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  1. Yeah I know it's been a bit longer than it should have been but they're here now my Pathfinders and Fire Warriors! Fire Warriors Squad Alpha-1: Shas'ui Shas'la Shas'la Shas'la Shas'la Fire Warriors Squad Alpha-2: Shas'ui Shas'la Shas'la Shas'la Shas'la Pathfinders: Shas'ui Shas'la Shas'la Shas'la Shas'la As always comments and crit welcome.
  2. Have you tried putting it back in water? I've found that if mine go hard then a little bit of water is all that's needed to get it soft again.
  3. Thanks, I agree with you about the Vespid, they are very static. Design wise they look cool but the models are very static, they need to make some plastic versions then we'd get some interesting stuff going on!
  4. Here's my first painted squad in over 6 years, it's my Vespid. Stingwing Strain Leader Trooper 1 Trooper 2 Trooper 3 Trooper 4 Trooper 5 C and C is welcome. Personally I'm quite pleased with them, only picked up my paint brush around September 2007 doing what I could once a week in my local GW. They're not brillient and some areas are a little rough but considering how out of practise I am they're not bad. Should have my Fire Warriors and Path Finders done by this time next week.
  5. I'll hopefully have my squad of Vespid finished by the end of the week. I'll post photos when they're done.
  6. I'd stick with it myself. The numbers are a little overwhelming at first but if you stick with it, it all eventually clicks into place. Just think of it as resource management, you have £1,500 to spend on a PC (or whatever) what things need more money spent on them? You'll be able to think on your feet if you can work out the armies on your own as opposed to needing some software.
  7. Does anyone have a boxed copy of the original "Space Crusade"? That was an awesome table top game!
  8. You got a decent Tau contingent there, what weapons have you armed your Piranhas with?
  9. Unless he's trying to get a girlfriend? It's ok I'm in the same boat, but I said "fuck it" and went in (to the store).
  10. I need to take some photos of all my stuff, granted most of it is still only underpainted and has been for the last 5 years or so but what the hell! This thread is killing me every time I visit.
  11. Warhammer is more close combat based and has more strategy, whereas 40K is more about the guns and the shooting the crap out of each other.
  12. Throw your controller in anger. Write to a games company asking about jobs.
  13. Say they can beat anyone with a random character from Super Smash Bros/ Melee.
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