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  1. 4-0 home win against Accrington. That's 5 wins from 5 and 5 clean sheets in 5. 5!!!! It should've been 5-0
  2. It's TV. Eye candy? Even though I refer to her as the woman with the fake head. Katherine reminded me of so many people I've worked with over the years who think their entire business case is wonderful because they wrote it. Enthusiastic arrogance dressed up as positivity is doomed to fail. Primark already sell her product. It's a gimmick perfect for fast fashion. The other one is pretty normal but it's not really a business that needs the £250k. Surely she'd be able to get that from a bank.
  3. We'd need to have someone in their late 70s. JPickford doesn't post here anymore so I'd suggest nobody. That Everton win is a nightmare for Leeds. 99th minute winner. That's Wycombe-style. I work with a Leeds fan. He isn't that happy at the moment.
  4. Geddon! 1-0 win. What a great atmosphere. A really tense game. That's four wins in a row and four clean sheets. 8 minutes added time wasn't good for my nerves. Play offs are a real possibility now.
  5. Portsmouth at home tonight. We've drawn 2-2 in the last three League games. This one writes itself.
  6. League 1. #armchairsattheready
  7. I had a sinking feeling today that we'd lose. 0-1 away at Bolton. Fantastic result. That's a double over Bolton. We're in the mix. Over 1000 away fans. GREEN ARMY Exeter are wankers @El Pibethey let me down for £40. Had to cook instead of getting a take away.
  8. Someone I know from my social club is on his stag do this weekend. This is really quite awful to see. Not only going full kit wanker but it's that kit. Utter savagery from his mates.
  9. @Angles Morts - work's mental at the moment (15 hour days x 3 so far this week and a long one on Tuesday) so I've not had much forum time. Well, we beat you 2-0 on Tuesday. I left work and just got to the ground in time to see the sides walk out before kick off and I was surprised at how small Wimbledon were apart from the big number 9. You started frantically and were overrunning us in midfield and overlapping constantly in the first fifteen. Cross after cross went in and there was nobody on the end of them apart from once when your big lad Sam Cosgrove hit the post when he really should have scored. After that, his head turned into a 50p and he couldn't direct a thing. We scored a bit against the run of play through a sublime Mayor through ball and Hardie banged in the first goal. After that, Wimbledon really didn't look much of a threat and we had the better of the second half, scoring a second to end it with a well worked goal from Ryan Broom. I was impressed with your captain - was it Woodyard? He looked quality but as you've already posted many times, you have a team of what looks like schoolboys. We've got pretty much all of the top to play in the run in apart from Rotherham. It's going to be interesting. We finally won a Tuesday night game - our record is abysmal on a Tuesday. Watch your injury time shot against the post right at the end - it's really unlucky. I hope you stay up as you really try to play football and didn't try and waste time once.
  10. We beat Morecambe 2-0. It was awfully boring. Morecambe are surely relegation bound.
  11. You do know that Championship Level defenders aren't actually selected to play at random by the manager of someone like Peterborough by him hanging around the turnstiles and finding someone with an up to date replica kit to play don't you? They're pretty much always professional, elite sports people.
  12. They thoroughly deserved that. Spurs looked like they thought just turning up was enough. Their second half performance was really odd. Extra time is usually a lottery with tired players making mistakes but Boro looked like they could play another few hours. Spurs just looked tired and bereft of ideas. Well played.
  13. We had four one on ones today against Rotherham and we lost 1-0. Very annoying. They are absolutely going up this season. They're physical, quick and direct. Best team I've seen this season by a country mile.
  14. Mitrovic has scored his 32nd and 33rd goal this season. Fulham have 14 games left in the Championship and he's broken the record set by Ivan Toney last season. That's ridiculous and Fulham have goal difference of +52. The gulf between the Premier League and The Championship is enormous. We all know Fulham will get relegated next season or be close to the bottom three at least.
  15. Cambridge 2 Plymouth Argyle 0 I paid £10 to stream it. I wish I hadn't. It was awful. I can see why Cambridge don't lose much on their home pitch. It's really narrow and bobbly. We couldn't play our normal game on a surface like that and the time wasting was incredibly frustrating. Cambridge put eleven behind the ball for 90 minutes and scored against the run of play. Probably the worst game I've watched in a long time.
  16. The worst thing about this film was the ending. It allows a sequel of a prequel. It was absolutely awful from start to finish. There was one tiny moment I thought was excellent. But that was it. 15 seconds.
  17. Gillingham are atrocious. We beat them 0-2 but it could have been a lot more watching the highlights. You should beat them. Doncaster are weird. Really good going forward but they leak goals. You need six points from those games. We're 5th with games in hand. April is going to be interesting. We play 5 of the current top seven.
  18. Away at Gillingham today. We've not won there in the league for 41 years.
  19. If I was a chairman, I'd sign him just for the chants. Fulham are 0-2 down at half time. Thanks for basically ruining my accumulator before any of the others kick off
  20. One of my favourite ex Plymouth Argyle players scores an incredible volley. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cuYKRfZqDfs&feature=youtu.be
  21. Liverpool fans like him. They also like Saurez and Peter Sutcliffe.
  22. The referee and linesman today were awful. We had a definite red card in the first half. Everyone in the ground thought our player would be off apart from the ref. An off the floor lunge that could've resulted in a broken leg. 14,000 people all saying "ooooh dear" in unison but ref thought otherwise. He compensated in the second half when the Shrewsbury centre half took out our striker who was clear on goal. We won 1-0 but it was really dull. Our winner was goal of the week. An absolute cracker in a dire game.
  23. How's your mate Stevie G? I do have a hard on for Rooney. He's terrific.
  24. Disagree all you like. He played 20 years. He was a part of the most successful Man Utd team.
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