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  1. Almost, almost got 3 points. That's the 3rd game in a row against Portsmouth that has ended 2-2. I was surprised how direct Portsmouth are and in the first half they tried very hard to kick our midfielder Camara off the pitch and get our players booked. Some of it was farcical. A great game but gutted to concede in the 95th minute. That last 5 minutes was an onslaught by Portsmouth but we didn't help by making silly substitutions. Both our goals were excellent. Two one on ones from Ryan Hardie. Either side could've won that. We have two home games coming up. We're looking good. We were top for 15 minutes.
  2. League 1 is tight. We've not conceded in three games. Our defence was completely changed from last season where we let in 80+ goals. We've only lost one and that was the opener away at Rotherham. I don't think we're automatic promotion contenders but we're playing well. I think we'll fizzle out as our squad isn't deep but who knows. It seems most League 1 clubs have thin squads apart from Ipswich, Sunderland and Bolton who all spent fairly big in the Summer. Looking forward to tonight's iFollow stream.
  3. I haven't looked at the league table for League 1 in a while. If we beat Portsmouth tonight, we go top. How did that happen?
  4. I'm happy with winning but @Coltrane Portsmouth cost me £173 by not beating Cambridge. A £2 accumulator ruined by Pompey. See you on Tuesday.
  5. No. These games don't usually appeal to me really which is stupid as I loved the game with Abe on the PS1. I think Unravel put me off.
  6. I downloaded Limbo. Never played it before and was only vaguely aware of it. It's brilliant. That first bear trap was brutal and who are these people trying to murder me and where am I? No intro at all... which was amazing to realise. Lumines too is one I've never played. I just started that and it's clicked in my brain how to play it after a few goes.
  7. Our first console/computer was a Phillips G7000 but my interest in games technology blossomed with the rubber key 48k. It's design really hasn't aged that much. A design classic. The man is a legend. RIP.
  8. Liverpool are Spursing this right up. 10 corners and 14 shots in 25 minutes and they went 1-0 up. AC Milan looked awful and Liverpool looked like they were going to run riot. Salah had a penalty saved. Half time, Liverpool 1 AC Milan 2 How did that happen?
  9. We beat Wednesday 3-0 yesterday and it was easy for most of the 90 minutes. A decent crowd of almost 14,000 including about 1,700 away fans. Great weather, a great atmosphere and a perfect result for us. Our new back 3 are excellent. They're defenders and they defend. Last season we had a torrid record of conceding 80+ goals. Our midfield dominated a poor Wednesday side who looked overawed. I expected a tough game. It wasn't tough at all. I met some Owl fans in the social club after and they were a bit deluded. Apparently, it was our cup final as the home fans stayed after the final whistle to applaud the team. Erm..... we do that when we win and put in a performance like that regardless of who we play. Sheffield United won 6-2. They were rather upset about that. A thoroughly deserved win. I thought we really clicked yesterday. Proper tasty!
  10. Yeah. He did it repeatedly too. If you did that to someone in the street in front of a police man, you'd actually be arrested for assault. It's fine to do that in an International Football match apparently. This goes on, it's gamesmanship but it usually happens when the officials aren't two feet away from the incident with a clear view of what's happening.
  11. The England game Vs Poland. How is this not a red card? Right in front of the referee. Pinching Walker's skin. Walker did very well not to react to that physically.
  12. Ho ho ho. It's as much about the protagonist being unable to escape poverty as it is their inability to escape the house.
  13. My favourite horror writer has a film based upon one of his novels coming out November 29th. The novel is set in Birmingham, this is a Mexican woman moving to America. I'm disappointed in that and the trailer doesn't really show the two horrible characters that were absolutely central to the novel but.... it might be good. Adam Nevill wrote The Ritual that was released a couple of years ago.
  14. He was pinching the skin on his neck. That's just an attempt to get Walker to swing at him.
  15. If we play Hungary again, field an all black team and annihilate them. It makes me so angry. There will be the tired two sides arguments today about taking a knee and free speech. These people are just awful cunts. There is one side.
  16. You don't do this after your fans have thrown stuff onto the pitch, made monkey noises or booed your peers at a football match.
  17. Sean Dyche has signed a player. £15m Maxwell Cornet. I think Maxwell will be disappointed when he finds out he'll be playing for Burnley rather than Umbro FC.
  18. It's actually OK to acknowledge that other countries are more racist in general than ours. They are. The UK has an obvious problem with racism but there are places where it's worse, more overt and tolerated. It's deplorable in our country but we've seen this in Bulgaria and now Hungary and it's OK to condemn it without feeling you need to almost apologise for pointing out that a lot of European countries have a massive problem too and sometimes it is worse. To state that Hungary has an issue with racism is just stating a fact. I'm glad England beat them because of this. FIFA should fine the fuck out of the Hungarian FA. The booing of the knee happens at our ground but it's usually drowned out by applause.
  19. Ronaldo is incredible. You can't deny he's the most consistent player to have ever played the game. I've been lucky enough to watch all the modern great players (since the early 80s) but he's simply the best. That record is just ridiculous. He never seems to miss a game either.
  20. I forgot we even played yesterday. We lost 0-2 away at Newport and fielded a 15 year old centre forward. It's an atrocious competition and it just needs to disappear. Some attendances are under 200. There's a chance of going to Wembley to see your team in a final I suppose but..... who wants it? Fans don't seem to care, managers hate it and it's just pointless. Well done to Sutton though.
  21. Annihilation Netflix Just so boring. I turned it off after an hour. The premise was interesting and the mainly female cast should have been interesting but I was disinterested. 1/5
  22. Bad Day for The Cut Netlix. An Irish farmer seeks revenge after his elderly mother is murdered. It's quite a tight story, believable cast and brutal. In one scene, an electric iron is used in a way that would probably make you cross your legs. The bad guys all deserve it, especially the little bald bloke. 3/5
  23. This is great but the cut scenes! Good grief there's a lot of them. Love the art style. It reminds me of the film Box Trolls. Game pass is a fantastic thing to have.
  24. It's a real shame Liverpool weren't allowed to win. I can't wait to see Ronaldo. Pogba. Sean Dyche. FOOTBALL BET IN PLAY
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