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  1. England and Man United's top scorer. He played almost 600 games. He was also injured at almost every tournament. Watch his Amazon documentary and then tell me he's disappointing. It's amazing what he achieved in a long career. He's a top ten player. Easily. Pele, Maradonna, Messi, Ronaldo, Ronaldo, Rooney.
  2. A few professional footballers would disagree. I don't know how old you are but Rooney was like Gazza when he first started. Just a force. Unplayable and unique. A raw talent.
  3. The Rooney doc on Amazon is really good.
  4. I like Southend's away end. QPR is the only away end that I prefer more. Exeter City is the worst as I've only been in their home end as an away fan.
  5. You've never been relegated. Hold on to that. You've got Gillingham and Doncaster this month and Fleetwood and Crewe left. That's four six pointers. Another team is bound to be sucked in.
  6. What a fantastic four days. Taking Chelsea to extra time was extraordinary. Given the opposition was virtually full strength, that has to be the best performance I've seen from my club since my first game in 1986. We scored at Stamford Bridge and that was all I really hoped for. Missing a penalty with minutes to go in extra time to take it to penalties was actually disappointing. I can't believe I've said that but I just did. Incredible result. Yesterday a 1-4 at Crewe and our penalty taker at Chelsea bagged a hattrick. Crewe's keeper was at fault for our first 3 goals. Terrible handling and decision making.
  7. Fuck off Chelsea. Immensely proud of our performance. Without Covid that's a replay. It should've been a penalty shootout Our keeper Mike Cooper was fantastic. It's a shame both our normal penalty takers were subbed. In front of the green army too. Arggggh.
  8. Is this community service? What have you done wrong?
  9. The LDF Forgiving Saurez for being a racist bitey person and forgetting Rosenthal's miss. They were wearing green though. I didn't embed it LDF. You have to click it.
  10. McFazdean is a terrific wing back and if Wrexham play 3-5-2, he'll be an asset. He's not a defender though. He got a lot of assists for us. I was really annoyed when he left but it seems he struggled in League 1 with Sunderland. The Sunderland fans seem to hate everyone.
  11. You could ask an Oxford United supporter if you like. He drove in the morning after drinking the night before. Millions of people do this. I'm not condoning it but he wasn't plastered and guzzling whiskey as he crashed. It was a tragic accident exacerbated by the two children not wearing seatbelts. Luke McCormick is far from a scumbag. After serving his sentence, he donated half his wages to charity too.
  12. The problem with Sunderland is utter arrogance. I've only seen Southampton come down to the third division and walk it. I get it from their supporters. If you get 20,000 at home, you shouldn't be losing to teams like Morecambe or Argyle. You do though. You still have to win the league. Your team still has to play who they play and win. You can't expect to just win. There's not a massive difference between the leagues now. Wrexham in non League are throwing around six figure transfer deals, Forrest Green Rovers are going to League 1. They aren't even a 'place'.
  13. We needed that win away at Doncaster. Prior to that, we won just two in ten games. Phew. We have Chelsea and Crewe away next. I'd rather we beat Crewe.
  14. Ridiculous. Some weird scorelines today. We're 1-2 up at Doncaster but Sunderland are 4-0 down at Bolton. Wigan 0-0 away at Cheltenham and Wycombe 0-1 down at home. I expect a 125th minute equaliser from Wycombe
  15. I hate this age shaming. How old should he look?
  16. Ipswich spaffing the cash again in this window. Their wage bill must be pushing FFP.
  17. All the moaners will enjoy this weeks' episode. What was made Great episode due to my first spoiler.
  18. 1-3 up with 88 on the clock and we draw 3-3 We threw away a point on Saturday in injury time too. Awful defending. EDIT just watched the replay of their equaliser. It's such a blatant foul on our keeper. It's ridiculous
  19. Fleetwood 1 Argyle 1 at half time. The pitch is awful and it's been a bit of a long ball game so far. We could do with 3 points.
  20. @Fatsam - Stockport having Sarcevic and Paddy Madden in their starting eleven probably helps them - they're absolutely League 1 standard players. We lost at home on Saturday to an injury time winner against Lincoln. We completely dominated the first half but just couldn't score more than one. The second half was abysmal. It looked like the players had been drugged at half time - it was a completely weird performance. Lincoln hit us on the break over and over again and their second goal was an awful one to concede - watching the replay, I don't understand how it wasn't easily cleared. We've not had a home game for about four weeks and that was certainly one to forget. Lincoln might be that team that surges into the play offs - they weren't that good in the first half but they looked dangerous going forward and Marquis up front is always going to cause problems for the opposition.
  21. Jota should be ashamed. Game's gone. That's a travesty.
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