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  1. Was nice getting back into this today after 2 months off. Went straight for Predator and got him first go! I was expecting it to be harder than that. Managed a second place, which I could have won if is used my shield potion when I had the chance. Leveled up from 41 to 57! Not bad but helped by the XP boost for about 3 hours.
  2. XP boost must be something to do with play time. I've not played since Xmas Eve and tonight I've played 2 hours so far and done 10 levels, all with XP boost on.
  3. They fixed the bug in JttSP btw, so they must have retained some technical people.
  4. They could have improved things with Hulk reacting to Nat's death in some way. Maybe it could have made him angry?
  5. You won't see many tackles better than this. Talk about last ditch.
  6. Yeah I was thinking along those lines.
  7. I'm more looking for something I can have them on display, so Kallax is good but I need something a bit more rustic for my setup. Mitt just have to make something to support them where they are in the pic below
  8. How do you all store your vinyl? Looking for ideas that aren't too pricey.
  9. Newcastle are in (more) trouble
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