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  1. OK, what am I missing about season ticket renewals? 19/20 £1,392 for 19 home games and 7 home games either FA cup or Europa League, £53 per game This season is coming in at £1,218 for 19 home games and 2 FA cup games. £58 per game...
  2. posted without comment on if it is real or not.
  3. Just seen the Watkins sending off, and its probably the right call he starts to go down before the contact. The problem is the amount of times these type of calls are actually given and the decision is backed up by officials and pundits, if this was a new line in the sand and every time a player started to go down before contact it was a booking the great! but the problem is, that this will be a one off and next time when its a Kane/Salah/Fernandes it will be given and the same pundits/ex refs/commentators will bring out the old "clever play" trope. Really losing the enjoyment of the premier league at the moment no consistency, just feels like we are back to so many games being decided by refs.
  4. clicky clicky click bait.... (probably...)
  5. i know he has his haters but...
  6. Just got a chance to see that Gary Neville interview thing while he has some valid points, he keeps going back to greed, like BTSport and SKY didn't try and charge us £15 a game during the pandemic to watch a PPV live game on top of peoples monthly £40/50 subscriptions.
  7. The problem being that with the revenue nosedive, they won't be able to pay the players, staff, ground rent and other contractual agreements and will then run the risk of going bust. the what, hey come join the ESL2, then the same with international football, it will just become the International super world cup. Uefa and FIFA have had a monopoly on football for ages and just kept going for more money and more money, the Qatar world cup, the champions league being not just the champions, and this last thing of elite clubs keeping their places.... as mention above this is just the clubs going will we don't need you as middle men taking your cut, well just take our ball and sign our own deals.
  8. You have Gary Lineker coming out on twitter with the "football without fans is nothing" with absolutely no shame! like BTsports and BBC and sky, haven't been completely fucking over matchday fans for years with their fucking around of moving games and kick off times to cash in on the tv audience While I don't like the idea of the ESL, the fact that some of these pricks are coming out clutching their pearls with the "OMG think of the fans" is utter bullshit.
  9. Can someone check on Jermaine Jenas...
  10. Do you genuinely not think it was a penalty? I know I am biased the other way, but it seemed pretty clear.
  11. If anyone is doing an articuno raid can they invite my misses account 2870 2915 7996 pikapikanik she needs it to complete the raid section
  12. Yeah says out of range for trading. Where are you based again?
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