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  1. I am now a bigger bagger! Having completed a Timeless Isle achievement to collect all the incedental nonsense there. I'd had anywhere up to four characters camped in various parts of the Isle for well, over a year probably (I was never religiously logging in every half an hour for a sweep) but the damn Spineclaw Crab pet (1% drop off a rare spawn) finally dropped for my Druid yesterday. She was the only one still hanging around there as swim form was useful for doing three quarter circuits of the water around the Isle.
  2. One of my favourite little things:
  3. Also the pre-order for Shadowlands has a level 120 character boost for the non-base editions.
  4. They do a pretty similar thing on the Big Trouble in Little China commentary, just they're paying attention to the film more. It's an utter delight.
  5. Good luck Doctor! But yeah, dang that's just unfortunate silly mistakes it sounds like. Good to see some of us are still plugging away at WoW. Currently a fury warrior on Silvermoon until we start doing HC alt runs and I can bring along my OG hunter from Earthen Ring. Not sure I have the patience to bother with the mythic version of that raid though. I know what you mean about the padding too, my DPS could be better anyways but it's positively comparitvely poor on N'Zoth, but I'm absolutely playing the mechanics and would be mortified if I were pancaked by a crusher tentacle (but then whe
  6. Aha, thank you! I was still wedded to my pixel perfect vision when doing the icons which was daft. Should've got a nice chunky piece, at a jaunty angle, and a 2x2 tile background. Badabing. As an aside the pixel perfect nature of the game is something I'm very pleased with, even if sometimes the letterboxing on long thin devices (or short squat devices) isn't quite what one would want. If you take a screenshot and zoom in, every pixel is whole number multiples of pixels, generally about seven I think for most devices. For game two I'll be making that transition from game board
  7. I'm delighted you guys like it. And delighted that it's a game one can get better at with a bit of practise (and if I say so myself the final chess set unlock is pretty neat to reward that time spent practising). Yeah, icons, dang. I was creatively at a low ebb for that, which is very counterproductive. You need to make loads at varying resolutions, and the UI for the developer consoles is a hot mess, so it was very much a case of something being better than nothing, get it out, and learn lessons. But in theory I've a release worth of stuff to do, so a funkier icon could be par
  8. So some other bits and pieces from replies here (thanks chaps!) I was also surprised that I seem to have stumbled on a thing that hasn't been done before. But maybe there's dozens of versions out there languishing unseen due to even less promotional work than I'm doing? Rotation buttons would be better suited either side of the tetromino, but it was a question of screen real estate. Tapping the tetromino would absolutely work, as in hindsight I don't think anyone is using both rotation buttons (but rotating three quarters clockwise instead of one quarter anti-clockwis
  9. Oh dang! The three pawns bug! Yeah, I honestly thought that was impossible until a mate sent a screenshot much like yours. I should do a release. Thankfully I think it can *only* happen at game start, so won't derail any in progress attempts at getting a high score.
  10. It was a definite choice to charge people for it. Partially to differentiate it from all the free nonsense out there (because I think it's better than that) and because I didn't want to put in ads (because they would have diluted the "purity" of what I was doing, but also because that was another thing I would have had to work out how to implement). I wanted to make a game and self publish. Create for the sake of creation. As such there's been very little time and effort, and probably thought if I'm being honest, put into the "how" to get it in front of people. Something for game two.
  11. Cheers! I am very pleased with it overall myself, especially that core idea.
  12. Oh that's completely fair. You get the actual *game* bit done and then it's, "oh I need a title screen" then "oh, and a how to, and an about, and buttons, and icons, and leaderboards etc. etc." and some of those assets may have not had the care and attention that say, the actual pieces did. A more polished / cohesive UI / UX is definitely something that game two will have, to try and get away from the 80's bedroom coder aesthetic.
  13. Absolutely! Okay so the goal is to get a high score. You get points per square moved and per obstacle destroyed. Each square visited gets a token obstacle placed in it so you can't move back there. Each square moved charges up one segment of the tetrominoes. When you have four segments charged you can drag and drop the tetromino onto the board to clear obstacles. To clear stuff all four segments have to be over an obstacle, i.e. you can't just clear two obstacles with a fully charged tetromino. Rotate the tetromino before dragging by using the buttons.
  14. Cheers chaps! After release the iOS version was definitely showing up in search results in google, before the Android version was (despite searching using google on a google browser for a thing on a google platform!). Honestly thought about calling the company "Worth a Quid" games but that doesn't really work internationally. I kinda want a pixel version of Bixby Snyder now...
  15. Sooo, I have written, and published, a mobile game, all by myself! Pleasingly the mods are cool with me doing a post about it. It's called Tetro Chess, and it's a neat little puzzler that combines tetrominoes with Chess. It's at least a very good idea competently executed, and absolutely worth the £1 or equivalent it'd cost you if you fancied giving it a go! There's even leader-board support so you can see if your high score is hopeless or not, and also get a feel for how far away from being a millionaire I am (spoilers, about a million). On that, I knew I wouldn't get (m)any o
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