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  1. That's in the options. "Window Focus Auto-pause".
  2. Every time I pop into RLLMUK I am astonished this topic isn't on the front page. It is stupid-fun for jaded gamers, simultaneously retro and new, smart and dumb, bite-sized and huge. It seems PERFECT for you lot. I love, love, love it. And I never thought I'd say that about a game where I roleplay a dog.
  3. I think you don't have to have sympathy for someone to find the whole thing distasteful. Christoforo's behaviour was and continues to be appalling, the response has been disproportionate, adolescent and essentially pointless. It's all very ugly and MK-1601 has it spot-on, IMO.
  4. Yes and no. She had to bail from the one at E3 (picture of that in our album on G+). But we did play in NY with some chiptune superstars and an Indian guy who was ecstatic to see someone not playing baseball. ANYWAY. Point is she's one of the good people. And she bowled out one of Anamanaguchi, too.
  5. Ooop. We had so much positive feedback over One Laugh Left! But it's fine that it's not to everyone's taste, we know that and we wouldn't expect it to be. We are (literally) amusing ourselves sometimes. It is still my absolute favourite thing and maybe that's why. JE NE REGRETTE RIEN. ANYWAY we had a brilliant time recording tonight. We have some brilliant new contributors this season and more to come. Latest podcast should be up tomorrow, I think. 7/10 etc. PS While I'm here, Rllmuk, stop being mean about Leigh! She's smart and funny and knows more about the way games are and the way games should be than almost any other critic I've met in the last year. Thx etc.
  6. Spent an hour trying to shave 0.006 seconds off my best time to get the gold, did it, didn't get the gold and realised I was actually 1.006 seconds outside the gold. ALMOST gave up and then spent another hour working out what I was doing wrong. Now finally inside gold by a quarter of a second. Will never play that course again, mind. What a brilliant game.
  7. RLLMUK I don't know who else to brag to apart from Twitter and I've done that already but I am SIXTH IN THE WORLD. Today. Currently. Is there a medal for sixth? Can someone make one? And can everyone stop playing for the next two hours?
  8. Hey guys, STE from ONELIFELEFT.com here. I'm a huge fan of N*SYNC and their work, AND REGARDLESS OF recent layoffs and activities surronding thier involvement with Gamespy and 1Up, I'm beginning to ascertain something of a distaste for NewsCorp BECAUSE JESUS FUCKING CHRIST THE SUN, FOX NEWS, SKY TELEVISION, MURDOCH, ALLEGED TAX EVASION (LEGAL PLEASE CHECK), ANTI-COMPETITIVE BUSINESS PRACTICES AND THE PART THEY PLAY IN SUBVERTING DEMOCRACY WORLDWIDE AND YEAH THERE WAS THAT ONE TIME THEY WERE WELL MEAN TO THOSE VIDEOGAME PODCASTS THEY BOUGHT. Anyways, for those that want editorial features, news, and discussion based podcast, come visit www.ONELIFELEFT.com I admit, our RADIO SHOW can be a bit off sometimes, but we just hit the 145th episode its certainly STILL AROUND. As far as our editorial feartures, articles, and news goes, I guarantee you that you'll always find gaming news OF INDETERMINATE AGE, as well as "controversial" and "interesting" articles. THX GUYS, XX
  9. One Ste Left


    I think it's brilliant and the songs are brilliant and it's worth a million pounds. Hope that helps. PS there's also the multiplayer mode and some rule tweaks. And the BLOCKS ARE NOW 3D honestly what.do you want blood I don't even know anymore
  10. One Ste Left


    This is essentially out now. Can someone buy it? I am not sure how well our 'marketing campaign' is going but just in case. Thx in advance. xx PS RLLMUK EXCLUSIVE CODE: To 'be' Sheng Long, simply sellotape a 2p piece to the top of the cartridge.
  11. I love this game. I mean, you could make a list of everything that's wrong with Yakuza 4 that would dwarf the features list in most videogames. And in turn that would be dwarfed by the number of things Yakuza 4 does right. It just does so much. It is so big and never boring. I love it so much. Here are some things I don't understand, though: 1) How do you fish? I mean, I am fishing successfully to the point that I have never actually failed, but actually reeling in something seems to take forever. That could be the point, I have no idea. 2) How do you use items you've equipped? I assume the defensive / accessory ones are automatic, but the weapons? I could search 'the internet' for the answers but I'm so anxious to avoid spoilers. Not from the plot, which I've all but completed and was basically incomprehensible / brilliant nonsense, but from the game. I like accidentally discovering stuff. This is my first Yakuza game and it makes me a little sad to know I'll never have this brand-new feeling again.
  12. Yeah, this. Obviously this is ten years ago now, I'm on the other side of the creator / reviewer divide and I have nothing to gain from any company line. Actually I think the two implications above -- a story of petty fuck-you revenge or a 6/10 that we actually BELIEVED in and were forced to apologise to by THE MAN -- are more flattering / romantic than, say, 'editorial team slip up due to overwork and personal incompetence'. But the sad truth is that it was an unfortunately-timed template fuck-up, just like the one in the Lionhead piece (circa issue 80 or so?) but not nearly as funny.
  13. Hello all, Just to let you know we're doing something a bit different on Resonance FM at the moment. It's called No Continues, it's a videogame book club and I've just put up the first show recording. It's sort of fun -- a handful of people who have know nothing and everything about games revisiting some interesting pieces from across gaming history. It obviously has things in common with OLL (e.g. me, Ann) but it's also tonally different. Not least because we actually talk about games. The first 'episode' is on the site now if you want to give it a shot. I've not listened to it yet but it was super fun to do. ste xx
  14. One Ste Left


    Hey RLLMUK! Want see some blocks? The best-sounding blocks your PS3 ever tessellated? Here are those blocks. Also in the trailer: grids, more blocks, more grids, words, some and the keyword 'Plaid', as in Warp Records' Plaid, rather than some new texture design.
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