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  1. I want snowwwww!!! I big wide open circuit with lots of flowing curves in the snow will be sweet.
  2. Me too, I tried some laps there but I'm too tired today. It's all just a blur!
  3. No last minute surges up the leaderboard from anyone then? Everyone given up? I might stick this on for a few hours and see if I can possibly get anywhere near 1st place!
  4. Yeh I'm quite handy in Photoshop but nowhere near as proficient as I'd like to be. Lots to learn! Good point about looking at real life materials though. It's the best reference and help you have and it's all around you!! Hows the fountain going now?
  5. 1038 seconds to complete. I will never get those precious seconds of my life back!
  6. Rossco

    PGR 4

    Oh cool didn't realise there was more game stuff with it too!! Like achievements and challenges, thats cool. I haven't even tried bikes in this game yet, not much of a fan of bike games.
  7. Rossco

    PGR 4

    You need 110,000 kudos for it!
  8. Yeh out of all the cars I've tried the M3 is definitely the best! So whats peoples thought on doing a wee league for this then keeping track of points for every week? Would make things a bit more interesting I think and keep people coming back. And if you don't want the job Boozy I'll put a wee spreadsheet together to keep tally since you're doing this yourself already. Won't get another chance on this til Sunday evening but wanna try again to improve the time! I know I have it in me!!
  9. Rossco

    PGR 4

    I love this game! I'm so glad I've got into it eventually. It's such a gem! In car view in this game is just fantastic. Lack of that from Forza 2 is probably what made me never play the game. Just didn't feel the same. I love how with the in-car view, your vision is impaired half the time when trying to hit the apexes of corners by the car itself so you have to just know the track and use the force to guide you there! Awesome feeling!
  10. Back up to 4th! Rossco UK : RUF RK Coupe : 1:02.51 : (MT) Tried the chase cam, fucked me up. I hit the inside corner at the first turn 8 laps in a row. Switched the inside view again and set that new record straight away. Think I'll buy the M3 though, Punching above my weight with the RUF as no-one else in the top 8 is using it for their top times! EDIT 1: Arghhhhh I can't stop playing this. Rossco UK : M3 E30 : 1:02.00 : (AT) Switched to Auto there too, keep flicking back and forward between it. When I'm just playing the game normally I'll always do manual but for stuff like this, I can't help but flick back to Auto sometimes to see if it makes a difference. Sometimes it helps on some corners. EDIT 2: Another 10 or so laps get me this: Rossco UK : M3 E30 : 1:01.52 : (AT) In about 2 hours play I knocked off almost 1.5 seconds! Thanks to the M3 of course! Think that makes me 2nd now! Then another huge gap to get to 1st.
  11. Rossco

    PGR 4

    PGR2 was the sex. I wonder if I still have it. Would love a shot on it again for old times sake!
  12. I thought most people who were awesome at racing games used in-car or bumper at least. I used to use chase but felt I got better when changing to inside. Might try it again to see if I can improve. Sense of speed is completely lost with chase cam though, It's more fun to use in-car definitely!
  13. Rossco

    PGR 4

    Why wouldn't Bizarre be doing it? They down the drain or something? I would love it if they brought back Edinburgh and the radio stations they had in PGR2. They were like proper stations from areas weren't they with the actual DJs talking etc? I think Edinburgh had the Q96 station? I could be talking crap though.
  14. Wow lots of action here since yesterday! I'm loving this, even if I know I won't win and SSBJ will win every round it's still good fun. The more people the better though obviously! We should maybe start some kind of league? Top 8 places get points accordingly F1 style or something? Out of interest, SSBJ, I take it you use MT, in car view and the controller? Like to know what settings people are on etc!
  15. Rossco UK : RUF RK Coupe : 1:02.96 : (MT) WOW! I love that car. Just smashed like 0.7seconds off my last time. So good. I done 3 laps and got that time there too, switched back to manual also. I don't normally have the music on in this game, turned the music down to like 2 and effects to 10 just to hear the engines but I faintly heard the Ride of the Valkyries so turned it up full blast and was hammering round with that song going, really hyped me up for it!! After another half hour of trying I still can't better it. I hit the wall on the second turn in this run so can get about 0.2 up on my ghost time usually, then maintain it through to the second sector easily enough, then the left hairpin you do at high speed after the chicane, I messed that up and lost traction after the turn so can make up another 0.1 or 0.2 there but I keep messing up the 3 90 degrees corners at the end. Just not comfortable to get a good line through it yet! There a 1.01 in me if I nail every sector to my best times, I just can't put it together!
  16. Ah right cool. Alot of the mapping techniques is where I next want to improve. There's just so much to learn to be good at it to make a pretty plain model look awesome in the end. Yeah I reckon I'll stick with LW now for this uni year anyway, and maybe learn Max properly over the summer break. That way, I'll be competent in both which is always a bonus as you say.
  17. Madness!!! I'm going RUF now then! I think I got all I can out of the Rocket and F355 without literally spending 10 hours in a row doing laps until I eventually get one perfect. If I can't get anything more with the RUF, I'll go buy the DLC for the M3! So are we doing some kinda top 4 shootout at the end? Would be quite good, if I made the top 4 that is!
  18. Rossco UK : Ferrari F355 F1 GTS : 1.03.64 : (AT) Stuck it on automatic and done a wee bit better, I'm fucking up the last section though, one run I was 0.64 ahead of my ghost and bottled it, lost the lead I had!
  19. Yeh we're kinda lucky with year as the module is split into two as such. First semester is the planning and research of it all and second and actually implementing it. As normally most people would just jump into modelling as you say so it's good they are making you plan it all. So I've got lots of sketches, concept ideas, reference images, writing etc for it all which is great foundation. Now I've been using Lightwave this whole time, but it doesn't seem to get mentioned alot when I've been researching game engines etc so I'm not sure if I should switch to something else now or just stick with Lightwave as I'm getting fairly comfortable with it now. Haven't even looked yet to see if it can be exported into UEd readable formats! You got the fountain textured yet then or still working on it?
  20. And sometimes if can launch you a bit too much and totally put you off. So yeh it evens out in the end.
  21. What do you mean? Like a la GT5 where you go over the line too much they penilise you? Too hard to bother about that, if you go over you go over. Interesting how only 3 of us use MT. I thought most people would be doing that! I might try a few laps on AT and see if I can do better then!
  22. Uchh Just seen your post scratch, I don't even move up any places now after that!
  23. Rossco UK : Ferrari F355 F1 GTS : 1.03.85 : (MT) Knocked off 0.37 seconds in that stint there. There's a definite 0.5 I can make up in the first sector that I know I'm capable of. The last sector is a tricky bastard though with those 90 degree turns at the end so I can't find a definite strategy for them yet.
  24. Rossco : Rocket : 1.04.22: (MT) I don't have the M3, need to unlock it I guess?`
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