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  1. Starfield looking good and a date for Forza would do me.
  2. I had a look at this today and this is correct, it is set to 'vivid' by default. This might be a matter of taste, but I much prefer the 'standard' setting. The option is in a weird place in system settings, rather than display settings.
  3. I've been waiting every night at 10pm for 19 years and no one's shown up.
  4. Late to the party, but this has taken over my life. Anyone still play?
  5. It was more a case of Leeds doing Leeds things and collapsing at the worst moment possible.
  6. Evening all, anyone missed us? 😬
  7. Managed to finish this one! Terrible time though😂
  8. I think Guimaraes is the most significant signing tbh. He was the Saudis, wasn't he?
  9. Yeah I had an issue with the 20k stage, I basically fucked it right up and had to quit, it seemed to let me do it again but I didn't get time. Up for the next one though.
  10. Scenes at Hillsborough
  11. I find myself less impressed with realistic graphics these days. How much better can they get now? I get more excited when I see something like Blasphemous or Prodeus etc.
  12. If he gets bored he could always place a few bets.
  13. Done the first 2 stages. Badly. This is really hard, slightly more forgiving than Dirt Rally, think my car would be totalled by now in that. Was going to do the next stage but saw it was 20k and thought I'd leave it for another day. Think I'm 3.5 minutes behind already.
  14. That's what you call 'living on the Edge(TM)'
  15. I always heard the same thing. Mind blown.
  16. Mike1812


    I listened to it once on release and thought it was awful. Can't really remember much about it though apart from 'I am the table' tbh. Maybe I'll give it another go.
  17. How about this then?
  18. I think he's been available for most of it. I'm sure he'll be an amazing player for them if he gets the chance. Probably more unlucky for him that Rodri had stayed fit and in form all season.
  19. Do I have to do all the stages in one session?
  20. Leeds fans are trying to rig City's player of the year vote so Kalvin Phillips wins it 😂 Should be ready at the have no fans 🤭 That's gotta be one of the least deserved winners medals ever, surely?
  21. I presume I only get one shot at this? Do you have to do all stages in one go?
  22. I'll be in this week, didn't have chance over the weekend after joining.
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