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  1. This article on the BBC makes some interesting observations. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44808192
  2. Strange. I think the forum has resized it. Link below which is clearer http://content.invisioncic.com/Mrangmedia/monthly_2018_05/CuOddNn.jpg.7892cf0d926709908674b053d2ccf9e0.jpg
  3. Not related to the worldcup but i came across this on a forum when reading about the latest SPFL charimen apparently failing to raise a conflict of interest. Rangers fans are going mad, which is expected, had the shoe been on the other foot Celtic fans would habe done the same. However.... just take a look at this. A clear celtic conspiracy!!!
  4. Anyone abput for some fortnite later? About 9ish?
  5. Werent we playing this on Monday night? I can't remember... ive been a bit ill last few days bit im back and ready for bush.
  6. Cunt, I taught you everything you know about bushing. I shared my own bush with you, heartless bastard.
  7. Most likey around 9pm for a couple of hours.
  8. @sjvinnie "there was a guy right on my bush, so i had to shoot him"
  9. Bit later as the wee one has been diagnosed with chicken pox
  10. We did not bad considering.... Ill br about from about 8ish for few hours either this or destiny.
  11. Me too. Got my first angry psn message on crucible last night because of it. It said "Fckin noob get aim" So i just hunted him down in the last two rounds with sweet sweet business always roaring.
  12. Ive been playing this a fair amount solo. Managed my first solo win the other night. Its really quite good. The combat shotguns are the the main thing to have equipped early on as most encounters are up close and personal. Would be good to get a sqaud of 4 from here on ps4. Tired of gathering decent equipment, meeting up with team mates and then getting shotgunned in the back as they tea bag and dance over my haul. Cunts
  13. Wait so you can disappear for a week without so much as a word? Hurts man... Monday's arent the best for me i might be about so if you're struggling for a person ping me an invite. Otherwise happy to let someone else break their raid cherry with a group of raid virgins.
  14. Played this last night after @Baring suggested it. Wasn't really sure what is was but it got its hooks in me. Managed a 2nd place once. Couple of times felt like the opening sequence of 28 days later when you hit a town and start searching the top floors looking for loot. Gun shots ring out, squad mate downed, other squad mate gets downed trying to revive. They start telling me where the bad guys are, hoping for a revive....So I bust out the pick axe, smash a hole in the wall and run into the distance So yeah if anyone fancies squading up tonight on ps4 let me know.
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