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  1. Just a shame it's only coming to Apple devices, I'd be far mroe interested if it were coming to android devices as well.
  2. They are amazing models and that is an amazing paint job!
  3. Really nice work there Cocky, loving the muted tones and the softness you've got into all the cloth.
  4. Gotta agree with Wiper that is some really impressive painting cocky.
  5. Another nice paint job though I think the pitch fork needs some tweaking, looks like he's dunked it in a big pot of strewberry jam!
  6. Looks a lot better in the newer pics. The face isn't a forgotton picasso painting! lol
  7. That looks great dude. I've not had the will to paint for most of the year... mostly down to actually working in a wargames shop for 8 or so months. Kinda killed the buzz of it all for me. That and I really need to clear my workspace so I can actually paint when I'm at home instead of relying on the 1-2 hours a week I get to paint at the local GW... it's taken me over a year to paint a Blood Bowl team!
  8. At least £30 I'd say, could probably get away with asking £50-£70. The termies alone are worth at least £25.
  9. Yeah very nice paint job there on Mr. Scissor-hands.
  10. The infinity stuff is a really nice range, and works really well in games of Necromunda.
  11. Unfortunately painted models don't garner that much more unless they're painted by either GW staff or Golden Daemon winners.
  12. I'm sorry but... there were ques? Whenever I've been to a Gamesday there's been nothing but hordes of people breaking against the stalls, especially at the Forge World stand.
  13. Squeeze, pop, giggle. Squeeze, pop, giggle. Squeeze, pop, giggle. "Ooo a big one", squeeze pop, giggle.
  14. Is it wrong of me to want to pop all those spots and boils?
  15. It does very a bit from store to store but generally speaking if you can get yourself down to the "veterans night" then you should be ok as they are geared towards the 16+ and usually have a lot of people over 18 playing games and stuff. Try and avoid the beginners events if at all possible as they will be full of 10-13 year olds.
  16. Go onto the website and pre-order it, have it sent to the store. That way you'll guarantee yourself a copy and won't have to pay for postage!
  17. Common compliment of Devlan Mud around gaming clubs/stores is that it fixes everything and will one day cure cancer!
  18. They look pretty epic, are you going to do anything with the bases?
  19. Unfortunately it will just be the dreadnaught that you can use in the Grey Knights army, assuming of course you want it to all look proper and correct. I don't think people would have any complaints if you used the stuff from Assault on Black Reach for a few games as count as models.
  20. It's a nice idea but as a means to sell more copies I don't think it'll work because all White Dwarf articles are put up on the website where anyone can access them for free. I have heard though that they are planning on returning White Dwarf to its glory days of being something more than a glorified catalogue.
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