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  1. I streamed the first half travelling down the M5 and A38. I wasn't driving. We should have gone 1-0 up but MK Dons had Twine and he put in the best performance I've seen from an opposition player since Charlie Adam for Blackpool years before. He was unplayable. We also had four key players out. Three of whom are instantly on the teamsheet if available. Everything went wrong in our last ten games. I've just renewed my season ticket. To not make the playoffs on 80 points is ridiculous.
  2. Fair play. I missed our game today as I was traveling back from Birmingham. I'm glad I did.
  3. It's true. We played Chelsea and it was 0-0. We lost today 0-5 against MK Dons. But we beat Man City 6-3 once so it's likely to be 1-1.
  4. It wasn't bad. It wasn't brilliant. The second half was a lot better than the first. There's one part that was hilarious but a lot of it felt quite forced. The last stage show comedy I saw was Reeves and Mortimer which was infinitely better. Doing one character for 90 minutes must be incredibly difficult though and Vic and Bob have so many, that comparison might be unfair. It's was a good night out though. £30 for a tour t-shirt though. You're worth millions Coogan.
  5. That's appreciated. You're a good human. Your post made me go "Ah! Of course!" by the way.
  6. Most other people post things like you did with spoilers as they are aware that not everyone watch streamed stuff as soon as they are able. Up to you but I'd spoiler a post like yours if I posted it.
  7. Absolutely agree. People moaning about his accent earlier in the thread are embarrassing. Someone actually compared him to Dick Van Dyke. He's a fantastic actor. There's been little action and we've only seen Moonknight fight twice (properly) but it's been a good series for me. I loved Loki as he's my favourite Marvel villain and I enjoyed Falcon but this is different. I don't feel it's that 'Marvel' though.
  8. It 100% is. An ex-girlfriend of mine developed it as a child and she was only diagnosed fairly recently. She had an extremely self destructive alter ego at times.
  9. My Mrs hasn't watched Breaking Bad so explaining how Hector dies was met with a "that's ridiculous". Nacho
  10. I meant 1-1 against Chelsea.
  11. Have you done Plymouth Argyle (we're massive everywhere we go by the way) away to Carlisle? I have. By coach.
  12. Did you enjoy the game that you watched on your glory hunting telly this afternoon?
  13. I'm triggered. Oh dear. Oh deary me. Calm down, calm down.
  14. It's ok when my favourite people do it.
  15. Every single Liverpool player is a millionaire. Do you hate them too?
  16. Ahhhh. He's also one of the best midfield players we've ever seen play in the Premier League. Other than that, he's a Tory. I forgot most football fans are Socialists. Pathetic.
  17. Who are the best heavyweights then? I'd say Ali, Tyson, Lewis, Liston.
  18. Whoever goes down, they'll go back up. There's a million reasons why. I don't get the hate for Everton. They're a fantastic club. If you want to hate a club, hate MK Dons.
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