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  1. humdrum


    That is one of the most corrupt performances from a ref I have ever seen. we were crap second half and some woeful finishing. but oh my god there was like 3 clear penalties amd at least a couple of booking for their CB's for pulling Jesus to the floor.
  2. humdrum


    Not sure how you can rule out a goal for "contact" but then not give a penalty for wrestling Eddie in the box,...
  3. How have they not given that as a goal. its clearly the defender that plays it.
  4. humdrum


    HAHAHHA, I can't even commit on such a stupid post.
  5. humdrum


    It's still a red card. even if it is for retaliationm there is no rule saying you can elbow someone if they fouled you. i mean fucking come on..
  6. humdrum


    Just for reference this wasn't checked by VAR or a booking
  7. humdrum


    Also the defender that wasn't sent off for the foul on Saka that led to the penalty. how he stayed on I will never know.
  8. I know I am biased but that has to be the clearest red card in a while. how you can stop, step back and swing your elbow at a player and not get sent off is absolutely ridiculous.
  9. Just seen the incident where Son has had the ball kicked right at him, hope his OK....
  10. Alright there scholesy, calm down...
  11. It's not like no Chelsea fans can go, I believe that anyone that brought tickets before the sanctions where put in place can still go. its just that since the sanctions new sales can't be made, same as there last home game. Sporting integrity though. I mean fucking talk about lack of self awareness. They wonder why people hate them. Also... https://www.mfc.co.uk/news/a-statement-from-middlesbrough-fc
  12. Fernandes is such a cheat.
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