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  1. I have 13 games from my 3 month trial, with 2 extra months that'll be 17+. I'm almost tempted to get a Chromecast controller pack.
  2. The update let's you hide wires.
  3. I think Google have missed a trick, they could have come out, after the Xbox and ps5 'reveals' and said 'we can do all that, IN THE CLOUD! Ray tracing, fast loading shite, 'we can do that now!' But they can't. But they should be able to. They should have won next gen already. But they haven't. Come on Google.
  4. I think the Athletic are doing a good job so far with no football to speak of. Songs good stuff on there.
  5. Which takes 10 minutes to download, then 20 to 'copy' for some reason.
  6. The two kills before the final guy were using the decoy grenade to get that challenge done. It's actually a really handy weapon that.
  7. 2nd solo win in the bag! Was only planning on doing a couple of challenges so a nice surprise.
  8. The forum time trials I this were great fun. Such a good game, shame it was always fighting a losing battle after that launch.
  9. I feel like that can be the only reason, they want to slowly ramp up numbers(that seems to be going very well). I would have thought most people would want to try it out for free on their home network first though.
  10. Championship clubs vote unanimously to complete the season. Not surprising really, it's the only way that doesn't involve anyone suing. As a Leeds fan, I'd feel much better if we did it properly.
  11. Players contacts are an interesting part of this, they all expire at the end of June, so loans would finish and any expiring contracts would finish if the season went on after July 1st.
  12. Should have played Lonergan
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