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  1. During this season in England, it was similar for quite a few games. We had drinks breaks though. I'm not sure why they aren't doing that in Qatar.
  2. FA Cup 2nd round. Wrexham should get to the 3rd round today. Disney+ will be hoping for a home tie against Man City.
  3. At least I'm consistent. I spit on their Saudi shadows.
  4. It's like Saudi Arabia Liverpool 0 - Plymouth Argyle 0.
  5. Mount is fucking useless. Take him off. Take Saka off too and also,.... Can we do 9 subs?
  6. They play for Champions League sides, I know. If Sheffield United moved to Romania, so would they. It's unacceptable so far. Far too much in our own half.
  7. A Harry akane shot blocked. That's it.
  8. England playing boring football. Stones to Maguire etc. It's fucking awful. Pickford catches a ball with seven opposition players in our half.... rolls it out to Maguire. The opposition are Championship standard at best. We're shit playing at this slow tempo.
  9. Would the Billy Bragg of the Premier League resign over it considering his views on Newcastle and human rights issues or would he take the money so he could challenge Man City who he can't compete with due to Saudi money? I think if this happens, Liverpool fans will be outraged but the Liverpool fans in Thailand and Dorset will be delighted.
  10. Deserved. That Joe Allen clearance was utterly pathetic.
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