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  1. You deserve it. You've been up there with regularity for years.
  2. We might not make the playoffs and we're on 80 points. Even if we win next Saturday, we could still miss out.
  3. I guess the classic super hero has to be relatable to humans as humans read comics. If you have a humanoid male character, they have be extraordinary in some ways. They're either muscle bound or clever or both. Classic ideals of masculinity are physical or mental superiority at a base level. It's similar to the 80s wrestling scene where physiques were prominent and steroid abuse was rife. If you weren't ripped (Ultimate Warrior), you were either huge (Andre) or clever/scheming/devious/dirty (Roddy Piper). It's a trope.
  4. Watched ep 1 last night. Highlights were. Low-lights. The opening montage was great. It was what I imagine Donald Trump moving out to be like.
  5. Is that a Union Jack?
  6. Our first home 0-0 against Sunderland. We probably had the best chances but it was tense and a point earned. We've had six clean sheets in a row at home. The worry though is goals. We've scored once in five games. Another probable injury too. We have Wigan and MK Dons left. It's squeeky bum time. Of all the sides in and around the play offs, I think we're the least likely now. The perils of a small squad and an over reliance on key players. It was a good atmosphere and fair play to the Sunderland fans traveling all that distance on a bank holiday.
  7. @Fatsam - our captain Joe Edwards sets the tempo and Ryan Hardie gives us something different up front. Since they've been out, we've been flat. We're in a good position but I've been here so many times. Compared to the other contenders, we've overachieved and our squad is small. We've only got three defenders left to pick from too.
  8. Jesus. This is ridiculous. We looked nailed on a few weeks ago for a top six finish. We have Sunderland tomorrow at home, then Wigan away, then MK Dons at home. I don't think we'll make it. Our top scorer and our captain are both out injured.
  9. Yes. We get searched now before we go in. It's unpleasant to me but my mate really suffers when some idiot does this. Does it happen in your room when you're watching football?
  10. Hopefully those idiots with smoke bombs get a 3 year ban. My mate who I go the football with is asthmatic, every time this happens in a football ground, he struggles to breathe. How do you get into Wembley with them?
  11. Ipswich All that cash splashed. Welcome to League 1 next season.
  12. Ronaldo gets another hattrick. The machine.
  13. I know Man City have an incredible squad but why change so many players including one of best keepers in the World? Madness.
  14. Can I just say. FUCK OFF WYCOMBE YOU CHEATING WANKERS!!!!!!!! thanks
  15. It's not the fans or staff's fault is it? Every League has a team or teams who have big pockets debts. Wrexham aren't in the league and their resources eclipse quite a lot of League 1 teams. Stockport County ditto. Fleetwood Town. Ipswich Town. Fulham. Real Madrid, PSG. Liverpool, Man City. The list is massive.
  16. It's the 19th I thought. That's in a week. Next Tuesday.
  17. I'm going to see his show in Birmingham at the end of the month.
  18. 1-0 home win Vs Oxford. I think we're nailed on for the play offs. A really entertaining game with a cracking winning goal. We utterly dominated in the second half. The clean sheet was a testament to our amazing keeper Mike Cooper and our back three. Oxford looked knackered. We've let in one goal in eight games.
  19. Looking at the table, I doubt that. You've got Rotherham and Wigan left. Shrewsbury away is a tough one. We've got 6 games left and we're on 74 points. That's usually enough for a play off place. It's ridiculous in League 1. I fancy Wycombe to sneak 6th. Their run in is very easy in comparison to all the other contenders.
  20. Oh @Fatsam oh no. What's going on in Wales? 2-0 up against relegated Dover and you're 2-4 down. We're losing away at Ipswich. The first goal we have conceded in ten hours so I can't really complain. EDIT 97th minute winner 6-5. hahaha mental.
  21. A friend of mine's daughter just made the England under 16 women's team. She's only 14. Brilliant news. She's got great sporting genes. Her Mum won a silver medal at the Commonwealth games. She's a lovely kid. Really proud of her.
  22. But you won We won 2-0 against Cheltenham. That's 6 straight wins and 6 clean sheets. Bosh! https://mobile.twitter.com/SkyFootball/status/1506403300354240519
  23. The interactions/non-action parts were half decent but the script really seemed forced in places (it ripped off the tone of Deadpool quite a lot). "He's so cute, I could hold him under water until the bubbles stop!" was really out of place. I thoroughly enjoyed Ruffalo in this though and thought he and the kid really stole the show. I like Ryan Reynolds a lot but this was probably a 2 or 3 out of 5 for me. The running time was about right as I'm really tired of overly long films. The amount of stuff he's knocking out at the moment is probably down to needing to buy more footballers for Wrexham. One thing that really didn't fit or make sense was
  24. So do I. I doubt we'll get promoted this time. Two years ago, we had a derby game that was sold out. Covid meant it was postponed. I really want to see a sold out Home Park Vs you lot. The atmosphere Vs Portsmouth recently was superb but we need a Devon derby. I do hope you go up.
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