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  1. 2 solo wins in a row today. Never managed that before!
  2. And if you're lucky there won't be 30 others trying to do the same
  3. Yeah, I don't know why they don't agree to just not pick those games
  4. Yep. Love Van Weezer as well. Not as much as OK Human but it's still great. It just confuses me how they can put out these two great albums after the non event of the black album.
  5. Quite proud of this one, air sit with an explosive bow, not quite enough to finish off but finished him before he landed. Only finished 4th after that.
  6. Christ. So it's Spurs vs Inter for the worst kit awards
  7. The thing that excited me about Stadia was the possibility that Google may one day upgrade the hardware behind the scenes so we get better and better games with no upgrade cost. I can imagine they'd only do it if it was successful enough though.
  8. Also, in Spain, France, Italy and Germany, 50 points would be 7-9th currently.
  9. I feel like it's ok when you talk to other fans of the same club(is Tommy Thomas Tuchel? I had to look through the whole line up to work that out) but if you have to check the team sheet to work out the names it's pointless. Good game by Jackie, Robin and Gjianni today btw.
  10. It's all give and take
  11. LL Cool J approved. Sign us up for the ESL!
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