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  1. Wycombe It'll be ridiculously tough for Fleetwood to turn that around. I can see Wycombe basically suffocating that second leg with stoppages and time wasting and their physio will have a very busy day. I actually hope Wycombe go up as we won't have to play them next season.
  2. Frozen 2 is on Disney+ I have the UHD. It's phenomenal to look at.
  3. League 1 play offs. Northampton were play off contenders from average points per game. Can Wycombe emulate them? We have Oxford and Pompey fans here so my allegiance is with you but will it be a repeat with Wycombe?
  4. So is this a Saturday release? It looks like it is as the 4th September is a Saturday. I thought it was the 9th - a week today, a Thursday?
  5. VFW I really thought it was stupid, rushed in places, clichéd and verging on pornographic with the gory violence. It's one of those films that will probably have a cult following. Not for me. I didn't get the point of it. What was it trying to say? 2/5
  6. neoELITE

    The Boxing Thread

    I can't believe the ref started a count at the end. Ridiculous. Bute's corner had to enter the ring. Froch's hooks were phenomenal. He threw them like jabs. The beef with Calzaghe, I think is just click bait nonsense as we live in a click bait era.
  7. neoELITE


    I didn't realise Matt Macey was on the bench for you the other day. We had him on loan two seasons ago. He helped us get relegated from League 1. He was dire. He's one of the worst keepers we've ever had play for us.
  8. I used to listen to this every Sunday. Barry's quite funny. It's a way to mention obscure 80s and 90s footballers with interesting names like Nigel Spackman and Pat Van Den Houwe.
  9. Oof. I expect you're glad you didn't go. League 2 again. Sorry to see that scoreline.
  10. I think that's game over. The stats are completely against Exeter. I'm not watching it but it looks very one sided.
  11. neoELITE

    Perfect Albums

    Bjork's Post. Every single track is perfect. I'm mostly into heavy music but there's just something incredible about Bjork's music. Even the b-sides from singles that came from that album are amazing. Radiohead's The Bends. Just breathtaking and awesome from start to finish. There's loads of metal albums I can think of but I'd have to pick Anthrax's Sound of White Noise. It's John Bush's first album with Anthrax and it's a complete banger. Lyrically dark and mature and just a powerful record.
  12. Almost time @El Pibe - the first Wembley play off final with no fans. That's going to be a big echo chamber. I can't imagine what an empty Wembley is like. Surreal. Good luck.
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