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  1. I haven't managed to play a game yet. I've added And and Cochese but it hasn't lined up for us to play any games. I've added RJames but he hasn't accepted. Just to let my groupmates know, I'm not sure if I'll be online much for the next few days, but back Sunday evening. I'm happy to have Patriot join our group if everyone else is okay with it.
  2. I'm going to try to get some fixtures in over the weekend, Saturday is out but I'll be on tonight for a bit and most of sunday evening.
  3. In most pro tournaments there is a class ban system. So you bring say four classes (one deck per class), and each player is allowed to veto one of the opponent's classes, leaving three decks each, and then you play a best of 5 with the winning deck staying on. I'm fine with keeping it simple for this though.
  4. I think I like a format that involves 8 going through instead of 4, it will mean less chance of pointless games towards the end. 4,4,5, top two from each plus best two win percentages not already qualified? What's the format for the actual matches, best of 3/5, class picks/bans etc?
  5. Finally got around to watching this, game 5 is amazing. Direct link to that game on Twitch.
  6. I've played arena mostly the last few weeks and have saved up enough dust to craft a legendary for the first time, but can't decide. Ragnaros seems like the sensible choice as you can put him in the widest variety of decks, but I've got a hankering for Ysera. I like priest but haven't played much recently as I don't have a great selection of cards, and Ysera seems to be standard in control priest these days. Cairne seems like a good all-rounder too, but I dunno. I want to see fireworks for spending my hard earned dust. Two yetis isn't really getting my pulse racing. I'm considering Tirion too as I like Paladin, but I'm missing a lot of cards to make a good control deck for that class, Lay On Hands/Avenging Wrath (and Rag obv). Halp pls. [Redacted current legendaries for tournament] Dust spent!
  7. Yeah, it's actually him. http://www.liquidhearth.com/forum/hearthstone/457229-free-coaching-thread?page=2 .
  8. 140,000 during last night's Kolento-Strifecro game, unreal.
  9. A player called Deerjason was one series away from qualifying for the World Championships that are running at the moment, pls no.
  10. Same, not having any luck anymore with my token druid deck that served me well last season. I quite like Druid so I've been messing around with Miracle/Mill Druid for funsies. Malygos, Moonbeam, Auctioneer, Coldlight Oracle, Naturalise. It's not good but it can be amusing.
  11. Sylvanas is great with priest, lots of ways you can trigger her yourself.
  12. Sylvanas can be a lot of fun to play with and fits in with a few different decks. I probably wouldn't disenchant Milhouse or Tink, keep them for your silly deck and you never know, they might get changed and then you get the full 1600 dust.
  13. Finished the season Rank 7, never broken 10 before so pretty pleased. Playing the Kolento/Strifecro druid mostly. I was hovering at 10-12 with a version of it but scraped together the dust for a second Force of Nature which had a huge impact.
  14. Yeah exactly. I logged in and it had all my stuff from the desktop version.
  15. You can have multiple accounts. Easiest way to do this is go to Settings, log out of your main store account here. Then go to the App Store, find Hearthstone (or any free app) and try to download it. Use the option that comes up to set up a new account. This way it won't force you to enter payment details. I'm at work, played one game to try it out. I keep twitchily looking over at the iPad craving another fix. Must stay strong. This will be the end of me.
  16. Apple and Amazon have very different business models. The iTunes Store was set up to help sell iPods, not the other way round.
  17. Just had a game on the iPad version, it's really well done. I got a free pack for playing a game.
  18. I trust that this settles any lingering debate. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXK-THQ7f44
  19. Got tickets for the Dublin gig this morning,
  20. Garry Newman? Valve developing a car confirmed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ldyx3KHOFXw
  21. Working on ipad for me, cheers for the link.
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