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  1. good report chooch, i was really nevous before kick off at the start, and when you romped to a 2-0 lead with some great passing, at half time i was thinking what have i got myself into... i started to think my pick of the mighty udinese could have been mistake... second half was a bit better but my finishing was quite frankly poop, and you played sme nice counter attacking football and got a deserved second. second game i relaxed abit and just kind of played. was a great end to end game and i thought you would grab the winner, i got a lucky break on the halfway line beat one man and just ran... and got the shoot off which seemed to sneek past the keeper, it could have easily been 6 points out of six for you over both games.. well done mate
  2. hi all just wanted to say hi to everyone before the season kicks off. also just as a note, i've spoken to SaintM and changed my team to "Udinese" good luck all for the upcoming games.. regards mattm
  3. hi can i get my name put down for a place in the league if one comes up. my xbl gamer tag is mattie01
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