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  1. Army painter sprays are pretty good and I love the little basing tufts they do. As for your vanish problem with the dips, get some GW satin finish spray (think they call it hard coat) it'll take the shine right off.
  2. Personally it doesn't light any fires of passion and I'd rather see some more in the way of sci-fi figures from you.
  3. Hmm it's certainly an odd one. Of course it's not helped by the fact that GW label the pot of black paint incorrectly, as it's just the normal chaos black in a slightly different pot so as I'm sure you're aware the chaos black paint does tend to have a bit of a glossy finish, certainly far more than the black undercoat spray they do. Even with that bit of knowledge I can't think why some of her models would turn out matt and other glossy, unless maybe she didn't thin the paint as much on the latter models but I'm clutching at straws with that one.
  4. Yeah I've seen the price list for those models and some of them are ridiculous! Kroq-Gar (Lizardmen lord choice on Carnosaur mount) will be going for £40, he was only £30 when made from "expensive" white metal! The whole point of all this switching to resin melarky was to make things cheaper.
  5. I must confess that I've only had an intro game of Malifaux so far (which is a crime considering I'm meant to be selling the stuff) but from what I've played and watched it's a good system and certainly unique given that it uses no dice, just a deck of cards. If you can get over that first hurdle then I think you'll enjoy it.
  6. Yeah the Malifaux range is nice but oh so fiddly in some cases. I've got myself the Colette box and some Coryphee man alive those arms are awkward buggers to stick! You've done a good paint job on her though, one of the better ones I've seen of that model and I've seen a few now thanks to working in a model store.
  7. What you want to do is email missingparts@privateerpress.co.uk tell them that you recently got the invictors box but was missing the stat card, include your address and you should get one sent out to you within a week, no questions asked. Nice paint job on the white as well, very smooth and bright.
  8. Give it a wash of either Thraka Green or Ogrin flesh on the skin, Devlin mud on any clothing then give it a some highlights. Assuming of course, you're using GW paints and own the washes...
  9. The game colour range has all the old GW colours in it, things like scally green, terracotta red and so on. Dude, looks pretty good to me.
  10. Check out the Vallejo "Game colour" range, it's all the same as the GW colours but made by Vallejo so they'll last.
  11. Yeah I play both Warhammer and 40K, though I must confess I prefer playing 40K to Fantasy.
  12. I'm still painting but like I've said before the process to get any photos from my camera to my pc is so laborious at the moment (really must get myself windows 7 and ditch this XP64 nonsense) that I just don't have the energy to do it. Some of it did look pretty nice though... until I got angry during a game once... now I need to do a fair bit of touching up...
  13. Your best bet is to do a google search for bloodbowl leagues there's bound to be one near by that you can join. Failing that, talk to some of the regulars at your local GW or GCN if you can find it, there'll be someone who knows of a league nearby. I got involved with mine via a roleplay group, ironically enough it involves the whole roleplay group as well!
  14. I'm amazed we haven't been given a whole sub-forum to ourselves yet. It's the webman keeping us down man!
  15. Looking nice man, I'd post some pictures of my lizardmen bloodbowl team, but they've taken a beating in the first half of their first season and not looking too sharp. Need to be touched up and given a spray of hard coat.
  16. Corvus Belli's Infinityrange is quite awesome and it's all so slender and dynamic!
  17. Studio McVey is stupidly good, both at painting and sculpting.
  18. Yeah Kahdor are the easiest to get to grips with, because they're all slow moving heavy armour big hitters. They also have the most fun jacks, hell one of their casters is a jack! Cygnar are more about the shooting and just like marines most of their stuff ignore alot of core rules... like effectivly getting a second caster at any point level.
  19. That's a bit of an apple and oranges comparrision isn't it? Hampered by the fact you left out the warmachine's MAT. However generally speaking you can tell what a Warmachine unit is about by looking at it's stats, there's very few units that have a flat line of stats (all 7's and 10's or whatever). Cygnar? You didn't play as Ultramarines in 40k did you? But yeah Cygnar are a no nonesence straight forward faction. I can't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to ask gameplay questions, I know most of the rules so if nothing else I'll be able to help.
  20. Warmachine does have a lot of rules that modify what you need on a dice roll but the basic system is so easy to pick because there's no abstract "to-hit" table for example: Unit A wants to shoot at Unit B. Unit A has a "RAT" (Balistic Skill) of 7. Unit B has a defence of 13. Using two dice and adding the total to the RAT Unit A has to match (or beat) the defencive value of Unit B, so Unit A needs 6 or more on two dice. It's the basic principle for the whole game, once you've hit you then roll for armour penetration using the power of the weapon against the armour of the enemy. It's so simple, I don't understand why no one has used the system before now.
  21. I love Warmachine, find it so much more interesting and fun to play than 40k/fantasy. I've got a Retribution force for Warmachine and Trollbloods for Hordes.
  22. "Lord of the rings is a game of 6's"/ "Lord of the rings is a game of who has Aragorn" "War of the ring is a game of 4's, 5's and 6's" Or so the local banter goes. The washes are amazing, I love using griffin sepia for doing bone works a treat over Dheneb Stone, granted it takes a few coats to get a really nice weathered looking bone but it's well worth it. Then there's devlan mud one day it will cure cancer.
  23. Yeah the lotr stuff is primarily made by the Perry Twins.
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