn't use Mental Ray. Only plugin I use for rendering is something called FPrime. It's nothing fancy like Mental Ray, I use it only because it renders faster and helps alot with workflow when setting up textures and lighting.
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