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  1. An easy 0-2 away win at Swindon. They looked really poor and it's no surprise they're in the bottom four. We should've scored more than two. Brett Pitman is really overweight. When he came on for Swindon, I did chuckle. Accrington at home on Saturday is a real test but half way through and we're mid table. Panutche Camara for us was immense. He's got a very bright future. This thread is fizzling out a bit.
  2. I did a Tom Hardy double bill yesterday. Both available on Amazon Prime. Bronson I think it's a magnificent film. Hardy is fabulous in this and completely believable. The prisons define squalor and the bleak, horrific conditions are truly saddening but in reality, would you want Charlie Bronson walking the streets? I love this film 5/5 Legend Hardy plays both the Kray twins. It's a mesmerising performance and a really enjoyable film; the whole cast are great but Tom Hardy carries the entire film from start to end 4/5
  3. He's my favourite character in all the films he appears in. I can't wait for this.
  4. Mosul - Netflix A decent enough film about a group of soldiers in Iraq fighting ISIS. The twist at the end doesn't really work and seems a bit clichéd but apparently, it's based upon real events. It's grim and bleak and the cast are fantastic. 4/5
  5. We lost 2-1 away at Sheffield United. We didn't look out of place. As a League 1 side, I thought we'd be hammered. We missed a chance to go 1 up in the first half and we looked like Barcelona doing that. It was such a shame it didn't go in as it would've been the goal of the round.
  6. https://streamable.com/aiddo1 Our winner wasn't bad. Just been on the Sunderland forum. Jesus. What a shower of miserable arseholes.
  7. A 1-2 away win at Sunderland. Our first League win away from home. Going 1-0 up by half time was a worry but we weathered the equaliser and went back in front. At last, a second half we didn't lose. Our record of being dreadful after 45 minutes is illustrated below Second half
  8. Spree - Netflix That bloke from Stranger Things is an Uber driver who kills loads of people. In parts 4/5, other parts 1/5. A really weird mess.
  9. Wayne Rooney was a brilliant player. He could have played in midfield for Derby instead of retiring. He got injured in that tournament when he was setting it on fire as a 14 year old.
  10. After watching, I'm not happy with a point. The Crewe keeper had a great 90 mins today. We were so good in the first half but did little in the second apart from force a few saves. A stupid red for two yellows from Camara compounded the frustration. Crewe were OK when they weren't arguing with each other.
  11. Crewe today at home. I'll be OK with a point. We totally fluked a win against them last season. Tuesday is Sunderland away. I bet the players are looking forward to that one.
  12. Do you have a big nose by any chance? We got Sheffield United away. We can't defend crosses or corners. We're toast. At least we avoided Wycombe.
  13. So Plymouth Argyle are ball number 1 today. 1st place! Given the fact there can be no fans allowed to watch anywhere in the country and even if they could under the old Tier 2 system, it would be vastly reduced, I don't want to draw anyone remotely above us in the pyramid. I'd love to get Chorley at home. Our most famous player Paul Mariner started his career at Chorley so it's written in the stars that we'll draw Liverpool or Man City away. For non-Premier League sides, I would expect all of the teams to want to progress as far as possible for the prize money and the TV
  14. It missed. I'd say he had his angles spot on
  15. Leeds just cost me £90 on an accumulator. Dicks. Can't take it away from Crawley though. They nullified Leeds completely.
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