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  1. 5 minutes ago, K said:

    Lalo is looking uncannily like Matt Berry this series. 





    So we have one more before the break. It's going to end on a massive cliffhanger; either Lalo or Kim. 

    As this is Better Call Saul, it has to be Kim's story. I don't expect the Lalo narrative to be tied up until the end of the series. 

  2. 58 minutes ago, bradigor said:


    I couldn't care less how someone supports a team. I just like having fun. I am no better not worse than a fan from India, nor that person who lives in the first house on Edith Rd. 


    I am from Essex, my partner Scunthorpe, my son Liverpool and my daughter Essex. The one who cares least about football? My locally born and conceived son. My Essex born daughter though, she loves the game and is adamant she will play Liverpool and had in her mind an agreement from Matt Beard (he did say he'll sign her in 10 years :lol:) 


    it's the fans who are gatekeepers that are the absolute worst (outside of the obvious zealots of course) 





    For all that reasonable stuff.... nope.


    Through thick and thin, everyone who loves football, they should support the team local to them. Regarless.


    It's fantastic to be a community. I even went to watch Bristol Rovers for a year. 

  3. 5 minutes ago, bradigor said:

    Nah never seen him around the county. So who knows eh.


    Do you not remember when Man Utd won everything and Liverpool fans were claiming that the whole of Old Trafford lived in Essex? 


    That's my point. Mr Dizogg is about as Scouse as Jellied Eels.


    Plastic fans are the absolute worst.

  4. 1 minute ago, bradigor said:


    I know at least 4 regular match goers who failed to get tickets for the FA Cup and European Cup finals despite being pretty much guaranteed home tickets for all games. So not sure what snide point you are trying to make. 


    I reckon Mr Dizogg is likely to be from the Far East* rather than a Scouser.


    It's fairly similar to people claiming that all Man Utd fans live elsewhere. 




  5. 54 minutes ago, dizogg said:

    That really stings considering I was a 1 year old when that happened and I literally watched Liverpool win the FA Cup yesterday at Wembley. Well done.


    I watched the 88 final in my friends garden on a 14" telly. He had a full Liverpool kit on. I laughed. 


    I bet you weren't at Wembley though. Possibly a Wetherspoons or you were at home in your Kenny Daglish patterned Jim jams.

  6. 1 hour ago, dizogg said:

    It surprises me that the record is this low, I mean it’s a lot of cards but it’s less than 3 per game on average. I guess Wimbledon in their day were reffed differently.


    They were reffed differently in 1988. Honest refs back then. 


    #crazygang #LiverpoolRap

  7. 6 hours ago, filecore said:



    Very swanky.😎 We got told to keep last year's cards, which will updated for the new season. Reuse the plastic etc. 🙂  

    We've got a new manager as of today. Mark Kennedy.  The Stone Island of Michael Appleton out, Kennedy's Monclur in! 👌



    I suggested the same thing to someone at the club - I had a professional hand in a part of this postal pack. The club might be doing it next season. 

  8. @Fatsam - literally nobody likes seagulls so booooo to Torquay.


    Let's hope it's a promotion for you guys.  You deserve to be a League club.  One of my friends and also one of the most socialist people I know (also a Councillor and he's stood for MP before) is a Wrexham by birth supporter (although he also goes to the odd Everton game) and for that reason, I hope you go up.  I doubt you'd be looking forward to that Newport game mind.... carnage!

  9. 28 minutes ago, Benny said:

    This week's is also just a feast for the eyes. Shot after shot of genuinely beautiful photography. The


      Reveal hidden contents

    Cafe shot with the view split by the mirrored counter surface was a particular favourite.



    My favourite shot was 'random toilet'.

  10. 22 minutes ago, englishbob said:

    After today's episode I'm completely lost by Lalo's quest. What part am I misremembering that leads him here?



    It's to prove, I think, that Gus is trying to manufacture his own drugs. I think. I can't remember him having any connection or knowledge of the German engineer though.


  11. So Sunderland are going to Wembley again to play Wycombe.  What fun!  They've got a fairly horrendous record at Wembley and Wycombe are quite possibly the worst team to play in that environment.  A one-off game where Wycombe will basically try and spoil the party.  It'll be 5 or 6 to 1 in terms of supporters.  It's got calamity written all over it.  Sunderland can park the bus though if they want to - they did against us at Home earlier in the season.

    On a personal level, I'd like to get rid of Sunderland even though I cannot abide Wycombe. 

  12. 4 hours ago, Richard said:


    Am I right in thinking you're a Plymouth fan?


    Back when I was about 15 I was stood at the bus stop with my step-father (at the time about 60) after a match with Plymouth at The Memorial Stadium. 


    Apropos of nothing I got flying kicked in the back by a Plymouth fan who then threatened my step-dad when he had the cheek to complain.


    Strangely, I don't tarnish your whole club with the same brush though. 


    Yes. We have our fair share of idiots. Sadly. 


    Every single game against Rovers there's trouble. Without fail. It's usually an unpleasant atmosphere. It's one of the few fixtures I really don't like going to. 

  13. Dragged Over Concrete

    Sky Cinema


    I really enjoyed this.  It was slow but the cast were great and the baddie was also really good.  A proper old-school Noir.  The violence was really nasty but if you don't mind that and like a slow burning crime thriller, this might tick all your boxes. 


    Suicide Squad

    Sky Cinema


    The one with Idris Elba and John Cena in it rather than the car-crash one before.  John Cena steals the show in this - it's funny and enjoyable - gory action scenes and a lot of fun. 



  14. Just to make it worse, Bristol "hooligans" Rovers had our very own arrogant @ZOK on the pitch yesterday.

    I can't stand their fans. Last time we played them, a guy with his Grandson who was only about 6 or 7 got knocked out. The thump noise was sickening. The little kid was in tears.

    I wish they stayed in League 2.

  15. 10 minutes ago, Angles Morts said:

    Better that the Chairboys go up rather than the Franchise.


    At least we won't have to play them next season. 

    I think the yo-yo clubs from the Championship to League One will just continue. Peterborough, Rotherham, maybe Wycombe are a new one, Wigan, Barnsley. It's getting like the situation with Fulham and Norwich.


    I think Wycombe will go up. They stifle and don't play like the others. We lost twice to them as we just couldn't keep possession and play through the thirds as they man marked our key players and tactically fouled and wasted time to kill any momentum. 

  16. 3 From Hell


    Rob Zombie's trilogy end to the Firefly Clan saga..... and it was awful. Parts of the first and second films aren't bad. House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects. This is just nasty. I don't understand why people keep funding Rob Zombie films. They're utter trash.



    Metal Lords


    I quite enjoyed this and it's a fairly short film. Not overly funny for a comedy but enjoyable, light hearted and I thought the main cast were really good. 



  17. I guess any of the three can win the Champions League now.  All of them are capable of beating each other in a one-off match.  Man City have the greatest depth but Liverpool tore them apart in the FA Cup and Real are past masters of grinding out a result and Benzema's having a halcyon season.  They're all very good sides and taking Bayern out of the equation, it felt inevitable these three would end up being the three who can win it. 

    I've not watched much Champions League this season, maybe I should as some of the results have been 'entertaining'.


    Liverpool probably deserve it though, they've been immense for most of the season - as much as it pains me to say it. 





  18. That was a slow-ish episode but quite a lot actually happened.



    The look of utter disgust and fury on Gus' face when he walked into the nerve centre that's protecting him and then complaining to Mike that the guy they working at the fast food place isn't a very good chef :lol: 


    Jimmy/Howard - the make up was ridiculous.  


    I didn't really understand who the two cyclists were and why they were there - obviously, they're a front for Gus' protection but why are they actually there and what do they actually do?  I suspect Lalo will do something quite unspeakable to them.



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