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  1. Birmingham will be fine, remember Wigan have a 12 point penalty to come, assuming they lose their appeal. And there are much, much worse teams than them.
  2. Indeed, those three we should win but this is Leeds! You can guarantee we'll have 65%+ possession but can we score? I really think we're going to do it but I just can't help worrying. Along with every other Leeds fan, I'm sure.
  3. I'm so anxious about the next couple of games. We really need to win them both with the form Brentford are in. I really hope Wigan can get themselves out of this, if they carry on as they are, they have a chance. It would be especially brilliant if the theory about the owner betting on them being relegated is true.
  4. Mike1812

    The Crew 2

    I picked this up the other day, I'm quite impressed. Loads of stuff to do, lads of variety. And surprisingly still being updated: https://thecrew-game.ubisoft.com/the-crew-2/en-us/news/152-362631-16/the-crew®-2-summer-in-hollywood-free-for-all-players-on-july-8 Anyone else still playing this?
  5. I think everyone in Leeds is up for keeping Ben White. He'd get my player of the year vote.
  6. Leeds need 10 points from 5 games to go up. Oh god I don't think I can take three more weeks of this.
  7. From my experience of supporting Leeds, they absolutely can be.
  8. More than anything, it shows the utter incompetence of the EFL. Incompetent or corrupt? Maybe both. I really feel for Wigan fans. Things were looking really good for them.
  9. Got my first solo VR of the season yesterday, having a quick go on my lunch break while working from home. Strange ending, the guy in second was fighting a shark when I killed him and I have a new favorite skin. .
  10. They're on a good run, they'd be top of the message if you only take games since new years day, so maybe. It is a very big risk though. They were taken over 4 weeks ago.
  11. Hmm, this has come from nowhere, Wigan have gone into administration. A 12 point deduction will put them down to the bottom of the league.
  12. Exactly. If we'd have won every game which had stats like this we'd have been promoted before lockdown. Can you imagine what we could do with a striker who can score?
  13. Fucking hell Leeds.
  14. Get this pass on pornhub:
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