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  1. I have to go to the store to download a Gamepads game rather than the Gamepads area. Is that a change?
  2. I found it visually stunning but really didn't enjoy it. I wouldn't watch it again. Mr Inbetween is universally loved on rllmuk. And The Last Jedi
  3. Scores 92nd minute winner The Forest Green game was abandoned.
  4. You have to beat teams like Morecambe at home. That must be worrying.
  5. I put it in last as I thought £400 was a rubbish win
  6. We lost 4-2 away at Wednesday. Aggregate score is 4-8 We've played them four times this season. Our best midfielder is at the African Cup of Nations. I hope they get knocked out in the group stages.
  7. Ten game accumulator. I hate Rochdale. All the other games were spot on. I hope Vladimir Putin drops a bomb on Rochdale.
  8. Trialist A found guilty of a second yellow for Albion Rovers.
  9. That was a great win. I am a season ticket holder so I get priority. I could go to Chelsea but I won't. I don't expect they'll field anywhere near a full strength 11 against us. The same month, Chelsea play in the World Club Cup (four days after), they also have a Champions League game and play Arsenal and Leicester in the league. It's on the BBC red button. I think I'll save my cash. We get 45% of the gate. The ticket prices at Chelsea are actually disgraceful but for once, I'm glad they are. https://www.chelseafc.com/en/tickets---membership/ticket-information/general-admission/ticket-prices0?pageTab=Premier League I'm guessing the game will be a category B game. The club will probably make £800k from this fixture according to some on our club forums.
  10. @Angles Morts commiserations. Losing at home to them must be very frustrating. In other League 1 games, Sunderland lose at home to Lincoln. Wycombe win at Bolton in a 101 minute game. 21 minutes added time is absurd, even for Wycombe. Wigan have 5 games in hand over a lot of teams. In League 2, Forest Green go 9 points clear and 12 points clear of 4th.
  11. Chelsea away in the FA Cup.
  12. It should have been a penalty anyway.
  13. We beat Birmingham yesterday 0-1. Can we please have a home draw? We've been drawn away 10 times in the last 12 draws.
  14. Someone up thread referred to that character as "he" in a spoiler tag.
  15. Oh, yes. The Tuscan raider training him is definitely a woman though.
  16. I think I'm half enjoying this but it's not as good as The Mandalorian.
  17. I'm hopeful that Channel 4 will do a series on back street abortion in the 1920s.
  18. Spiderman Homecoming It was a bit long but good fun I enjoyed it. 3/5
  19. Just finished this. It was astounding. I pressed next episode after episode 9 and that was it. I'm really disappointed it ended but so glad I watched this. Brilliant TV.
  20. I'll take that as we were League 2 at the time I've probably seen Liverpool in the flesh more than most Liverpool fans.
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