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  1. One of the best feelings is when your team score and everyone around you, in unison leaps up in elation and you hear the instant roar of the crowd. VAR is removing that and it's shit. It's taking the best part of attending a game away. If you're paying upwards of £50 to watch a game, people are going to start reconsidering if they want to do that 20+ times a season.
  2. The game has been moved to a Monday night because of Sky. 23rd March at 7.45. I expect a lot of people won't be able to go because of other commitments. All day drinking and a very dark park - I expect Devon and Cornwall Police won't be happy.
  3. Seven Psychopaths The first hour was great and the plot is interesting, cast excellent and the script is witty but then the film just falls apart near the end. I genuinely didn't understand it. It was a Tarrantino film by someone else. 3/5 A Silent Voice Anime. Quite a serious subject matter but it's not handled very well. Maybe it's cultural but bullying seems to be condoned in it. Some of the animation was shonky too. 3/5
  4. On balance, we were lucky. Crewe should have been awarded a penalty. The conditions were atrocious though and although both sides tried to play, it was a lottery. It was quite even in terms of chances. The linesmen and ref were rubbish. Crewe should've had a red card. The linesman on my side missed the ball going out of play repeatedly and his interpretation of the offside rule was interesting. The Crewe manager wasn't happy but then, neither was anyone else. I thought Crewe were good going forward but defensively poor. Having said that, the wind was terrible.
  5. Miss of the season at 50 secs. Our equaliser before that was superb considering the conditions.
  6. We've got Macclesfield on Tuesday. A lot of our fans have it as a banker. I disagree. @El Pibe a six point Devon derby coming soon.
  7. Lucky today. Crewe missed an open goal the guy was celebrating as he shanked it wide. 2-1 in a hurricane. The wind was horrendous and in row T, I got wet.
  8. I used to stand near the dug outs at Plymouth Argyle in the 90s. Neil Warnock was our manager for a period. This was pre-4th official. There wasn't anything he wouldn't say to the lino or ref. It was tactical. It had to be as even the fans nearby would tell him he was wrong. He'd often turn around and shout at us too. Bournemouth wouldn't have 'cared' if they'd have won. It's literally a case of win at all costs.
  9. Our winner last night was some goal. Attendance was 2297 at Salford. 1005 Argyle fans.
  10. Wycombe are wobbly (but safe) but I think Peterborough are capable of automatic promotion from League 1 and Rotherham are a yo-yo club so Portsmouth, Ipswich and Coventry might end up in the play offs with Wycombe, Sunderland, Fleetwood or Doncaster. Nobody wants to play Wycombe twice in a week! Hopefully, they're done. League 1 is tight though. Stevenage looked doomed. Morecambe have crept away under Derek Adams but Macclesfield might end up with a points deduction. It's getting exciting in the lower leagues.
  11. All of the top four in League 2 win. Crewe with a 90th minute winner, us with a 92nd minute winner. Exeter thumping ten man Oldham and Swindon win at Northampton. There's a gap developing now between 4th and 5th. Us Vs Crewe on Saturday is a big game.
  12. For The Good times by David Keenan. Wow, just wow. The basic premise is a group of friends who join the IRA. It's not written in the vernacular like Trainspotting or Huckleberry Finn but it's similar in style and the phrasing for a non-Irish person is a bit difficult to grasp but once it does, it flows beautifully. It's brutal as hell with a narrative voice that's really unique and distinctive. I'd recommend it. I am planning on a book a month and 2/3rds the way through already for this, my February book. This could be my book of the year.
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