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  1. D@bbe Watched this tonight. A Turkish horror film I saw about two years ago. The quality isn't great but it's worth a viewing. The subtitles are sometimes quite odd but it's an interesting subject matter and it was interesting to see an Islamic take on the horror genre.
  2. Daffy Duck was Warner Brothers not Disney I've read this thread and pre-ordered and now think Fuel might be a better addition to my collection than Pure. I hated Grid though... arghhh. Pure it is. I just hope it runs super fast and doesn't fall apart like Grid did when you had more than two cars on screen.
  3. You can't beat a Mortal Kombat "finish him" cry at work whenever anyone injures themselves One we use in the house all the time is the "goodbye" on the DS New Super Mario Brothers when you close the DS mid game. I used to do the Final Fantasy VII fight sound effect when I was annoyed with people back in teh day - no one ever understood it though and I was thus labelled a "weird kid"
  4. Bit of a necro bump but what alternate routes? I don't want to trawl through the cheat websites as they make me feel dirty Whopping scores though. I was chuffed with getting 70k on level 1
  5. Links Crossbow Training - trying to get the triforce bonus on every level The Orange Box (still) Trying to get into Bioshock but just find it quite uninspiring (although very pretty)
  6. The very first PS1s had to be turned upside down to read the discs After spending £349.99 in 1995 for a luanch model I was rather upset. The TV lead also lasted about a month before snapping (it had some brittle bone disease flaws to say the least) so a scart lead was an additional purchase. None of my other consoles have ever broken down - Xbox crystal, gamecube, saturn, snes, n64, wii, 360, dreamcast.... all of them still fire up. I am very careful with them though.
  7. Pre-ordered. Excite Truck for the 360?
  8. It is a recommendation though if people haven't played it - with 2 as an unlockable for added value. Well worth a £10 ebay bid.
  9. House of The Dead 3 on Xbox was wonderful and saved me a lot of £'s it was rather difficult to get hold of though as they must have released 100 copies Worldwide. Green Beret on the Speccy (better than the C64 version). It's a shame that 99.9% of the arcade has now been left behind by the home console as it detracts from going to an arcade in the first place. The Dreamcast, as a console, was probably the best arcade conversion - how many amazing arcade games were converted for that?
  10. Any Zelda game. It's the same game every time. The Resi series is also so fragmented that it would take some kind of a masters thesis to tie it all up. Resi 4 had the perfect ending for a sequel but Resi 5 is going to be "where las plagas started" - damn Capcom
  11. One of my favourite games of all time. Obviously It's on Five though so probably will be awful. I want BBC4 to do something games related as they'd treat it seriously. Shall be watching though, thanks for the heads up
  12. Given my CD collection you'd think Nine Inch Nails as I have everything they have ever released in the UK - even crap Soundtrack CDs like Tomb Raider with the one Nine Inch Nails track unreleased elsewhere. Bjork is the same - I even bought the very expensive live box she released a while back for £40.00. My favourite band of all time though are System Of A Down - I love everything they've ever released and can't think of a bad track on any album or even a dodgy b-side. The Wildhearts are a close second but their album Endless Nameless which was frankly painful.
  13. The Daily Mail support the Royal Family. One of the most violent families in history if you go back through their family tree - and that's not even including all the Royal Nazis - impaling people on road signs is nothing compared to what some of their ancestors got up to. They also got Anne Diamond to review games in their newspaper not so long ago - and she's killed babies I left a post in response but doubt it'll get through their "moderation". The best part of the article is "they use red for blood".
  14. This wasn't too bad - caught it on iplayer tonight. The next three parts should be much better. There was another Saddam TV biopic a while back wasn't there?
  15. Jesus, this place at time makes me
  16. Steve is playing multiplayer here. Remember when multiplayer was possible only with a multi-tap? I can't think of a Wii hardware thread on here that hasn't been derailed by people who don't own one, don't play one and probably never want one. This is about the possibility of a Wii2. Personally I'd like to see Nintendo create some monster hybrid of all that is good in this gen but with waggle features just to annoy all the allegedly hardcore PS3 and 360 owners a simple list: HD A "different" online experience with a password that allows parental control Downloadable content Much more DS inclusion The Wii2 to be a true media hub Excite Truck 2
  17. Plus... almost all movie licence games are cross platform - like Wall-E that robot thing and The Simpsons most recently. To be fair there have been a few good ones - LOTR stuff, Goldeneye ^, some of the Star Wars games have been OK and of course (despite the rubbish disclaimer from Capcom) Dead Rising was OK. The Lego series by Travellers Tales has been quite good so far and expect many more in the pipeline.
  18. As I play Half Life 2 I must agree that playing it through makes me yearn for some of the original Half Life sections and I'd love to play it again all the way through - if they brought up an updated remake for the 360 it'd be amazing but it will never happen. Half Life made me like the FPS genre.
  19. Crackdown Half Life 2 (360 version) Zoo Keeper
  20. Street Fighter Alpha... arcade stick boxart. Does this count?
  21. here 'tis A great site for willy waving. I still haven't bought a thing but am planning on a market trip at the weekend - lots of second hand games stores there.
  22. And the winner of wrongest man in history goes to....
  23. I didn't PS2 to get an update for new market - point 1 from article PS3 is too expensive - point 2 from it's RRP Sony conference mentioned the PS2 heavily - point 3 from watching it live That's three points from three sources. If Sony could keep sales of the PS2 going for a long time in the future and shift both software and hardware then they will - they're a business and the above article is a business plan. To answer the thread title, this will not help the PS3 to outsell the PS2. It is a silly question to begin with if I think about it. If you have a PS3 and enjoy it then I am glad. Why are "console wars" important in terms of sales? I'd rather we had competitors pushing each other in a war of quality rather than sales... sadly that will never happen as all three are commercial businesses. The DS outsells everything anyway.
  24. That looks gorgeously good fun - who said E3 was shit? See... lots of good stuff was announced outside the big 3 conferences. It looks like a much nicer Exitetruck - the Disney connection put me off as I have three daughters and our house is full of the evil merchandise and DVDs etc. but I might get them this as a "Disney present" for Daddy to play. 16 online is some feat.
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