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  1. Seen this yesterday, thought it was fantastic. Girlfriend was crying away at it and if I was on my own watching it, I wouldn't have held back the tears either but I had to appear slightly masculine I thought. I'm a big Will Smith fan so I don't understand the criticism he gets so for me this is a solid film. Really enjoyable.
  2. Rossco


    Watched Murray's match this morning. So gutted that he's out. Just didn't look right at all. I would hardly say Verdasco was impressive, but he did deserve to win! Murray was way too defensive and passive for most of the match, especially the latter half of the 5th set, when he should have been giving it his all. He seemed to just wait for Verdasco to mess up, but it didn't happen. Also, the WHOLE match, he was wiping and touching a couple of large spots around his mouth. It was putting me off, so must have been bothering him a bit mentally too no? Still loads of action left here anyway. Nadal is looking fierce, can he and Federer meet in the final?
  3. As usual, Superbowl is the night before the new uni semester for me! I'll be missing first class then! Didn't get round to watching alot of NFL this season at all, I loved it last season with the Patriots, was amazing to watch, Tom Brady was god. Hope he's back next season, anyone know anything about that?
  4. WHAT A JOKE! I absolutely loved the Descent. I really thought they nailed it, was very scary and jumpy. The closest you ever really seen of them too was the night vision camcorder footage as the girl watches on in terror. Showing full on up close shots like this just takes away the fear factor. Plus the monsters look shit anyway.
  5. Hehe thats how I feel too! And I couldn't care less that loads of people will hate it.
  6. We all used the DLC M3 for the first weeks challenge.
  7. Rossco UK : RUF : 1.05.87 : (MT) God I suck at the faster cars. Felt like I was on the dodgems there. Every lap I do I'm bouncing off the walls like crazy! RUF is a slidy bastard!
  8. Rossco

    PGR 4

    I like having that one on though, I can cope with one as it helps you see where you are going wrong alot of the time.
  9. Got the wireless one too and think it's awesome. Never had any problems with it, and sound quality seems better.
  10. A whole 1.2 seconds from 1st to 2nd! SSBJ is nuts!!! I didn't have time this week, will try more this time round. And I may make up a wee leaderboard now with points for the top 8 or something F1 style and keep it going for every week?
  11. Rossco

    Bad Beats

    Wow now I know why I stopped playing this low stakes poker online months ago. Was sitting in a 10p/20p table with around £15 chips having put a fiver in and worked it up playing some small games over the last week. Dealt AA, someone goes all in. Obviously I call all in too. He shows JJ. Flop comes xxA. Then J on the turn and J on the river. Absolutely furious. I hate this game, I seriously have no luck anymore at all, losing so many hands like that really gets tedious. I used to enjoy playing this too.
  12. What are you lot talking about left or right? I get it now. I dunno why I didn't know before. Always left. Right is too tricky!
  13. That looks class utero. Really like it. As does that shot Asura, I think the detail on the model is just brilliant!
  14. Rossco : Impeza 22B STi : 1:36:01: (AT) Can't put together anywhere near a perfect lap, I was 0.72 up on my ghost time there at the last split and keep fucking it up!
  15. Rossco : Impeza 22B STi : 1:36:86: (AT) All I can manage right now, done like 20 laps in a row and couldn't beat 1.38. Was racing so shit but eventually pulled a few decent ones out to get this. I still can't get used to the snow yet or the correct braking zones. I keep braking too early for almost every corner. What you guys talking about lefty or righty?
  16. Rossco

    PGR 4

    How is it snobbish? That doesn't even make sense mate.
  17. Rossco

    PGR 4

    Yeh this game doesn't work with the wheel. I've tried it a few times now and it's definitely more suited to the pad. Forza is the game for the wheel.
  18. Sweeeeeet, I didn't even know it was TWO movies! I'm so excited! That's at least 4 hours of Hobbit action. Hopefully nearer 6 with extended cuts like LoTR!
  19. Yeah same here, I absolutely adored the book so really really hope the film does it justice.
  20. Quick restart wouldn't be too useful anyway as the speed you start at on the first rolling start lap is a good bit slower than the speed you'd be crossing the line at on a proper hot lap. I find when I'm on a roll anyway, I'll knock out 4 or 5 near perfect laps in a row with times on fractions of a second off each other so like to just keep going through the lap anyway even if I messed it up to keep the racing momentum. Can't wait to try the next weeks course anyway.
  21. Lambo is SHIT! Such a small turning circle, handles like a dog, and doesn't seem that much faster than the M3. I tried a few laps with it and turned it off cause I actually thought the car was rubbish. Steve, you can turn Ghost cars off by the way if they are annoying you. Just go to the Ghost options on the TT setup screen, I always turn them off and only have the ghost for the current session on.
  22. I thought we had a new episode tonight!
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