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  1. Yeah I would like to thank "Let me parry her" who beat Malenia for/with me, and apologise to "Let me solo him" who I failed to beat EB with because of course, I got cocky on EB and got smashed by his big sword when pitching in when I should have just been sitting back watching someone who had git gud. D'oh.
  2. Getting them now will save you having to collect them in NG+ if you fancied doing an Arcane build. Definitely helps to work out what build you want if you are going to do NG+ and then farm for the bits and bobs you need while you've got "everything" explored on the first playthrough.
  3. Strong Squat Land Train vibes from that Leviathan! Good stuff!
  4. So does anyone else play with the blood settings turned down to mild? It's the first thing I set now on a new Yakuza game when I'm in the menus inverting the Y axis. I found all the splatter in every fight a bit much, for a game about someone trying to do the right thing, and also a lot of the encounters have very minor flashpoints compared to the level of ultraviolence being dished out. With the blood settings at mild it's as though a light duffing up is all that's required to teach SHADY MEN the error of their ways. Lovely. Full disclosure: I still do a cackle and a recoil when a heat action is particularly nasty. Oof at the pliers weapon in Kiwami 2!
  5. GW Lizardmen maybe? They use feathers and (South) American iconography.
  6. For the Mahjong, an unadvertised (or at least not obvious) button press is X on your turn to see if you can declare Riichi, which you'll be wanting to do. I think I tinkered with some of the settings too so you can go out on a hand of simples and not require a 2-han hand.
  7. I *may* have mostly learned "24 Hour Cinderella" phonetically just in case I get an opportunity to sing it at a karaoke place in Japan one day! It's a banger. I don't get the Baka Mitai love though.
  8. Long time lurker in the thread, first time poster! Started playing the Yakuza games this time last year as a way of doing some virtual tourism in Japan as I can't get there while there's a pandemic on. Zero and Six completed, working on Kiwami now. As part of this I also learned how to play mahjong! My parents gifted me a very nice set so it was a good opportunity to learn without disgorging tiles all over my carpet. I started by googling how to play. You want riichi mahjong as that's what's played in Japan. In itself it's not very difficult, but learning the winning hands (yaku) can be: You can't just get a bunch of triples etc. and hope for the best. I always aim for the No Simples hand and if I get a Pon of Dragons on the way then so be it! It's totally worth a dabble because of the win / lose animations of our boy Kiryu. Declaring riichi then getting a tsumo, yeah, that's where it's at! Now shogi, that I don't intend to learn.
  9. I am now a bigger bagger! Having completed a Timeless Isle achievement to collect all the incedental nonsense there. I'd had anywhere up to four characters camped in various parts of the Isle for well, over a year probably (I was never religiously logging in every half an hour for a sweep) but the damn Spineclaw Crab pet (1% drop off a rare spawn) finally dropped for my Druid yesterday. She was the only one still hanging around there as swim form was useful for doing three quarter circuits of the water around the Isle.
  10. One of my favourite little things:
  11. Also the pre-order for Shadowlands has a level 120 character boost for the non-base editions.
  12. They do a pretty similar thing on the Big Trouble in Little China commentary, just they're paying attention to the film more. It's an utter delight.
  13. Good luck Doctor! But yeah, dang that's just unfortunate silly mistakes it sounds like. Good to see some of us are still plugging away at WoW. Currently a fury warrior on Silvermoon until we start doing HC alt runs and I can bring along my OG hunter from Earthen Ring. Not sure I have the patience to bother with the mythic version of that raid though. I know what you mean about the padding too, my DPS could be better anyways but it's positively comparitvely poor on N'Zoth, but I'm absolutely playing the mechanics and would be mortified if I were pancaked by a crusher tentacle (but then when we got curve I had a mare of an attempt and managed to be sent insane).
  14. Aha, thank you! I was still wedded to my pixel perfect vision when doing the icons which was daft. Should've got a nice chunky piece, at a jaunty angle, and a 2x2 tile background. Badabing. As an aside the pixel perfect nature of the game is something I'm very pleased with, even if sometimes the letterboxing on long thin devices (or short squat devices) isn't quite what one would want. If you take a screenshot and zoom in, every pixel is whole number multiples of pixels, generally about seven I think for most devices. For game two I'll be making that transition from game board to void much less harsh.
  15. I'm delighted you guys like it. And delighted that it's a game one can get better at with a bit of practise (and if I say so myself the final chess set unlock is pretty neat to reward that time spent practising). Yeah, icons, dang. I was creatively at a low ebb for that, which is very counterproductive. You need to make loads at varying resolutions, and the UI for the developer consoles is a hot mess, so it was very much a case of something being better than nothing, get it out, and learn lessons. But in theory I've a release worth of stuff to do, so a funkier icon could be part of that. But don't hold your breath, Tetro Chess fans, unfortunately December is not being kind for giving me some development time.
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