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  1. Already put like 200 hours into it on 360 mate.
  2. Weyheyyy got my PS3 today. Still waiting on GT5 to turn up though so I'm playing MGS1 again but the analog stick doesn't work for this! OH GOT IT!! I pressed that PS button in the middle and found the settings to change it, this is all very new to me!
  3. Game.net says 10/06/2008 07:59:26 Your order is currently being picked and packed. And I believe the money has been charged too!
  4. Interesting, I will deffo download the EG demo then and see how it fares for me now.
  5. Rossco

    The Golf Thread

    SO excited for this, gonna be an epic tournament this time I reckon. And as you say the course is apparently gonna be hard as nails by what everyone is saying. Considering Tiger hasn't played since Masters, I still think he'll do it. (I'm a Tiger fanboy too, always have been, always will be, he is a LEGEND.)
  6. I wasn't gonna get Haze anyway, looks mince! I'll pass on EG though, was never a fan of that, liked Tiger Woods efforts instead.
  7. TRIGGERS GET!! Ordered from HMV, cheers! Any other valuable information needed as a new PS3 owner?
  8. I seen them the other day, are the worth it? My PS3 is being delivered tomorrow and I guess it might feel a bit weird going back to a triggerless controller after the 360. How much are they?
  9. Will this work with the old Logitech GT3 wheel? I was planning on selling it but may just keep it for this if it's any better than controller!
  10. And how they actually seem to hold conversations with each other as you walk by. And not just random comments from single people talking to the themselves! Oh, one thing I thinks brilliant is the guy who stands outside the Bohan safehouse preaching and shouting general nonsense, it's classic!
  11. Had a really cool moment the other night playing this. Was crossing the toll bridge up towards Bohan and as I sometimes do, was driving properly at reasonable speeds with attention to other traffic, not driving into cop cars, etc etc. So I came up to the toll and a police car was stopped in front of me there, I waited a few seconds and he still wasn't moving forward, so I thought to myself "oh I'll just beep the horn as that's what I'd do in real life! " and as soon as I done it, the car started moving the the police man driving raised his hand in an apologetic manner just like you would do when driving a car yourself. It was genius, and just shows the effort put into the game when you see wee things like this, especially after putting 40 hours into the game and you see this one 5 second thing happen, just puts a smile on your face.
  12. Love that Simmy, nice one!
  13. Rossco


    I have 500 too but it could still be true. I could have got the orb before it disappeared as I hadn't triggered the boss yet! But its probably just a myth yeh!
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