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  1. Losing away at Morecambe. That's not wise is it?
  2. A bit of a shocker at Bolton. Club captain Antoni Sarcevic leaves on a free to Stockport County. That's a hell of a player Stockport have signed.
  3. It just proves that you can't be promoted and be a sustainable club in the Premier League. There are odd exceptions, maybe Burnley, but it's rare. 7-0
  4. I look at clubs like Southend United and often thank my lucky stars that the season after admin when we were using loanees and kids and just about survived League 2, we didn't go down into the National League. John Sheridan gets a lot of flack from our supporters but what he did was actually miraculous keeping us in the league. It took a long time to get promoted out of League 2 but the club I support is now really in a healthy place and just keeps improving both on and off the field. We had 14,000 in on Tuesday to see the game against Bolton. I think, if we'd had a Tuesday night fixture at home to someone like Solihull Moors, it would be around 3,000. I'd still go as it's more a social event for me but it wouldn't have been nice so I'm really empathetic with fans of former 'bigger' clubs. I even have sympathy for Sunderland and Portsmouth fans being stuck in League 1 (not Ipswich or Sheffield Wednesday though as they're still in the 'disbelief' stage of grief).
  5. I think there's a rule that a game abandoned after 70 minutes, the result remains and you have to play the remaining minutes at another time. It only started to get bad on 85 minutes so I think the ref took pity on Bolton and just allowed it to finish. They'd have had another mid week trip to Plymouth to play 5 minutes.
  6. Our 3rd goal was quite amusing this evening. Walking home wasn't. The rain is something else tonight. The celebration is class.
  7. We beat Bolton 3-0 in ridiculous conditions. The last ten minutes were becoming farcical. Our 3rd goal was hilarious and the celebration was fantastic. I got home utterly drenched. There's flooding everywhere and the pathway out of the park where our ground is was a river. We're 13 games unbeaten now. Our 3rd goal.
  8. That score line is ridiculous.
  9. Oh dear! Charlton lose, Bolton lose, Portsmouth lose, Ipswich can only draw. There's one massive club at the top of League 1. Green Army! A cracking 1-3 at Oxford. We're home on Tuesday to Bolton. We're unbeaten now in 12 games.
  10. Many victims are alive. It's pretty offensive in my view and I'm very broad minded.
  11. Ronaldo scored another hat trick. It was against Luxembourg but he played 90 minutes yet again. That's his tenth hat trick for Portugal. It's ridiculous just looking at those stats.
  12. I don't condone that either. I'm commenting on something that happened in the last hour.
  13. Police statement explained it as a racist offence against a steward. The FA should have banned away supporters.
  14. Those Hungarian fans are a bunch of cunts aren't they.
  15. Obviously, without men around to explain things to women, the entire World turns to shit within hours I like the science woman, she was great.
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