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  1. Chelsea have named Petr Cech in their premier league squad.... https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2020/10/20/chelsea-s-premier-league-squad-named?cardIndex=0-1
  2. Isn't the point being the handball rule was changed so that handball is from the bottom of the sleeve, and the line was drawn from the bottom of the sleeve.
  3. I’ve cancelled my audible.co.uk sub and signed up again on .com and got some decent offers in the past.
  4. humdrum


    I know we where shit and they deserved it but worth noting that this wasn't a red card and and this isn't a handball
  5. humdrum


    The Ozil signing as people have mentioned was very exciting because we where getting a proven world class player rather than losing one, it will also has that lore around it because of the whole Bale transfer it really felt like we got a world class player and got one over spurs at the same time.
  6. humdrum


    yeah me too, the Season ticket holiday looks like an option, people that share season tickets are fucked as they now require ID for anyone over 14. OK when you could transfer ticekts to a friend, but I am guessing they aren't going to let you transfer your ballot winning seat to a friend.
  7. humdrum


    Any season ticket holders heard anything about renewals yet?
  8. humdrum


    Do you think Man City will be able to pay us something for that? from what I have learnt over the last couple of days is they are good at tweaking their finances...Maybe we got something in the Arteta contract?
  9. humdrum


    How is that not a straight red for Arnold? exactly the same if not worse that Eddies!
  10. Ah the old but they did it first defence. and if memory serves right everyone had a go at Wenger for it?
  11. OGS thinks it was a clear penalty....
  12. The problem is the Media and everyone will play this as a reason to get ride of VAR, used right VAR works. we saw that in the world cup and in the womans world cup. the problem is the people we have using it and PGMOL dictating how it is used to protect their own incompetent officials. WHich was proved when they rolled out some stat ages ago that they get like 99.5% of decisions rights. the issues being god know how many of those decisions are player x took a shot and blasted it over we gave a goal kick. good job everyone lets pat each other on the back and add it to the correct pile.
  13. With all the debate about who is more of a supporter, local and non local fans... Here is a thought, I haven't heard any reports of Liverpool 'fans' in Mumbai or Surry aiming fireworks at historic buildings.... Does that make them more or less of a fan?
  14. Saw "Dele Alli" trending on twitter, thought there was a spurs game I missed where he had dived... Nope, turns out he is just a racist, mocking asians and the cornovirus.... Apparently it happened over the weekend but bloody hell.
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